Outstanding New Wrestler Patience Pitbull Takes On MASSIVE Quad Monster – New Vid Available!

Patience takes a dominant position over QM in this HOT match of female leg power! Get the new video, Quad Monster vs Patience Pickle, TODAY!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – Hey fellas, we’ve got an AWESOME new fighter added to the CW roster, and she is FEISTY and SEXY – Patience Pitbull!   And she kicks off her CrushWrestling career facing none other than the recently added, super impressive leg Goddess, The Quad Monster!    See the clip description below, then head over to the Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull Match page and order this amazing new video today!   You’ll see the usual sample preview video and photos, and they’ll blow you away – get this hot one NOW!!!

Match Description:  2 Newcomers square off in an epic battle of HOT FEMALE MUSCLE! Recently added wrestler, Quad Monster, has unstoppable legs. If she gets those massive mashers around you, it’s over. If she shows mercy, you may survive. If she chooses to all-out squeeze, at a minimum, you have broken ribs and brain damage. However, the danger of her huge squishers are of no matter to feisty brunette Patience Pitbull. She may be a pitbull, but she may have gotten herself into a “pickle” with deciding to face the powerful Q Monster. However, Patience came to CrushWrestling knowing that she can bring the pain as well. And this match proves that she is indeed the complete package. Her rock hard glutes, strong legs and biceps, proves she is no slouch herself and is more than ready to take on the huge Quad Monster. But, does she have enough to last nearly 25 minutes on the mats with the Monster? Can she survive the pulsating squeezes and throbbing pain from Quad Monsters gigantic ass and quad muscles?  Get this THRILLER today, folks!

Patience says “I want you to TASTE this calf muscle!” as she chokes out The massive Quad Monster! Get the new video today!

With hamstrings and glutes like Quad Monsters, her reverse is LETHAL and is her signature submission hold. Poor Patience suffers several of these in this pain-packed match!

4 New Clips Added to CrushWrestling – JOIN the Members Area TODAY!

A rusty Ana Lard (due to a 4 yr layoff) discovers in the early going that Lana Lizard’s Legs are not to be messed with!

4 Vids Added to the Members Area – JOIN NOW!    We’ve just added some super hot clips starring 4 of your favorite crush queens!    First up, 2 new clips added to the match page of Yo Fine vs Boom Boom Sanchez.   These girls BOTH have a powerful squeeze!   You’ll love this video!

Next up, we added the next 2 clips on the match page of long-legged dance Lana Lizard and the ultra-powerful bodybuilder Ana Lard.   See them on the Anastasia Lard vs Lana Lizard Match Page.   JOIN TODAY and don’t miss a fabulous thing here at CrushWrestling!

BoomBoom gets a few submissions here and there, like this RNC. But by and large, you can see how Yo’s superior muscles dominate the day!

New Video – the EPIC 3 Way Matchup of Ava, Gunz, & Scarlett Finally Here!

The huge quads of Scarlett doing DAMAGE on the muscular Gunz McLee – OUCH!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  An All new 3-way Battle between Gunz McLee, Ava Slaughterhouse, and Quad Queen Scarlett Savage!    We got this video out just in time for the Black Friday shopping rampage – get your Female Wrestling Fix with this incredible battle between 3 of your favorite CW superstars!  See the match description below and enjoy these beautiful bods doing battle for you on the mats – add it to your shopping cart today!!

Match Description:  Another popular 3-Way matchup is here! Due to huge fan response and many requests, we’ve now got another masterpiece of 3-way action folks. This time, we had requests to match a biceps Goddess (Gunz) along with a Quad Queen (Scarlett), and then matching them up against a 3rd girl that is “in between”. And that’s exactly what we have with Ava Slaughterhouse…. someone who has both strong arms and powerful legs, but neither is as big as the respective bodyparts on the 2 specialists. The resulting battle is nearly 25 minutes of intriguing and sexy matchups as these 3 girls battle away to determine supremacy. Will the biceps Goddess be able to use her jiu-jitsu skills to konk out her opponents around their throats? Or will the Quad Queen specialist simply CRUSH the fuh outta both of the others? Or, will the girl in the middle possibly have enough of the “Best of Both Worlds” to destroy them both?  3 of the hottest bodies at CrushWrestling – get this masterpiece of Ava, Gunz, & Scarlett today!

Scarlett getting a dose of her own medicine, as Ava pours on the power in a devastating squeeze!

The muscular biceps of Gunz tries like hell to fight off Scarlett’s huge powermashers!

NEW Wrestler & Video Now Available – MIXED Crush-A-Thon by Miss Calisto!

Calisto’s GRANITE GLUTES make for extreme pain in submission holds like the grapevine! Get the hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!   It’s a CRUSH special, folks…. a one-sided mixed wrestling domination video starring Miss Calisto… a fitness model who competes in figure with an astonishingly powerful physique!   Her only downside…. she has an extremely short temper, and frequently takes out her aggression on her wimpy boyfriend, Johnny Von Dick.  Her debut video with CrushWrestling is bound to be a favorite with fans of mixed wrestling, as she repeatedly torments and tortures poor John with her lethal legs.   See the clip description below, and head to the new match page of Miss Calisto vs John Von Dick, and get this amazing new video today!

Video Description:  Miss Calisto is MEGA-PO’d at her boyfriend Johnny Von Dick.  She’s in New Jersey for some fitness photo shoots with her favorite photographers, and unfortunately, her idiot boyfriend failed at booking a decent hotel.  He got a room for them in this S-hole hotel, and not only is it a dump, but the air-conditioning is out in their room on this hot summer day. She had to TRY and put her makeup on while sweat was pouring off her beautiful face, and that just made her completely pissed. After he mouths off and claims it’s not his fault, she decides to teach him a lesson using her gigantic rock hard powerful muscles. Her legs show him no mercy. Her rock hard glutes pulverize his face and neck, and her biceps are easily capable of ending him. She even enjoys using her bare hands to cut off his airways. She knows how to use her ultra-muscular body to inflict maximum damage on a male. You guys are gonna love this one – load up your shopping cart today and enjoy!

You can tell by the look on her faces, she puts MAX POWER into every squeeze! Total CRUSH torture from her legs and glutes!

All he can do is look up at her muscular ass, as it tightens its grip around his face and neck, increasing to insane amounts of pain and pressure! The ULTIMATE MUSCLE ASS! Get this hot video today!

Tremendous Muscle Wrestling Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area!

Britney can’t stop Scarlett’s powerful ass muscles from crushing her head flat!

HOT Muscle Wrestling Clips Added – Scarlett, Britney, & Gunz featured in today’s update!

We’ve got an amazing update today with 4 clips of some of your favorite mass muscle female wrestling superstars here at CRUSH Wrestling!    The most power-packed quads and glutes and biceps on earth right here in today’s update!   In some very competitive and hot action, 3 of your favorite superstars Squeeze to Please!   First up, we’ve got 2 new clips added to the match page of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage 2.   Shot last summer, this thriller does NOT disappoint.  It’s truly a battle of quad queens who are known for their devastating leg power!

Next up, in a classic biceps vs legs battle…. We’ve got 2 new clips added to the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 3.   Fans of comparing upper body power to lower body power will no doubt enjoy this masterpiece.   JOIN the CW members area today and don’t miss any of the hot female muscle wrestling action!

OUCH! Gunz suffers between Scarlett’s mashers in her lethal reverse headscissor! Poor Gunz!!!

4 New Clips Added in the CW Members Area – Ana, Scarlett, Quad Monster & More!

Ana Lard gets pinned by Scarlett and her muscular ass!

NEW CLIPS of Quad Monster, Ana Lard, Scarlett Savage, & More in today’s update!    Yes, it’s a sizzlin hot update today at CW, folks!   First up, see the 2 new clips added on the page of Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3…. a truly sexy and amazing muscle thriller!    And next up, we’ve got the FIRST 2 clips added onto the recently added match page of new wrestler QUAD MONSTER vs Lana Lizard.   You don’t want to miss these!

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Quad Monster gets in trouble in the early going against long-legged Lana Lizard!

4 Clips of Awesome Crush Action Added – Cammie, Yo, and Massive Tank!

The big muscular European FBB has brutally painful bodyscissors with those big 26″ quads!

4 MEGA-HOT Rasslin Clips!   Massive Tatiana is back and is having fun in the latest 2 clips in her match with Jiu-Jitsu student Gunz McLee.    Can Gunz stop the massive size and tremendous strength of the huge Tank?   Get the 2 new clips in the members area on the page of Tatiana Tank vs Gunz McLee

Next up, for some 3 way tag team action featuring 3 of our sexiest rasslers…..  see some sizzlin’ action on the page of 3-Way – Cammie, Yo, and Scarlett!    You don’t want to miss this incredible action.    Extreme leg and glute power!

Yo shows off her power-packed abs in their 3 way tag team match!


New Wrestler & New Video Announcement – Meet Newcomer Quad Monster!

Will the mega-powered quads of QM be enough to compensate for her inexperience against the long legged dancer, Lana Lizard? Get the hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – Quad Monster is the latest POWERHOUSE Muscle Wrestler at!    See the incredibly gorgeous and ultra-powerful newcomer in the new video where she faces off against Lana Lizard.   On the new Quad Monster vs Lana Lizard Match Page, you’ll see the sample free clip and sample photos, in addition to some sample photos on her new Quad Monster Wrestler Page.   Get the new video today and see what this Crush Rating of 10 is all about!

NEW Match Description:  Introducing QUAD MONSTER! With mega-sized quads coming in at an ultra-impressive 26″ (almost 27), these MONSTER legs are not to be messed with. However, the long legs of dancer Lana Lizard have also proven to be quite powerful as well, and Lana wants a shot at the highly praised CW newcomer. So here we go… who’s gonna win this one, folks? The bodybuilder with mega-sized thighs? Or the long-legged dancer with the python grip! There are some stunning reverses and reversals in this one that will leave you jaw-dropped! Several times, Lana’s head nearly disappears between the massive quads of the Quad Monster! And at other times the newcomer’s inexperience gets her into traps that Lana sets and results in a submission. Watching the newcomers thonged-up glutes and massive legs, win-or-lose, is quite an adventure of it’s own.  Get this HOT ONE today, folks!

The LONG legs of Lana Lizard have lots of leverage! Can the powerful newcomer QM wiggle her way out of this one?

When Quad Monster gets her big 26″s wrapped around you – it’s either TAP or go to sleep! And she doesn’t give you much time to make your decision!

5 New Clips Added to the Members Area of CrushWrestling!

A DEVASTATING reverse finishes BoomBoom off! Get the amazing clips today by clicking here!

5 NEW CLIPS Added to the Members Area – JOIN TODAY!   In today’s members area update, we’ve got some hot clips added, featuring some of your favorite CW rasslers.   First up, fan favorite, Scarlett Savage is featured….  the final clip on the match page of Boom Boom Sanchez vs Scarlett Savage – it’s a HOT ONE!   Next up, we’ve got 2 new clips of Scarlett on the match page against fellow Quad-Goddess, Holly Hawkeye.   See the 2 new clips on the Holly Hawkeye vs Scarlett Savage Match Page.  

And finally, for one of our most recently added matches…. see the first 2 clips on the page of Anastasia Lard vs Yo Fine.   2 of the most MUSCULAR girls you’ll ever see on the mats!

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The ultimate battle of GLUTES and GAMS! Scarlett vs Holly – 2 new clips added – Join the members section today to see them!

4 Members Clips Added to the CW Members Area!

Britney’s quads are DEADLY! Poor Lana finding out the hard way!

Members Area update with 4 New Clips Added!  – Yo, Scarlett, Britney, & More!  

Today we have a fabulous update with 6 different girls involved!    First up, the first 2 clips of the recently released new match of Britney Squeeze vs Lana Lizard have been added – awesome quad power action every time Britney is involved!   Then, for some 4-girl tag team match action, we’ve got 2 more clips added on the page of the 2022 Tag Match – Yo, Ava, Scarlett, & Violet!   Yo is on the receiving end of some crushing scissor power!    But she has abs of steel and can take it!  

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