Outstanding New Wrestler Patience Pitbull Takes On MASSIVE Quad Monster – New Vid Available!

Patience takes a dominant position over QM in this HOT match of female leg power! Get the new video, Quad Monster vs Patience Pickle, TODAY!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – Hey fellas, we’ve got an AWESOME new fighter added to the CW roster, and she is FEISTY and SEXY – Patience Pitbull!   And she kicks off her CrushWrestling career facing none other than the recently added, super impressive leg Goddess, The Quad Monster!    See the clip description below, then head over to the Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull Match page and order this amazing new video today!   You’ll see the usual sample preview video and photos, and they’ll blow you away – get this hot one NOW!!!

Match Description:  2 Newcomers square off in an epic battle of HOT FEMALE MUSCLE! Recently added wrestler, Quad Monster, has unstoppable legs. If she gets those massive mashers around you, it’s over. If she shows mercy, you may survive. If she chooses to all-out squeeze, at a minimum, you have broken ribs and brain damage. However, the danger of her huge squishers are of no matter to feisty brunette Patience Pitbull. She may be a pitbull, but she may have gotten herself into a “pickle” with deciding to face the powerful Q Monster. However, Patience came to CrushWrestling knowing that she can bring the pain as well. And this match proves that she is indeed the complete package. Her rock hard glutes, strong legs and biceps, proves she is no slouch herself and is more than ready to take on the huge Quad Monster. But, does she have enough to last nearly 25 minutes on the mats with the Monster? Can she survive the pulsating squeezes and throbbing pain from Quad Monsters gigantic ass and quad muscles?  Get this THRILLER today, folks!

Patience says “I want you to TASTE this calf muscle!” as she chokes out The massive Quad Monster! Get the new video today!

With hamstrings and glutes like Quad Monsters, her reverse is LETHAL and is her signature submission hold. Poor Patience suffers several of these in this pain-packed match!