CrushWrestling Unveils NEW Video featuring Elle & Scarlett!

Look at the powerful cuts in Elle’s legs! Crushing Scarlett flat! Get this hot video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  A muscle battle of BOOTY vs. QUADS!  Check it out fellas, we’ve got an incredible new VOD ready to go featuring the huge legs of Elle Gi, and the picture-perfect muscle butt of Scarlett Savage!   On the new Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage Match page, you’re going to find the usual sample photos and sample promo clip, and will no doubt be thrilled to get the new video of gorgeous female muscle power!   See the clip description below and get this sizzlin’ HOT thriller today!

Match Description:  The glorgious GLUTES of Scarlett Savage, vs. the mass monster quads of Elle Gi! This one is going to be a hot battle, it’s clear from the beginning! Elle Gi has put on a ton of muscle since we saw her in early 2017. It’s clear that in 2019, she’s ready to dominate. But our veteran, Scarlett Savage, is tough as hell, and she’s known for her scissor power herself. Both girls are a treat to watch, as their gorgeous rock hard bodies struggle valiantly for your viewing pleasure. Scarlett nearly breaks Elle’s ribs in a body scissor at one point… which only causes Elle to later retaliate with a headscissor that totally engulfs Scarlett’s head. Scissor power to the extreme – this is a match you’re sure to enjoy, folks!  Get it today!

Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the new Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

Elle screams in pain as her head gets CRUSHED by Scarlett’s quads – click here to get this sexy new video today!

CW’s Clips4Sale Store updated with Pink Poison Video!

The best BOOTY in the business! Get this remastered classic, now available at the CrushWrestling Clips4Sale store – Click here!

Pink Poison – Muscular GLUTES!  The CrushWrestling c4s store has been updated with a remastered and updated video of Pink Poison’s debut video with us from 2012.  This video was on our old VOD site, but hasn’t been offered since 2015.  We took the original footage, spiced it up a bit, and now re-releasing this eye-pleasing masterpiece in 1080p HD, with improved color and detail.  And that’s just what you need to do justice to Pink’s amazing muscular physique!   In this “POV-style” video, Pink has some SEXY muscle talk, as she tells you exactly what her powerful muscles will do to you.  Her 25″ quads are perfect for CRUSHING the f*** out of your head, neck, and more…. while her exquisitely tight buns of steel cut off your breath as you struggle against her amazing and relentless strength.  As one of the sexiest girls on the CW roster, and having literally the best ass on the planet…. this is a MUST have for any collector of female muscle wrestler videos!

Another SWEET Members Section Update at CrushWrestling!

Head to the Britney vs. Brooklyn Match Page to get this super hot one-sided muscle domination video today! Buy 2 videos, get 2 FREE – now until May 31st!

HOT UPDATE in the members section!   4 New Clips added featuring Britney Squeeze, Lacie Iron, Scarlett Savage & Brooklyn Lee!    First up, if you’re into one-sided torture wrestling, you’ll LOVE the next 2 clips available on the Britney Squeeze vs. Brooklyn Lee page.  Britney has relentless crush power and is showing the smaller girl a brutal lesson.   Then, quad queen Scarlett Savage takes her frustrations out on sexy Lacie Iron – get the next 2 clips now available on the Scarlett Savage vs. Lacie Iron match page!   

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Textbook CRUSHING by Scarlett – those legs are dangerous! Click here for more!

4 Awesome Members Section Clips Added

The INCREDIBLE Booty Queen (one of the very few to earn a 10 on our crush rating) – click here for her amazing videos!

MEMBERS UPDATE – 4 HOT videos added featuring Scarlett Savage & BootyQueen!  – Hey gang, it’s a great time to BE A MEMBER at!    Today’s update features 4 clips of Scarlett Savage in battle against 2 really tough opponents!   First up, we have the final 2 clips of the sizzlin’ hot WPD vs. Figure girl battle,  Scarlett Savage vs. Soul Jacker!   Some tight neck scissors finish off Miss Jacker in epic fashion.   Next up, we’ve got 2 super scorching clips on the page of Booty Queen vs. Scarlett Savage – this is a battle of SUPREME power!   

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SUPER SEXY BATTLE – hot muscle girls Scarlett Savage and Soul Jacker battle in a thriller – get it today!

4 Incredible Videos in the Members Section Update!

A thrilling matchup concludes – Ciara vs. Scarlett – who you got?

CW members section updated with 4 new clips featuring Ciara Salsa, Scarlett Savage, & Serena Scorn!    First up, the final video was added on the page of Ciara Salsa vs. Scarlett Savage – HOT female muscle doing battle with a surprising ending!   Then, check out 3 MIXED videos as Serena DESTROYS Tyler!   Fans of mixed wrestling have been talking about that one for months now, folks – check out those clips and get the full video today!

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6 Crazy Hot New Videos Added at CrushWrestling!

Click here for the brand new Pink Poison vs. Gunz McLee battle – sexy doesn’t even begin to describe their awesome power!

HUGE 6 Video Members Update!  We’ve got a big update today featuring the best female muscle talent in the wrestling world!  First up, the first 2 videos added on the recently added match page of Gunz McLee vs. Pink Poison!   Then, fans of Pink will also enjoy two more of her vids in her match against the huge and powerful Booty Queen – see the Pink Poison vs. Booty Queen page for those.   And finally, the page of the sexy muscular legs battle of Sara Steamroller vs. Britney Squeeze for 2 more hot videos!

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One of the few strong moments for Pink Poison in this match… she gets her devastating ass wedge locked in on Booty Queen – super hot! Get this incredible new video today as part of our May Special – Buy 2, Get 2 FREE!

The ultimate LEGGY battle! Sara vs. Britney is an instant CW Classic – get it today!

New Video – Blondes Do Battle! Yo Fine vs. Lacie Iron!

This is what a FULL POWER crush looks like – smiles by the crusher, agony and pain in the crushee! Get this hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Yo Fine, ultra muscled, vs. Lacie Iron – Big Muscle Girls do battle!   Check out the new match description below, and head over to the super awesome Yo Fine vs. Lacie Iron match page and get this amazing new video today!

Match Description:  Sexy MUSCULAR Blondes do battle! If you are a fan of sexy blonde vixens doing intense battle on the mats with their tremendous muscles, then this video is for you, folks! Fan favorite, Yo Fine, heard about Lacie and her impressive CW debut a few months ago, so she decided it was time to put the rookie in her place. However, as muscular as Yo is, she gives up several inches in height and about 30 lbs in weight to the large physique pro, Lacie. These 2 girls struggle and sweat like none before and this video ends up being a visual treat that will rival the very best here at CrushWrestling! Yo is stunned when big Lacie starts flexing on her in the middle of the match, taunting her as Yo is trapped between Lacie’s big quads. Yo later gets loose to inflict some major damage using her meaty thighs. This is a back n forth until one girl decides that it’s time to put her inferior foe away. Scissor power is at the extreme in this one… so click that “add to cart” button and get this sizzlin’ matchup today!

Lacie has some powerful CRUSHERS – Yo is finding out the hard way! Get this brand new SUPER HOT video today!

That YO sure is feisty – like a monkey on your back! Get this exciting, sexy-bodied thriller, today at CrushWrestling!

Phenomenal update of both Mixed and F/F Wrestling!

CRUSHING LEGS! Look at that brutal bodyscissor that Yo is putting on Ciara. Get these clips now by clicking here to JOIN OUR MEMBERS AREA!

GREAT UPDATE in the members area today, folks!  Fans of mixed & F/F both will be pleased.   We’ll keep the announcement short and sweet – 4 clips, find 2 on the page of Yo Fine vs. Ciara Salsa, and 2 on the mixed wrestling mash-a-thon of Layla Mikayla vs. John Von Dickenson.  Head on over to these 2 match pages now to see the awesome new clips added in the members areas now! 

And, stay tuned…. our next update with be with another brand new feature-length video starring two sizzlin’ hot blondes!

All the muscle in the world won’t help Yo Fine in this tight choke hold applied by Ciara – JOIN our members area now, or purchase separately, this HOT new video today!

She flexes over him in humiliating fashion – she knows she has him overpowered and she loves it. See Layla in the CW members section – click here to JOIN NOW!

Big Update at CW – 6 NEW VIDEOS added to the CW Members Area!

Outstanding smushing by Britney on Ciara – those legs are POWERFUL – get this hot video now by clicking here!

6 NEW VIDS added to the CW Members Area – BIG UPDATE!!!   We’ve got some of your favorite CW stars in today’s update, in a bunch of super sexy clips.   First up, see the first 2 clips on the very recently added match page of Britney Squeeze vs. John Von Dick – an instant classic for mixed wrestling domination fans!   Then, for intense and HOT female vs. female action, you’ll love the struggle of Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2 where we’ve got 2 more vids.   Those are 2 seriously sexy bodies, folks!   And finally, 2 more cilps added on the page of Bodybuilder, Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough, the tough military veteran.  This is an update that you won’t forget any time soon – JOIN our members area today, folks!

Look at that smile on her face – Britney takes great delight in making JVD suffer between her powerful thighs!

Well muscled, Yo Fine, gets a pin on the much larger GI Jane. Who’s gonna win this one? Click here to get this amazing VIDEO today!

New Video – Gunz McLee Returns to Face Pink Poison!

Click here to get the NEW Gunz McLee vs. Pink Poison battle – She’s impressed with her own strength, folks!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Biceps vs. Booty!   We’ve got a brand new and amazingly thrilling matchup featuring Gunz McLee & Pink Poison!   I’m just gonna let the clip description below do all the talking!  Get over to the Gunz McLee vs. Pink Poison page now and pick up this FREAKING CRAZY HOT new video!

Match Description:  Biceps vs. Booty! The ultimate muscle battle between 2 of the hottest wrestlers on CW’s lineup! This one is yet another in an amazing line of visual thrillers from CW. A masterpiece that features the crazy lethal biceps of Gunz McLee vs. the tremendous legs and booty (therefore: scissor power!) of the super hot Pink Poison. This one goes back and forth for a while, but by the end, there is a decisive winner. Each girl trying to avoid each other’s amazing strengths, they are simply in awe of each other’s power. When Gunz slaps on a rear-naked choke, that nearly 18″ bicep digs into the throat like no other. Likewise, when Pink Poison locks in a reverse headscissor or ass wedge, there’s nothing that Gunz can do but tap for mercy! Get this incredible muscle battle today, folks – you won’t regret it!

When it comes to legs and BOOTY – can Pink Poison be outdone? We think not! She proves her power here – get this new video today!

Click here for the brand new Pink Poison vs. Gunz McLee battle – sexy doesn’t even begin to describe their awesome power!