CW Updated With 4 HOT New Clips of MEGA-MUSCLE Wrestlers!

Greta uses her ASS MUSCLES to crush Britney so hard, it’s like a zit about to POP!

MEGA-SIZED MUSCLE Wrestlers in today’s update!   We’ve got a tremendous update for you today, with 4 of the most powerful CW wrestlers to ever hit the mats.   For fans of BICEPS, you’re gonna want to check out the brutal battle between Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee – WOW, this one is a sexy hot battle of upper body power!    Then, if you’re a fan of HOT ASS and LEG MUSCLES – you’re gonna truly dig the epic scissor battle of Greta Gayle vs Britney Squeeze – holy shit, is this some HOT ACTION or what?  

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Gunz taunting Kitten after a mid-match KO! But that only fuels Kitten’s fire! Does she have enough to come back against the experienced veteran? Get this hot video today!