Say Hello to NEW WRESTLER Ciara Salsa in a HOT New Video vs. Britney!

Gorgeous Glutes DOING BATTLE – Get the epic Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze match today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO – HOT!!!  Ciara Salsa is the newest wrestler here at CrushWrestling!  This sizzlin’ little package of female muscle packs a powerful squeeze, and she presents a formidable challenge to long time fan-favoritte, CW Veteran Britney Squeeze!   Despite the difference in height and weight, this is an evenly matched fight.  Ciara is strong beyond words and she earns Britney’s respect!   But… is the 5’1″ powerhouse ready for Britney’s enormous crushers of death?  You can tell there are several times when Ciara is visibly shaken after experiencing the power of Britney’s crush!  Needless to say, with sexy muscular bodies like this, the real winner is once again CrushWrestling customers and members!  Enjoy this super sexy matchup today by ordering on the Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze Match Page!

Description from the Match Page:  “NEW WRESTLER Ciara Salsa takes on the much larger and more powerful Britney Squeeze and her mammoth quads in a THRILLING new matchup of epic power! These hot women get hot and sweaty as they go at it with fierce intensity on the mats. Despite their height and weight differential, Ciara battles well against Big Brit. But, there are several times where she’s obviously taken aback by the immense power of Britney’s painful squeeze. Ciara, however, has some deadly legs of her own… and when combined with those sexy glutes, she has no problem getting submissions as well, and loves to taunt with her impressive biceps. Can the sexy rookie handle the bigger and more experience (8 year CW veteran!) Britney? Get this super hot video today and admire these amazing women of muscle doing battle!”