Phenomenal NEW MATCH Added at CrushWrestling – Muscle Superstars!

It’s brutal watching how many reverse headscissors Yo suffered thru in this match with the huge, powerful Russian, Greta! Get this hot thriller today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  HUGE MUSCLE Matchup between Powerful Russian Greta Gayle & the ultimate muscle blonde, Yo Fine!  This is one you’ve been waiting for, if our inbox of match requests is any indication, this is a muscle tussle that will be MOST pleasing!   See the clip description below, and head over to the “Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine” Match Page and get this AMAZING new female muscle battle today!

Match Description:  The MUSCLE THRILLER you’ve been waiting for! HOLY SMOKES, folks! 2 of CW’s biggest and most powerfully muscled girls finally square off on the famous blue mats and they are MORE than ready for this epic muscle tussle! Here’s the thing… this one is not only impressive for the powerful scissors and their amazingly muscular bodies, but more so for the unimaginable pain tolerance that each girls puts on display. Determined not to give in, each girl takes absolutely brutal scissor holds, coming close to KO’s many times. The painful expressions on their faces are no joke…both of these girls have absolutely monsterous squeezes. If you’ve seen any of their previous videos, you know that each girl can CRUSH with the best of them! Greta’s face is turned permanently red half way thru this match after enduring a torturous frontal figure 4 by Yo, in which she refused to tap, until Yo just cranked it up to 11! Likewise… it’s truly frightening how many reverse headscissors that Greta used to overpower Yo and truly smash her head. By the end of this match, one girl stands dominant and trash talking over the other. But even the victor looked like she did 12 rounds with Mayweather by the time this one is done. One of CW’s sexiest muscle thrillers yet – get it today!

One of Yo’s most painful holds, is the “Lou’ing” headscissors. She punishes and trash talks like no other!

Back in that all-too-familiar position! Yo tries her best, but can’t take the full power of these mashers! Get this amazing muscle match today!

Crazy Hot Muscle Wrestling Clips Added – HUGE UPDATE!

Those POWERFUL legs and butt muscles are about to DESTROY and CRUSH HIM senseless! Order this hot new mixed wrestling video today!

HUGE UPDATE – 6 New Clips Added at CrushWrestling!  Sexy Muscle Power videos coming your way, folks!   We’ve got 6 amazing new clips added in today’s members area update, and they are SURE to please!   First up, for fans of MIXED wrestling, we’ve got the first 2 agonizing painful clips added on the page of Greta Gayle vs John Von Dick – absolutely savage muscle domination!  Then, for fans of sexy girl vs girl muscle wrestling….. you’ll love the 2 new clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage – an ultimate battle of quads and muscle butts!   Then, finally, the big Russian Greta, is back to take on the powerful Scarlett…. see 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Scarlett Savage!

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Greta’s powerful legs punish her victims – like Scarlett here! Get this hot video today!


Boom Boom is Back for a HOT NEW VIDEO vs Scarlett Savage!

Anytime Scarlett gets those powerful meat-grinders around your head, you’re not gonna last long! Tap Tap Tap!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Sexy Muscle Matchup featuring Boom Boom Sanchez and Scarlett Savage!   That’s right folks – another SUPER HOT-BODIED muscle girl battle exclusively here at CrushWrestling!   See the new video description below, and then head to the Boom Boom Sanchez vs Scarlett Savage MATCH PAGE to add this one to your shopping cart – it is a thrilling and SEXY matchup!

Match Description:  Sexy BOOM BOOM is back! This time, instead of using her powerful legs to beat up on a wimpy male…. she’s testing her strength and power against CW favorite and 5 yr veteran, Scarlett Savage! This is a battle of buns and guns like no other! If you purchased the mixed wrestling video, Boom Boom vs JVD, you already know how muscular and hot and sexy Boom Boom’s body is. She definitely has an upper body advantage over Scarlett. However, Scarlett is known for her immensely powerful scissors, due to those massive quads and glutes. While Boom Booms buns may be on par with Scarlett’s, Scarlett definitely overpowers her in the quads dept. That will no doubt lead to some trouble for the newcomer, Sanchez. With yet another visually thrilling masterpiece, CW fans will once again be the winner as we watch these 2 female specimens of muscle power do battle on the traditional blue mats of CW!  Get it today!

Squealing in pain, Boom Boom suffers as Scarlett cranks up the pressure! Get this HOT new video today!

Scarlett tries to pry apart BoomBoom’s crushers, but Boom Boom is out to prove her glutes and quads are just as strong as Scarletts!

CW Adds 4 Vids to the Members Area in Today’s Update!

Yo’s reverse headscissor grip is so brutal, it gets taps almost instantly from most girls. Ava tries to hang in there! Get this video by clicking here!

MEMBERS UPDATE with 4 New Clips feat. Yo Fine Added to the Members Area!   That’s right…. today, folks, we have 4 new clips in the members area featuring one of your favorite, and one of the most impressive, CW Wrestlers – Yo Fine.  

First up, the super sexy Ava Slaughterhouse holds her own in the powerful battle of Yo Fine vs Ava Slaughterhouse.   See 2 new clips on that page and be impressed by those 2 awesome muscle bodies!   Then, for “bodybuilder vs dancer”, you’ll love the leggy matchup of Yo Fine vs Violet Voodoo – 2 new clips on that page, too! 

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Phenomenal UPDATE at CrushWrestling with 4 HOT New Clips in the Members Area!

Will Gunz go out cold? Or can she withstand the power of Scarlett’s legs and ass? See the hot new clips added to this page today by being CW member!

4 HOT VIDS added to the CW Members Area featuring some of your favorite CW crushers!    First up, see 2 new clips on the page of the recently added match page of Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee!   This one is a battle of top heavyweights, and also a great matchup of “Biceps vs Booty” or “Biceps vs Legs”.    Wonder Dee is one of the biggest and strongest girls on the roster….. but as you know, Gunz McLee is no slouch, either!  

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Gunz’ head is crushed flat by Dee’s ultra-muscular glutes and legs!

Phenomenal NEW Video Starring HUGE Russian Greta Gayle – Now Available!

As soon as she walks in, you know she can and will DESTROY him with those powerful glutes!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Mixed DOMINATION featuring HUGE Greta Gayle, the ultra-muscular Russian with an attitude!   Hey fellas….. a woman that is THIS big and ultra-muscular….. trust me, you do NOT want to piss her off.   But….. that is exactly what idiot John Von Dick did, and now it’s time to PAY for it.   When she caught another women messaging him, she loses her mind, and proceeds to completely F him up, using some of the sexiest legs and glute muscles you’ll ever see.   Check out the sample preview clip on the new Greta Gayle vs JVD Match Page, and then pick up this hot thriller today!    See the video description below! 

Description:  Modern day Russian women REALLY don’t like being cheated on. And big Greta Gayle is no exception. This muscular powerhouse finds that her boyfriend, Johnny Von Dick, has been getting messages from a girl named Shakeera, and she is NOT pleased about it! She decides to “f him up” and give him some punishment that he will never forget. Unfortunately for JVD, her muscles have continued to get bigger and stronger over the last year, and he has no idea how violent she can get when pissed off. She puts those muscles to good use and absolutely CRUSHES the F outta him! You can tell she takes great delight in proving her superiority, not only over JVD, but compared to waif-like Shakeera as well. When she’s not CRUSHING and destroying his body, she humiliates him with forced muscle worship and flexing. JVD has no chance against this muscular specimen. All you can do is watch with your jaw dropped, as these enormous quads and glutes, biceps, and more, simply pulverize the puny JVD. Get this ULTRA-SEXY mega-thrilling MIXED battle today!

His head is completely DEVOURED by her hungry thighs

Those POWERFUL legs and butt muscles are about to DESTROY and CRUSH HIM senseless! Order this hot new mixed wrestling video today!

Amazing update Featuring Huge Russian Greta Gayle!

Greta cranks Ava’s neck and crushes her airways, in a perfectly executed ASS WEDGE! Get this hot size mismatch matchup today!

Power-Packed Update of Greta Gayle in the Members Area!   That’s right, today we’ve got 4 new clips, all featuring the extremely huge and powerful Russian, Greta Gayle!    First up, to see her matched up against a smaller opponent (but with stupid strong legs, too!), check out the 2 new clips we added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse.   Then, for a perfect battle of “Legs and Ass vs Biceps” you’ll love the 2 new clips added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee!   If you haven’t already done so…. it’s time to JOIN CrushWrestling and access clips of ALL of our super sexy videos of hot female muscle wrestling action!

Gunz is in for the fight of her life as Greta uses her powerful muscle ass to dominate her!

4 Clips Added Featuring Tremendously Powerful Girls!

Holly dishing out some brutal punishment with those massive quads! Get this hot video today by clicking here!

HUGE POWER UPDATE!   4 Super Strong Girls in today’s members area update – Wonder Dee, Greta Gayle, Ava Slaughterhouse & QUAD GODDESS Holly Hawkeye!  That’s right….. if scissor power is what you’re looking for…. today’s update will absolutely blow you away.  Check it out…..  we’ve added 2 new clips on the page of Ava vs Holly…  where you’ll see some monster ass legs doing tremendous squeeze battle!   Then, on the page of our best selling F/F video ever…..  check out the 2 latest clips added to the match of Wonder Dee vs Greta Gayle – ABSOLUTELY mind-blowing muscle power!  

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Members Section Updated with 4 New Crush Clips!

Perfect, rock hard, round muscular glutes…. that equals SCISSOR POWER from HELL! Get Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick today!

HOT UPDATE in the CW Members Area today!  Fans of Muscle Women wrestling will be thrilled with the 4 new clips added today!   First up, on the page of the recently added match, Yo Fine vs Scarlett 3, you’ll see the first 2 clips of that extremely hot matchup – that is some serious female POWER, fellas!   Then, for some SUPER Sultry and sexy MIXED wrestling action, check out the 2 latest clips added on the page of Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick.  She puts a brutal squeeze on this poor guy!

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The MEAT GRINDERS doing what they do best…. CRUSHING Yo to a pulp! Can Scarlett pull off the win in the rubber match against Yo Fine? Order this hot one today!

NEW VIDEO Now Available – Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee – Get it Now!

Wonder Dee compressing McLee’s head between her enormous and strong mashers!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Incredible THRILLER – Wonder Dee is back to face Biceps Goddess Gunz McLee in the ultimate “Biceps vs Legs/Glutes” Thriller!   The BIG Russian with perhaps the best legs on CrushWrestling, may not be ready for the big meaty biceps of Gunz McLee.   Read the video description below, and then head to the brand new Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee match page and get this amazing visual masterpiece today!

Description: Another BICEPS vs LEGS/GLUTES MEGA-BATTLE! In one of the most visually appealing matchups on the site… the big Russian, Wonder Dee, and her enormously ripped and powerful legs, is back to battle biceps Goddess, Gunz McLee! What’s funny about this one is that, Dee, who perhaps is one of the top 3 most intimidating wrestlers on our site, was literally scared to death of facing off against veteran McLee. She has seen McLee train in the gym and saw how she created those nearly 17″ monster bi’s. Throughout the first part of this match, Dee literally gives herself up on numerous engagements, simply because she’s so scared to get choked by McLee’s 17″ers. Eventually she settles into the match and realizes that she’s capable of getting the upper hand by using her crazy strong and powerful legs. Once she figures that out, she has Gunz begging for mercy every time she gets caught between those mighty Russian crushers. One of the fighters wears down at the end of the match, and eventually gets caught in a brutal choke that nearly results in a K.O. 2 super strong bodies in sexy combat… this is the one you’ve been waiting for, folks!

The pain on Dee’s face says it all when she’s surprised by the power of Gunz McLee’s legs!

Dee tries to intimidate Gunz with biceps of her own…. but McLee isn’t impressed, when compared to her 17″ers.