4 NEW Clips in the CW members Area – Gunz McLee, CeeCee, Cammie and More!

Gunz proves to be WAY too much for fit little CeeCee. Get this hot match today!

Members update with 4 NEW HOT CLIPS added to the site.     We’ve got some MEGA hot wrestlers in today’s update, which is perfect for the scorching summer weather.   First up, we’ve got the sensational Gunz McLee as she crushes CeeCee the Mangler straight into RETIREMENT!    See the final clips added to the page of Gunz vs CeeCee today!    Then, next up,  we’ve got another 2 clips added to the page of GLUTE GODDESSES,  Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage 2 – amazing leg and butt power!

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Cammie will either tap, or get her skull smashed here! Get the hot new video today!

4 New Members Area Clips Added to CrushWrestling – Barbella, Calisto, & More!

Calisto’s GRANITE GLUTES make for extreme pain in submission holds like the grapevine! Get the hot new video today!

New clips of Barbella the Great, Miss Calisto, and More added in today’s members area update!    That’s right, we’ve got some stunningly hot wrestlers featured in today’s update.   First up, we’ve loaded up the first 2 clips from the recently released match page of rookie/newcomer, Barbella the Great vs Lana Lizard, the tall crafty, leggy veteran.    Then, for some more super sexy MIXED wrestling domination, check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Miss Calisto vs Johnny Von Dick.   You’ll be hard pressed to ever find a hotter physique than Miss Calisto!   

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Barbellas eyes start to roll up into the back of her head, as she nearly gets KO’d in this figure 4 scissor! Order this hot new video today!

NEW MIXED VIDEO – Now Available check out Scarlett vs John Von Dick!

Using those powerful calves to choke him out… she calls this “death by calves”, and loves to administer the pain!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Mixed wrestling domination and ultimate quad power!    Scarlett Savage, known for her amazing “meat grinders”, takes on John Von Dick in our latest mixed wrestling crush-a-thon!   The pain and power delivered in this video will leave you hurtin’ just watchin’ it!    See the clip description below, and head over to the Scarlett Savage vs John Von Dick 1 Match Page and get this amazing new video today!

Years ago, Scarlett Savage made a diss video calling out veteran industry jobber, John Von Dick. He thought he could handle her famous “meat grinders” and was always sending her DMs and emails saying he wanted to wrestle her, but yet, he never showed up at CrushWrestling headquarters. So, she called him out, and here we are, years later, and he finally decides to make the trip. She finds out where he’s staying, and before they drive out to CW headquarters for filming their video, she decides to see if he can handle her powerful grinders in his hotel room. She doesn’t want to waste her time driving all the way to CW HQ if he can’t take her power. So… even though he swears it isn’t necessary, she decides to put this “crush test dummy” to the test… and he FAILS miserably!  He finds out really quickly, that he isn’t man enough to handle the famous “meat grinders”.  She teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget.  His days of being a jobber may be numbered!

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His head is turning all sorts of colors as she relentlessly CRUSHES him!

JVD is gonna be a lot thinner after this squeeze! Get this hot mixed wrestling video today!

4 Awesome Clips Added featuring Massively Muscled Miss Kitten!

PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

Massively Muscled Miss Kitten with 4 NEW CLIPS added to the Members Area in Today’s Update!  –  That’s right folks…. it’s Miss Kitten Friday here at CrushWrestling!    2 of her hottest match pages have been updated with new clips.   First up, see the 2 powerful clips with RIPPED contest shape Scarlett Savage on the page of Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage.   Then, for a battle of TALL muscle Goddesses, see the next 2 clips added to the page of Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard!   Super hot figure bitches battle!

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HOT Muscle Glutes CRUSHING – these girls are going at it in intense fashion! Who’s gonna win? Get this amazing new thriller today!

Phenomenal NEW VIDEO Added – NEW WRESTLER Barbella takes on Lana!

Barbella is not as tall as Lana, but her legs are JUST as effective! Her squeeze is PAINFUL!

NEW WRESTLER & VIDEO ALERT!!! – Barbella The Great joins the CW roster in her debut match against veteran rassler, Lana Lizard!    On the Barbella The Great vs Lana Lizard Match Page, you’ll find the usual sample photos and preview clips, and the link to add this new thriller to your shopping cart – get this amazing match up today!    See the clip description, and new wrestler description below!

Match Description:  Newcomer Barbella the Great is a FEISTY Bikini cutie with loads of muscle ready for action. She has been wanting to jump in to face the big girls at CW for quite some time, and she wastes no time going right after the much taller and more experienced Lana Lizard. Lizard, obviously with the weight and size advantage will no doubt be a huge challenge for the scrappy newcomer. But we know one thing is for certain… those legs on Barb are no joke! Her quads and calves are both sexy big muscle, and functional pain-makers. She loves to apply a brutal squeeze, and she also has a high pain tolerance. And she may need it against the much larger foe. Lana knows how to dish it out. Can Barbella take the pain? Can Barbella fight back and win, despite the size and strength disadvantage? Get this sexy thriller today! Hot female muscle on the mats in another epic matchup!

New Wrestler Description:  Barbella The Great is perhaps the best new trash talker at CrushWrestling since Scarlett Savage. This bikini competitor has a lot of muscle on her smaller sized frame and can back it up with a POWERFUL squeeze!

Newcomer Barbella suffers in a painful reverse headscissor by Lana Lizard – get the hot new video today!

Barbellas eyes start to roll up into the back of her head, as she nearly gets KO’d in this figure 4 scissor! Order this hot new video today!

CW Updated With 4 HOT New Clips of MEGA-MUSCLE Wrestlers!

Greta uses her ASS MUSCLES to crush Britney so hard, it’s like a zit about to POP!

MEGA-SIZED MUSCLE Wrestlers in today’s update!   We’ve got a tremendous update for you today, with 4 of the most powerful CW wrestlers to ever hit the mats.   For fans of BICEPS, you’re gonna want to check out the brutal battle between Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee – WOW, this one is a sexy hot battle of upper body power!    Then, if you’re a fan of HOT ASS and LEG MUSCLES – you’re gonna truly dig the epic scissor battle of Greta Gayle vs Britney Squeeze – holy shit, is this some HOT ACTION or what?  

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Gunz taunting Kitten after a mid-match KO! But that only fuels Kitten’s fire! Does she have enough to come back against the experienced veteran? Get this hot video today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VID ALERT!!! – PimpDaddy Ren takes on Scarlett!

Newcomer PDR (Pimp Daddy Ren) puts the squeeze on Scarlett Savage – get the hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VID ALERT!!! – PimpDaddy Ren, newcomer, takes on long-time CW Veteran, Scarlett Savage, in an ultimate thrilling challenge.   See the clip description below, and get this amazing new video TODAY!

Match Description:  Newcomer PimpDaddy Ren takes on the massive thighs of Scarlett Savage, long-time CW legend! Ren is a complete athlete, not a bodybuilder. She’s just the right size to have that perfect combination of power, strength, and speed. And folks, she has a hell of a squeeze. Even veteran crusher Scarlett Savage takes notice in the early going, how this is gonna be a tough one for her. And that’s saying something, considering the long list of talent that Savage has faced since 2016. Furthermore, as this match unravels, it is discovered that BOTH girls slept with each others boyfriends the night before…. adding a unique element of tension to say the least. What starts out as a friendly contest, turns nasty with some rough punishment being dished out as the match goes on. Who has the will to finish the other off? Who has the pain tolerance to survive those agonizing scissor holds?   Get this hot one today and find out!   One girl ends up nighty-nighted!

The massive thighs of Scarlett try to break the ribs of PDR in the newest CW release – get it today!

New Clips of Some of the BIGGEST Most Muscular Female Wrestlers!

The big muscular European FBB has brutally painful bodyscissors with those big 26″ quads!

Members Update with the MOST MUSCULAR Female Wrestlers – 4 New Clips Added in today’s awesome update of raw female muscle power on the mats!    That’s right fellas, some of the biggest and most powerful girls are featured in today’s update.  You’re gonna love it.   First up, the final 2 clips have been added on the page of Gunz McLee vs Tatiana Tank.   The ending may surprise you on this one, folks!    

Then, next up, we’ve got 2 exciting clips added on the page of the 3-Way Tag Match featuring girls of various body-types…. the ultra huge biceps of Gunz McLee, and the enormous massively muscular legs of Scarlett Savage, and finally, the hard muscle glutes and balanced physique of Ava Slaughterhouse.    See the new clips on the page 3-Way Match – Ava, Gunz, and Scarlett, today!

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Scarlett is on a mission to dominate in this 3-way match – click here to get this amazing video, or to see the next 2 members area clips added to this page!

6 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area – JOIN NOW!!

Ana Lard gets pinned by Scarlett and her muscular ass! Join now for the latest videos of this epic match!

6 New Clips Added in Members Area Update here at CrushWrestling today!    We’ve got some of your favorite and most powerful rasslers doing some damage on the mats.   First up, the first 2 clips of the recently added match, Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull 1, have been added.   Amazing action in these first 6 minutes of video!    Next up, we’ve got 2 clips added on the page of the rubber match between Ana and Scarlett….. see the 2 clips on the Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3 match page.   And finally, for some more massive quad scissor action from Scarlett, see 2 more clips on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Lana Lizard, the long legged dancer.

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Quad Monster and her DEVASTATING reverse headscissors are way too much for any human skull to bear!

NEW Scissor Challenge – An EXCITING New Video from CrushWrestling!

Lana giving it EVERYTHING she’s got as she goes for the crushing submission on QM

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – EXCITING first ever Scissor Challenge video is a 3-Way masterpiece of Scissor Supremacy!   3 of the super hot recent CW girls square off in a battle of leg power for the ages!   See the video description below, and head over to the 2024 Scissor Challenge Match Page to order this muscle pleaser today!

Match Description:  An incredible 3-Way test for Scissor Supremacy! This is a great video to truly show off some unreal scissor power, along with pain tolerance. 3 of your favorite wrestlers in recent years accept the challenge. Here’s how the game works: There are 3 rounds… a bodyscissor round, a “lou-ing” headscissor round, and finally, the devastating reverse headscissor round. In each round, each girl will take turns scissoring the other 2. The number of seconds it takes to get their opponents to submit, will be added together to determine their overall score for the round. Whoever has the lowest score, wins the round. Whoever can win 2 or more rounds, is the winner of the scissor challenge. We put a 15 second limit on the max, if someone’s scissor power can’t overcome the pain tolernace of the other.  But given the size of these leg muscles, you can tell this was not often a factor.  In fact, there were a few submissions that were nearly instantaneous to the start of the squeeze! Incredible power as these girls were going ALL OUT!  One of the girls walks away as the clear winner.  Who do you got your money on?  And how long could YOU last between these mashers?

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Quad Monster’s legs are SO THICK she can barely get them around her victims. But when she does…. it’s INSTA-TAP or NIGHT NIGHT! Each girl complained about neck pain after this round!

Lana’s LONG ass dancer legs are BRUTALLY powerful and she shows NO MERCY – can she win round 2?