2024 Scissor Challenge

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Wrestlers: Patience Pitbull
Quad Monster
Lana Lizard
Match Type: Scissor Challenges
Fem vs. Fem

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An incredible 3-Way test for Scissor Supremacy! This is a great video to truly show off some unreal scissor power, along with pain tolerance. 3 of your favorite wrestlers in recent years accept the challenge. Here's how the game works: There are 3 rounds... a bodyscissor round, a "lou-ing" headscissor round, and finally, the devastating reverse headscissor round. In each round, each girl will take turns scissoring the other 2. The number of seconds it takes to get their opponents to submit, will be added together to determine their overall score for the round. Whoever has the lowest score, wins the round. Whoever can win 2 or more rounds, is the winner of the scissor challenge. We put a 15 second limit on the max, if someone's scissor power can't overcome the pain tolernace of the other. But given the size of these leg muscles, you can tell this was not often a factor. In fact, there were a few submissions that were nearly instantaneous to the start of the squeeze! Incredible power! One of the girls walks away as the clear winner. Who do you got your money on? And how long could YOU last between these mashers?

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