Below we have assembled some frequently asked question in regards to our site. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

CrushWrestling uses MP4 and Windows Media video (wmv) for our HD clips.  PREVIOUSLY, our site was only compatible with Windows based computers (XP, Vista, 7, and 8) running Windows Media Player ONLY. Microsoft has recently discontinued DRM technology and as of 7/15/2015, no longer supports DRM or license restoration. If you purchased our videos from our VOD store, or were a member of our members site between 2008-2015 you will still be able to view those “lifetime license” files until your current computer expires. However, after that, you will need to re-purchase the video(s) or join our members site again if you want to continue to enjoy your videos. Remember, this is the warning that was previously on our site, so please understand, you made the prior purchase with ample warning that one day DRM support would end.

Our Previous warnings about DRM purchases: “Windows 8 can be somewhat finicky, so please makes sure you run the compatibility test first at Our clips are NOT compatible with Mac, and it’s wmv viewer “Flip4Mac”. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED, So, please do not sign up for our site if you are a Mac user, UNLESS you wish to run Windows on your Intel-based Mac hardware, using Bootcamp, or Parallels Desktop program for Mac. Apple’s website has an easy instructional video on how to set this up on your Mac.  Prior to purchasing a VOD, or a members site membership, please take the compatibility test at The licenses we issue to watch the videos after they have been downloaded to your computer are “lifetime licenses” meaning for the LIFE OF YOUR COMPUTER AS IT EXISTS ON THE DAY OF PURCHASE, not indefinitely, or YOUR lifetime, or after you transfer to other hard drives, change or upgrade operating systems, or moving to other computers. We DO allow 2-3 additional license pulls for the POSSIBILITY of moving the videos to another hard drive or new computer, but this is NOT GUARANTEED to work indefinitely due to the changing nature of operating systems. Please understand from the beginning, that the purchases are not guaranteed to work for your entire life. By purchasing, you acknowledge that the purchase is not guaranteed for your lifetime, and may better be viewed as a long term rental. However, we feel with the additional license pulls, you should be able to enjoy these videos WELL into the future and experience satisfaction with your purchase.”

Chances are, you are most likely trying to log into the Clips Store, instead of the members area.   PLEASE READ the “My Account” Tab and learn the difference between a Membership/Subscription account, and a VOD Clips Store Account.  This is mentioned in numerous areas of the site.   If you want to purchase one or more “FULL LENGTH” videos, those are purchased individually via a VOD Account.   You add titles to your shopping cart, then create your account when you go to check out (or it will add titles to your existing VOD account from a previous purchase).

On the OTHER hand, if you purchased a monthly membership/subscription (rebills monthly for one low price) to view shorter clips and view photo galleries, then you can log into the members area by clicking on ANY members area content.  Simply go to a “match page”, choose a match, and then scroll down to the “members only” content.

We don’t wish to sound like an asshole here….. but literally 99 out of 100 times (probably more), you simply forgot what you entered when creating your account, or copied and pasted wrong.  And… to be clear…. once again, it’s could be because you’re logging into the wrong place.  Please see the question above, and read the “My Account” tab, to learn the difference between a VOD account and a Membership/subscription account.    For instance, if you’ve purchased individual videos before, and therefore have a VOD account created….  the username and password for that WILL NOT WORK for the members/subscription area of the site.    And conversely, if you purchased a monthly membership via CCBill, the username and password that you created when signing up for that, will not work to get back into your VOD account.  These are 2 separate things!

CrushWrestling is available in 3 different memberships:  a 1-month recurring membership (auto-renewing until you cancel), 3-month recurring, and 6-month one-time subscriptions. Please check your correct currency on our join page for the prices of memberships.  Billing and access management is provided by CCBill.  We will also accept USD cash, cashiers checks, money orders, and PayPal (with an additional service charge), please email us for details.

Please see our join page for the various payment options via CCBill.  We also will do manual adds for customers who wish to send Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, or Cash in US Dollars, or paypal, with a slight service charge. Please email us for details.

DRM support has ended (see our first FAQ above). You will need to re-purchase the VOD video, or join our members site and download non-DRM versions of the file(s) you wish to view.

If you are having problems with your membership/access, please contact CCBill first:

CCBill tech support:
– Ph:  1-888-736-6475 ; Email:

It is not our responsibility to back up your purchases.   Our products are not streamed, they are downloaded.  Once they are downloaded they are yours to play on YOUR COMPUTER ONLY, as many times as you’d like.  If you lose the file, have hard drive corruption, or destroyed by an act of God, it is not our responsibility to replace your purchase.  We have undergone various billing services and hosting and security providers, and therefore do not keep long term records of who bought what.  So, again, it is YOUR responsibility to back up your private purchases.

With regard to the OLD WMV files (DRM encoded, pre-2015):

License Restoration is no longer possible as Microsoft and CCBill ended DRM support. Please see our FAQ above. Again, the warning that was previously displayed on our join page, our FAQ, and home page read:

“Our licenses are “LIFETIME LICENSES” meaning for the LIFE OF YOUR COMPUTER or drive, NOT YOUR LIFETIME. We allow 2-3 additional license pulls so that you can use on more than 1 computer, or future computers, but the purchases are not guaranteed indefinitely.”

We will make weekly updates at a minimum, and will often do 2 updates per week. Our “Updates” page will list our recent update history.  We have been updating our members site since 2010, and we have been around since 2007, so you can purchase with confidence. We aim to please and our girls aim to SQUEEZE! We want to hear from you regarding how we can improve our site and our content, so don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to suggest new wrestlers to us, and of course, feel free to refer us to your favorite wrestler!

I’m sorry, but we are not a session booking agency. We are video production company.

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