4 New Members Area Clips Added to CrushWrestling – Barbella, Calisto, & More!

Calisto’s GRANITE GLUTES make for extreme pain in submission holds like the grapevine! Get the hot new video today!

New clips of Barbella the Great, Miss Calisto, and More added in today’s members area update!    That’s right, we’ve got some stunningly hot wrestlers featured in today’s update.   First up, we’ve loaded up the first 2 clips from the recently released match page of rookie/newcomer, Barbella the Great vs Lana Lizard, the tall crafty, leggy veteran.    Then, for some more super sexy MIXED wrestling domination, check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Miss Calisto vs Johnny Von Dick.   You’ll be hard pressed to ever find a hotter physique than Miss Calisto!   

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Barbellas eyes start to roll up into the back of her head, as she nearly gets KO’d in this figure 4 scissor! Order this hot new video today!