Scarlett Savage vs PimpDaddy Ren

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Wrestlers: Scarlett Savage
Pimpdaddy Ren
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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Newcomer PimpDaddy Ren takes on the massive thighs of Scarlett Savage, long-time CW legend! Ren is a complete athlete, not a bodybuilder. She's just the right size to have that perfect combination of power, strength, and speed. And folks, she has a hell of a squeeze. Even veteran crusher Scarlett Savage takes notice in the early going, how this is gonna be a tough one for her. And that's saying something, considering the long list of talent that Savage has faced since 2016. Furthermore, as this match unravels, it is discovered that BOTH girls slept with each others boyfriends the night before.... adding a unique element of tension to say the least. What starts out as a friendly contest, turns nasty with some rough punishment being dished out as the match goes on. Who has the will to finish the other off? Who has the pain tolerance to survive those agonizing scissor holds? Get this hot one today and find out! One girl ends up nighty-nighted!

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  • Date Added: 6/07/2024

    This match kicks off with PDR immediately feeling the wrath of Scarlett's huge quads!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 6/07/2024

    Ren gets in a few holds, but then Scarlett roars back with her overwhelming leg power!

    High Def WMV