4 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area – HOT Crush Action!

Who wins round 1 of the brutal 2024 Scissor Challenge? Check out the hot new clips!

Members Update with 4 NEW CLIPS added – Yo Fine, Miss Kitten, and the 2024 Scissor Challenge girls are all featured in today’s CW update.    This one will leave you jaw-dropped with the beauty of the ladies involved in the update today.   First up, let’s check out the next 2 LONG clips added on the page of the epic matchup of Miss Kitten vs Yo Fine.   A mismatch in size, but not determination!   These 2 clips are hot as each one gets dominated in the early going of their match.   First Kitten takes Yo to the crush woodshed, but then it’s Yo’s turn to use her powerful body to punish Kitten!   Check out these 2 hot new clips today.  

Next up, we’ve got the first 2 clips added on the recently added match page of the 2024 Scissor Challenge – HOT!   As you can see by the vidcap, each girl has a chance to both dish out, and take, some brutal pain and punishment.   Who’s gonna win this epic challenge?   Get the clips and find out!   As you can see, The Quad Monster just says “Get in!” and her opponents tremble in fear!   

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Kitten uses her long limbs advantage to nearly rip Yo’s knees apart! OUCH! See the power in this hot new video today!