Phenomenal NEW VIDEO Added – NEW WRESTLER Barbella takes on Lana!

Barbella is not as tall as Lana, but her legs are JUST as effective! Her squeeze is PAINFUL!

NEW WRESTLER & VIDEO ALERT!!! – Barbella The Great joins the CW roster in her debut match against veteran rassler, Lana Lizard!    On the Barbella The Great vs Lana Lizard Match Page, you’ll find the usual sample photos and preview clips, and the link to add this new thriller to your shopping cart – get this amazing match up today!    See the clip description, and new wrestler description below!

Match Description:  Newcomer Barbella the Great is a FEISTY Bikini cutie with loads of muscle ready for action. She has been wanting to jump in to face the big girls at CW for quite some time, and she wastes no time going right after the much taller and more experienced Lana Lizard. Lizard, obviously with the weight and size advantage will no doubt be a huge challenge for the scrappy newcomer. But we know one thing is for certain… those legs on Barb are no joke! Her quads and calves are both sexy big muscle, and functional pain-makers. She loves to apply a brutal squeeze, and she also has a high pain tolerance. And she may need it against the much larger foe. Lana knows how to dish it out. Can Barbella take the pain? Can Barbella fight back and win, despite the size and strength disadvantage? Get this sexy thriller today! Hot female muscle on the mats in another epic matchup!

New Wrestler Description:  Barbella The Great is perhaps the best new trash talker at CrushWrestling since Scarlett Savage. This bikini competitor has a lot of muscle on her smaller sized frame and can back it up with a POWERFUL squeeze!

Newcomer Barbella suffers in a painful reverse headscissor by Lana Lizard – get the hot new video today!

Barbellas eyes start to roll up into the back of her head, as she nearly gets KO’d in this figure 4 scissor! Order this hot new video today!