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Using those powerful calves to choke him out… she calls this “death by calves”, and loves to administer the pain!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Mixed wrestling domination and ultimate quad power!    Scarlett Savage, known for her amazing “meat grinders”, takes on John Von Dick in our latest mixed wrestling crush-a-thon!   The pain and power delivered in this video will leave you hurtin’ just watchin’ it!    See the clip description below, and head over to the Scarlett Savage vs John Von Dick 1 Match Page and get this amazing new video today!

Years ago, Scarlett Savage made a diss video calling out veteran industry jobber, John Von Dick. He thought he could handle her famous “meat grinders” and was always sending her DMs and emails saying he wanted to wrestle her, but yet, he never showed up at CrushWrestling headquarters. So, she called him out, and here we are, years later, and he finally decides to make the trip. She finds out where he’s staying, and before they drive out to CW headquarters for filming their video, she decides to see if he can handle her powerful grinders in his hotel room. She doesn’t want to waste her time driving all the way to CW HQ if he can’t take her power. So… even though he swears it isn’t necessary, she decides to put this “crush test dummy” to the test… and he FAILS miserably!  He finds out really quickly, that he isn’t man enough to handle the famous “meat grinders”.  She teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget.  His days of being a jobber may be numbered!

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His head is turning all sorts of colors as she relentlessly CRUSHES him!

JVD is gonna be a lot thinner after this squeeze! Get this hot mixed wrestling video today!