Muscular Domination and PAIN Delivered – 4 New Clips Added!

Ava squeezes with all her might and gets the tap out from Violet in this HOT matchup of leg muscle magic! Order Ava vs Violet Voodoo today!

Powerful Domination & Scissor Power!  4 Clips added in today’s update in the CW members area.    In today’s thrilling update, you guys are gonna love the variety of content and the power of hot female muscle on display!   First up, we added 2 more clips to the Mixed wrestling domination page featuring ultra-sexy blonde, Boom Boom Sanchez.    See the new clips now on the page of Boom Boom Sanchez vs Johnny Von Dick.   Then…. if sexy F/F action is more your thing, please head over to the page of Ava Slaughterhouse vs Violet Voodoo to see the latest 2 clips added on that match page.   Phenomenal hot female muscle action!

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Thanks for the feedback on MASSIVELY MUSCLED new wrestler, Tatiana. Get her hot new videos today!

HUGE Update – 6 New Clips Added with BIG GIRLS ONLY!

Greta’s rock hard muscle ass CRUSHES Yo Fine! Get this hot video today!

HUGE MUSCLE Update!   The MOST MUSCULAR girls are featured in today’s members area update!    And these are some ultra-hot and sexy clips!   See – it pays off to be a permanent member here at CrushWrestling – so be sure to join today!

In today’s update, you’ll see the first 2 clips added on the recently added match page of Tatiana the Tank vs Gunz McLee!  Tatiana is one of the most huge and ripped muscle girls on the site!  And of course, we know ALL about Gunz’s biceps!

Then, head over for the next 2 clips added on the page of sexy Yo Fine vs Greta Gayle!   These big muscle girls BRING IT!   And finally, for more of ultra-powerful Greta….. check out the brutal domination she dishes out along with Boom Boom Sanchez against poor wimpy JVD!    Yep, 2 new clips on the page of Greta & Boom Boom vs John Von Dick – mixed domination at its finest!

Boom Boom crushes JVD’s body, while Greta’s Muscle Ass squashes his head and neck! Get this sexy mixed domination match today!

New Wrestler Tatiana Tank is Back with ANOTHER New Vid!

Tatiana going for an Americana on Scarlett – she’s gonna rip that arm right off! Get the hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT – New Wrestler Tatiana Tank is back with another NEW video, this time against equally RIPPED and Shredded muscle girl, Scarlett Savage!   Both girls are in between bodybuilding shows and they are built for battle!   See the clip description below and get the new video today on the new match page for Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage!!!   And thank you for the great feedback we’ve been receiving on recent videos!  Yes, we have the best muscle talent in the world and we are proud of it!  Hot female muscle wrestlers at their finest, and it only continues to get better!

Description:  SHREDDED, CONTEST SHAPE female muscle doing battle on the legendary CW mats! This time, massive female bodybuilding and CW newcomer, Tatiana “the Tank”, takes on CW veteran and ultra-leggy/glutey Scarlett Savage! That’s right… the sassy midwestern glute goddess Scarlett wanted to jump right in and face Tatiana, after she saw her first match against Gunz McLee. Tatiana agreed to the match and with her extremely cocky attitude, decided it was a great opportunity to put the mouthy veteran in her place. Tatiana definitely has the size advantage (as she would against almost anyone!), but as you’ve seen in over 30 matches now, Scarlett may be one of the scrappiest and skilled crushers on the mats! And now, Scarlett, too, is at her biggest and best, being in contest shape with absolutely mind-blowing leg and glute muscles! This one is visually thrilling from beginning to end, as these are two of the hottest bodies to ever hit the mats – Get it today!

Scarlett gets completely engulfed by Tatiana’s huge mashers! Get the hot new release today from CrushWrestling!

Even though she’s generally smaller than Tatiana, Scarlett has always had HUGE quads and glutes and has as good a squeeze as anybody! See her fight back against the huge Euro FBB today and get the super hot new CW video!

Female Brutality on the Mats! Crush Wrestling Girls Doing Battle!

Britney making sure Ava hasn’t passed out, as her huge calves dig into her throat! Get this hot new video today – Britney vs Ava – click here!

NEW CLIPS in the members area featuring Britney, Ava, Yo, & Scarlett!   In today’s update, you’ll find several long clips featuring some of your favorite CW wrestlers!    First up, the final clip has been added on the page of Yo Fine vs Scarlett Savage 3, where Yo suffers a surprising defeat by KO after Scarlett decided to crank it up and not hold anything back.  Her lethal mashers mean business!    Then, for a nice mismatch in size between 2 leggy and glutey models….. check out 2 more clips added on the match page for Britney Squeeze vs Ava Slaughterhouse – it’s a HOT ONE!   Britney is dripping with sweat as she gives it 100% when she is crushing poor Ava!

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6 Exciting Vids Added to the CW Members Area – JOIN TODAY!

SKULL CRUSHING POWER! Holly showing no mercy to Scarlett as she mashes that melon!

JOIN TODAY – 6 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area!   Yes, we have a huge and exciting update here today at CW.   It’s a tremendous time to be a member at CrushWrestling.   Today, in the members area we’ve added 2 new clips on the pages of Combat Cammie vs Yo Fine, as well as 2 new clips on the page of Boom Boom Sanchez vs Scarlett Savage!    And finally, the first 2 clips have been added on the page of Holly Hawkeye vs Scarlett Savage.    Amazingly powerful ladies with tremendously huge muscles and supreme power!

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Squealing in pain, Boom Boom suffers as Scarlett cranks up the pressure! Get this HOT video today!

HOT New Wrestler Tatiana Tank Takes on Gunz McLee in New Video!

The BIG muscular blonde attempts to take control against Gunz in the early going. Get this SUPER HOT new match today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Huge News, folks!   We’ve got an incredible, massively muscled, super sexy NEW female bodybuilder wrestler to add to our roster today!   Her first video, she takes on CW veteran, the impressive biceps of Gunz McLee!  That’s right, new wrestler Tatiana “the Tank” goes up against experienced veteran jiu-jitsu specialist, Gunz McLee, and it makes for an absolutely thrilling video, which also happens to be another visual masterpiece due to those impressive muscles on BOTH ladies!   See the clip description below, and pick up this amazing new video today!

Description:  The CW Debut of MASSIVE Female Bodybuilder Tatiana the Tank! This huge, powerful densely muscled sexy blonde is quite literally a mountain of muscle that will be a struggle for ANYONE to deal with on the mats. So thick and mighty, she simply cannot be moved on the mats by the average wrestler. And her gigantic muscles can squash most men and women like a grape! Scissor power simply off the charts and among the best we’ve ever had on the site. And her enormous biceps can squeeze just as hard as her legs! For her first match, we put her up against long-time CW veteran and jiu-jitsu specialist, Gunz McLee. Gunz may be one of the very few girls on the roster that can survive against this mass muscle monster! In fact, Gunz’s Jiu-Jitsu skills may be too much for the muscular rookie to overcome! That’s what makes this one so exciting. Beyond the obvious visual masterpiece of muscle, this one is a very intriguing matchup of simply overwhelming power, vs skills and biceps! Obviously this goes without saying…. Add this to your cart immediately!

The big muscular European FBB has brutally painful bodyscissors with those big 26″ quads!

In between jiu-jitsu submissions, Gunz takes a moment to taunt the new bodybuilder with big 16.5″ biceps of her own!

CW Updated with 4 New CRUSHIN’ Clips! Massive Leg Power!

Elle trying to literally flatten Yo like a pancake – get this awesome 3-way Tag Match today!

Members Update with 4 New Clips added featuring Yo Fine, Elle, Scarlett Savage, Gunz McLee, & More!    That’s right – you don’t want to miss the 4 clips added in today’s update!   We’ve got the first 2 clips added on the recently added match page of Gunz McLee vs Ava Slaughterhouse – and by the way, THANK YOU for the awesome feedback on the new video – we are glad you are enjoying it!   

Next up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the 3-Way Tag Match featuring Yo Fine, Elle Gi, and the ultra-powerful legs of Scarlett Savage!   3 VERY sexy hot muscle bodies in this match, folks!  

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Gunz has Ava all locked up! Get the newest, hot video today!

NEW Crush Video Released! Biceps vs Bunz – Gunz McLee vs Ava Slaughterhouse!

At times it looked like the bigger Gunz would dominate. But scrappy Slaughterhouse had something to say about that! She’s got the quads and glutes for CRUSHIN!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Gunz McLee vs Ava Now Available – Gunz vs Bunz!   We’ve got a thrilling new match in the match pages – you’ll want to add this to your shopping cart now!    There’s nothing hotter than when we get girls of vastly different body types going after one another on the blue mats.   This time, it’s Glutes Goddess Ava taking on Biceps Monster Gunz McLee!   See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today!

Description:  Tremendous new matchup of Buns vs Biceps, Gunz vs Glutes! Veteran wrestlers Gunz and Ava have been looking forward to this battle for a long time, and this match doesn’t disappoint! First, as you know, Gunz and her huge biceps are known for her devastating rear-naked-choke and other jiu-jitsu skills, great for choking out and submitting her opponents. Ava, on the other hand has become quite the scissor queen, and is famous for using that rock hard bubbly muscle ass to generate tons of squeeze power in all of her brutal scissor holds. This is one of those matchups of such widely contrasting body types that it is intriguing for fans of ALL types of female muscle. With these hardbodied muscle babes clashing on the mats, you will be entertained beyond your dreams! Get this hot one today!

Gunz has a hard time breathing every time Slaughterhouse gets those powerful mashers around her!

4 Mass Muscle Videos of Powerful Glutes and Quads Added!

Holly with the schoolgirl pin. Wait til you see what happens when Greta gets revenge later! Download this hot new video today!

MASS MUSCLE – 4 New Vids added to the Members Area – JOIN CW TODAY!

Hey gang, we’ve got a sensational update for you today featuring the SUPER SEXY butt and legs of powerful muscle model, Greta Gayle!  Her long ass legs and big meaty glutes spell devastation for most of her opponents.   See how she does in today’s updated clips!    First up, see 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Holly Hawkeye, a fellow QUAD MONSTER!   Then, for more intense action, you’re gonna love the 2 new powerful clips added to the page of Greta Gayle vs Scarlett Savage, in the ultimate battle of muscular asses!   These muscle butts can inflict pain like no other as these girls squeeze relentlessly going for every submission!

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Scarlett knows how to deliver a lethal crush! Poor Greta is suffering here!

Phenomenal NEW Clips Added at CrushWrestling – Britney, Scarlett, & Greta!

Scarlett brutally crushes Britney’s round head, tryna turn it into an oval! Get this hot video today!

BIG MUSCLE GIRLS Crushin’!   Today’s update features 3 of your favorite CW rasslers….. they are BIG, STRONG, and Crush-Capable!    First up, if you’re into mixed wrestling domination, you’ll love the next 2 clips added on the page of the tremendous video, Greta Gayle vs John Von Dick.   Unbelievable long leg scissor power to the MAX!   Then, for fans of F/F rasslin, you’ll be blown away by the quad power of both Britney and Scarlett in the next 2 clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage.

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