New Clips of Some of the BIGGEST Most Muscular Female Wrestlers!

The big muscular European FBB has brutally painful bodyscissors with those big 26″ quads!

Members Update with the MOST MUSCULAR Female Wrestlers – 4 New Clips Added in today’s awesome update of raw female muscle power on the mats!    That’s right fellas, some of the biggest and most powerful girls are featured in today’s update.  You’re gonna love it.   First up, the final 2 clips have been added on the page of Gunz McLee vs Tatiana Tank.   The ending may surprise you on this one, folks!    

Then, next up, we’ve got 2 exciting clips added on the page of the 3-Way Tag Match featuring girls of various body-types…. the ultra huge biceps of Gunz McLee, and the enormous massively muscular legs of Scarlett Savage, and finally, the hard muscle glutes and balanced physique of Ava Slaughterhouse.    See the new clips on the page 3-Way Match – Ava, Gunz, and Scarlett, today!

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Scarlett is on a mission to dominate in this 3-way match – click here to get this amazing video, or to see the next 2 members area clips added to this page!

6 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area – JOIN NOW!!

Ana Lard gets pinned by Scarlett and her muscular ass! Join now for the latest videos of this epic match!

6 New Clips Added in Members Area Update here at CrushWrestling today!    We’ve got some of your favorite and most powerful rasslers doing some damage on the mats.   First up, the first 2 clips of the recently added match, Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull 1, have been added.   Amazing action in these first 6 minutes of video!    Next up, we’ve got 2 clips added on the page of the rubber match between Ana and Scarlett….. see the 2 clips on the Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3 match page.   And finally, for some more massive quad scissor action from Scarlett, see 2 more clips on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Lana Lizard, the long legged dancer.

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Quad Monster and her DEVASTATING reverse headscissors are way too much for any human skull to bear!

NEW Scissor Challenge – An EXCITING New Video from CrushWrestling!

Lana giving it EVERYTHING she’s got as she goes for the crushing submission on QM

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – EXCITING first ever Scissor Challenge video is a 3-Way masterpiece of Scissor Supremacy!   3 of the super hot recent CW girls square off in a battle of leg power for the ages!   See the video description below, and head over to the 2024 Scissor Challenge Match Page to order this muscle pleaser today!

Match Description:  An incredible 3-Way test for Scissor Supremacy! This is a great video to truly show off some unreal scissor power, along with pain tolerance. 3 of your favorite wrestlers in recent years accept the challenge. Here’s how the game works: There are 3 rounds… a bodyscissor round, a “lou-ing” headscissor round, and finally, the devastating reverse headscissor round. In each round, each girl will take turns scissoring the other 2. The number of seconds it takes to get their opponents to submit, will be added together to determine their overall score for the round. Whoever has the lowest score, wins the round. Whoever can win 2 or more rounds, is the winner of the scissor challenge. We put a 15 second limit on the max, if someone’s scissor power can’t overcome the pain tolernace of the other.  But given the size of these leg muscles, you can tell this was not often a factor.  In fact, there were a few submissions that were nearly instantaneous to the start of the squeeze! Incredible power as these girls were going ALL OUT!  One of the girls walks away as the clear winner.  Who do you got your money on?  And how long could YOU last between these mashers?

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Quad Monster’s legs are SO THICK she can barely get them around her victims. But when she does…. it’s INSTA-TAP or NIGHT NIGHT! Each girl complained about neck pain after this round!

Lana’s LONG ass dancer legs are BRUTALLY powerful and she shows NO MERCY – can she win round 2?

4 Members Section Clips Added – Phenomenal Scissor Power!

Britney’s huge power-mashers flattening newcomer Lana! Get the hot new video today!

CRAZY Scissor Power!     Some of the most powerful crushers in CW history go at it in today’s clips.    Britney Squeeze, one of the most lethal crushers in history, has 2 more clips added to her page where she faces off against Lana Lizard.  See them now on the Britney Squeeze vs Lana Lizard match page.

Next month, the ultimate leg battle, where you have the pure mass and size of Scarlett Savage, against the super lean contest shape legs and big muscle ass of Combat Cammie.   Since it’s in their re-match, see these clips on the page called Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page.  

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These girls are CRUSHIN’ the F outta each other with those MASSIVE LEGS! Get the hot new video today!

4 New Clips Added to the CW Members Section – Scissor Brutality!

CeeCee is hanging in there in the opening moments of this 1-sided massacre. Get this hot video today – click here!

SCISSOR Brutality!!!  New Clips in the Members Area featuring Miss Calisto, Gunz McLee, and Cee Cee the Mangler now available!   That’s right, folks…. a nice update today featuring some of the hottest muscle girls on the planet.    For fans of mixed rasslin, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of Miss Calisto vs John Von Dick, where you can see her perfect muscle ass and powerful legs and biceps doing severe damage to poor JVD!    This poor guy suffers under the ASSault of this muscle Goddess!   Then, next up, for fans of sexy F/F battles, we’ve got Biceps Queen Gunz McLee vs Cee Cee the Mangler, in a match where, CeeCee hung in there for a while against big McLee, but in the end, Gunz literally crushed her into retirement.   We had planned to have CeeCee begin a long career wrestling with CW, however, Gunz was such a mis-match for her, that CeeCee decided to retire right after this match.   That’s why you need to see this domination special, by the jiu-jitsu Biceps Queen!

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Calisto’s perfectly muscled ass shows no mercy against Johnny Von Dickenson!

CW Updated with 4 More New Clips – Massive Muscle Chicks in RIPPED SHAPE!

The LONG python-like legs of Miss Kitten gets a brutal squeeze on massively muscled Tatiana Tank!

4 RIPPED Muscle Chicks on the mats in today’s UPDATE!   In today’s CrushWrestling update, we’ve got quite the treat for you, folks.  4 of the BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED bodybuilders to ever see the blue mats square off in some intense battles.   First up, the tall powerful amazon vs the ripped lean and ultra-muscular bodybuilder face off in Miss Kitten vs Tatiana Tank – 2 new clips added.   Next… a contest shape lean Ana squares off against Yo Fine, who is offseason but still lean and muscular…..  see 2 new clips on the page of Ana Lard vs Yo Fine.

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Ana tells Yo that she plans to KO her…. well… here she goes!

It’s Miss Kitten Day! 4 New Clips of the Long Legged Amazon Added!

The long legs of Miss Kitten stretching out Scarlett and putting immense pain on those knee ligaments! Get this hot video today!

Long-legged Muscular Amazon – 4 new clips of Miss Kitten added to the CW Members Area!   It’s a great day if you’re a fan of enormously tall and super muscular women!   The fabulous Miss Kitten is ready to DESTROY her opponents on the mats, and in the featured matches today, she has her work cut out for herself.    First up, see the first 2 clips added to the recently posted match page of Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage – SUPER SEXY action!!!    Then, for one of her previous matches, check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard – a battle of TALL CHICKS!

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PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

Outstanding New Wrestler Patience Pitbull Takes On MASSIVE Quad Monster – New Vid Available!

Patience takes a dominant position over QM in this HOT match of female leg power! Get the new video, Quad Monster vs Patience Pickle, TODAY!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – Hey fellas, we’ve got an AWESOME new fighter added to the CW roster, and she is FEISTY and SEXY – Patience Pitbull!   And she kicks off her CrushWrestling career facing none other than the recently added, super impressive leg Goddess, The Quad Monster!    See the clip description below, then head over to the Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull Match page and order this amazing new video today!   You’ll see the usual sample preview video and photos, and they’ll blow you away – get this hot one NOW!!!

Match Description:  2 Newcomers square off in an epic battle of HOT FEMALE MUSCLE! Recently added wrestler, Quad Monster, has unstoppable legs. If she gets those massive mashers around you, it’s over. If she shows mercy, you may survive. If she chooses to all-out squeeze, at a minimum, you have broken ribs and brain damage. However, the danger of her huge squishers are of no matter to feisty brunette Patience Pitbull. She may be a pitbull, but she may have gotten herself into a “pickle” with deciding to face the powerful Q Monster. However, Patience came to CrushWrestling knowing that she can bring the pain as well. And this match proves that she is indeed the complete package. Her rock hard glutes, strong legs and biceps, proves she is no slouch herself and is more than ready to take on the huge Quad Monster. But, does she have enough to last nearly 25 minutes on the mats with the Monster? Can she survive the pulsating squeezes and throbbing pain from Quad Monsters gigantic ass and quad muscles?  Get this THRILLER today, folks!

Patience says “I want you to TASTE this calf muscle!” as she chokes out The massive Quad Monster! Get the new video today!

With hamstrings and glutes like Quad Monsters, her reverse is LETHAL and is her signature submission hold. Poor Patience suffers several of these in this pain-packed match!

4 New Clips Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – Scarlett, Gunz, & More!

OUCH! Gunz suffers between Scarlett’s mashers in her lethal reverse headscissor! Poor Gunz!!!

Members Area update with 4 INCREDIBLE Muscle Savage clips!   That’s right…. Savage, as in Scarlett Savage!    We’ve got 4 new clips featuring the legs and glutes of this wellness division powerhouse.   First up, see the final 2 clips on the page of her rematch with mighty Britney, on the page entitled Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage 2.   Then, for the “booty vs biceps” battle rubber match, we’ve got 2 new clips added to the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 3.   Scarlett facing 2 very different body types in muscle wrestlers.  

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Britney’s crushers bring tremendous pain to anyone caught between!

Muscular Ass Battles & Big Biceps Power – One Hell of An Update!

Greta uses her ASS MUSCLES to crush Britney so hard, it’s like a zit about to POP!

4 CRAZY HOT clips added to the members section of CrushWrestling!    2 of them featuring the “Muscle Ass” Battle of Britney Squeeze vs Greta Gayle…. and in these 2 clips, those asses are predominately featured in some brutal reverse headscissor CRUSHING!    Then, we’ve got the Glutes vs Bieps on the page of Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee, where 2 clips were added there as well, where the Biceps Goddess Gunz battles the long legs and muscle glutes of Kitten.   

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Miss Kitten’s perfectly shaped ass muscles putting the squeeze on Gunz! Get this hot matchup today!

The peach fuzz on Greta’s roided up muscle ass glistens in the light, as she MERCILESSLY crushes Britney! Get this extremely hot video now!