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Power that is OFF THE CHARTS! Poor Boom Boom doesn’t stand a chance against massive Yo Fine! Get this one-sided thriller today!

We’ve got an incredible update today here at CrushWrestling, especially if you’re one of those that love the huge muscle girls!   First up, we have the ultimate muscle girl, Yo Fine, in a domination match against Boom Boom Sanchez.  Get the hot 2 new clips on the page Yo Fine vs BoomBoom Sanchez today!   Then, you can head over and see another huge muscle girl, Ana Lard, take on the long-legged scissor happy dancer, Lana Lizard.   Get the 2 clips on the page Ana Lard vs Lana Lizard today!

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Lana ends up with cracked ribs due to Anastasia’s powerful squeeze! Get this hot video today!