4 New Clips Added to the CW Members Section – Scissor Brutality!

CeeCee is hanging in there in the opening moments of this 1-sided massacre. Get this hot video today – click here!

SCISSOR Brutality!!!  New Clips in the Members Area featuring Miss Calisto, Gunz McLee, and Cee Cee the Mangler now available!   That’s right, folks…. a nice update today featuring some of the hottest muscle girls on the planet.    For fans of mixed rasslin, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of Miss Calisto vs John Von Dick, where you can see her perfect muscle ass and powerful legs and biceps doing severe damage to poor JVD!    This poor guy suffers under the ASSault of this muscle Goddess!   Then, next up, for fans of sexy F/F battles, we’ve got Biceps Queen Gunz McLee vs Cee Cee the Mangler, in a match where, CeeCee hung in there for a while against big McLee, but in the end, Gunz literally crushed her into retirement.   We had planned to have CeeCee begin a long career wrestling with CW, however, Gunz was such a mis-match for her, that CeeCee decided to retire right after this match.   That’s why you need to see this domination special, by the jiu-jitsu Biceps Queen!

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Calisto’s perfectly muscled ass shows no mercy against Johnny Von Dickenson!