CW Updated with 4 More New Clips – Massive Muscle Chicks in RIPPED SHAPE!

The LONG python-like legs of Miss Kitten gets a brutal squeeze on massively muscled Tatiana Tank!

4 RIPPED Muscle Chicks on the mats in today’s UPDATE!   In today’s CrushWrestling update, we’ve got quite the treat for you, folks.  4 of the BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED bodybuilders to ever see the blue mats square off in some intense battles.   First up, the tall powerful amazon vs the ripped lean and ultra-muscular bodybuilder face off in Miss Kitten vs Tatiana Tank – 2 new clips added.   Next… a contest shape lean Ana squares off against Yo Fine, who is offseason but still lean and muscular…..  see 2 new clips on the page of Ana Lard vs Yo Fine.

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Ana tells Yo that she plans to KO her…. well… here she goes!