Tremendous CrushWrestling Update with 4 New Clips Added!

Textbook CRUSHING by Scarlett – those legs are dangerous! Click here for more!

Today we’ve added 4 killer “finishing” clips to the members area!    That’s right, the final 2 clips were added on the match pages for the following matches.   First up, big props to Pink Poison, for taking on one of the strongest girls the site has ever featured…. Booty Queen.   Head over to the Booty Queen vs. Pink Poison page for the final 2 clips of the visually thrilling masterpiece of female power!    Then, for Blonde vs Brunette action…..  see the final 2 clips on the page of Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage!    Check it out!

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Pink was immobilized many times under the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the much larger Booty Queen! Get this HOT new video today!

Lengthy and HOT Clips Added in Today’s CrushWrestling Update!

Anastasia is large and in charge! Click here to buy this amazing matchup!

SUPER SEXY UPDATE!  The members section has been updated with 4 incredible new videos featuring some BIG TIME muscle!   First up, we’ve got the next 2 videos on the page of Yo Fine vs. Jacked Jackie – these two are going at it HARD and these are some long and sexy clips.   Then, for some of the BEST GLUTES in the world….check out the sensational 2 new clips on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2.  

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This is an incredible matchup of female leg muscle power! Get Jacked Jackie vs. Yo Fine today!

6 Vids added at CW – Big Weekend Update!

Scarlett’s rock hard legs and ass are causing Yo tremendous pain! WILL SHE TAP OUT? Click here to join now!

BIG Weekend Update to the CW Members Area!  6 New Clips added!   Hey folks – we’ve got some super sexy action in this weekend’s update!   6 new clips added to the CrushWrestling members area.   First up, see the first 2 clips added on the recently added match page of Ava Slaughterhouse vs. Scarlett Savage 2 – perfectly round muscular asses doing some brutal scissor battles on the mats!  Then, in the action-packed thriller, Yo Fine vs. Elle Gi… see 2 more clips added there as well!    And finally, for more tremendous action of that muscular vixen Yo, check out 2 more clips on the page of Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage 2.  

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Yo’s super muscular legs are great for all kinds of scissors – including the dreaded standing calf scissors!

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6 BIG Muscle Wrestling Vids Feat. Yo Fine Added Today!

Yo’s super muscular legs are great for all kinds of scissors – including the dreaded standing calf scissors!

HUGE 6 Vids Update feat. Yo Fine!  Sexy muscular wrestling clips starring one of your very favorite female wrestlers, the ultra-muscled,  Yo Fine, added to the members area today.  JOIN CrushWrestling now, if you want to see the new clips on the pages of Yo Fine vs. Elle Gi,  then Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage 2, and then the first 2 added on the page of the recently added video, Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze 2.  

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Yo Fine flexes as she’s proud of herself for crushing Scarlett flat here! Get this hot new video now!

5 Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area!

Get the super hot Soul Jacker vs. Ciara video today! Click here!

SEXY UPDATE – 5 New Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – and boy oh boy, are they HOT!

First up, check out the final clip added on the page of Ciara Salsa vs. Soul Jacker.   Then, we’ve also added the FIRST two clips on the recently added match page of the ultra-competitive GI Jane Dough vs. Lacie Iron.   Then finally, we also added some super sexy glute action on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2.  This is a HOT update!  

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Tremendously outstanding action in the new GI Jane vs. Lacie Iron video – get it today!

6 Video Update + NEW September Promo!

Well muscled, Yo Fine, gets a pin on the much larger GI Jane. Who’s gonna win this one? Click here to get this amazing VIDEO today!

6 Video Member Update + NEW PROMO for Sept!  Click here to save!  

Hey gang, we’ve got some exciting news!   First, our spring promo was so popular, we are now bringing it back to kick off the FALL season.  See the details below to get the best CrushWrestling value EVER!   Next, we’ve got a HUGE 6 video update for you today, featuring some sizzlin’ hot F/F content!   First up, the first 2 video clips have been added to the page for new wrestler Jacked Jackie vs. Britney Squeeze!    Then, we’ve got 2 more clips on the page of Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2, and then finally, 2 more clips added on the page of ultra-muscle fox Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough.   6 MEGA hot clips – JOIN NOW and get access to ALL of them, today!

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  3. – Give us up to 48 hours to process your request.  You MUST redeem your free videos within 7 days of your purchase, and by Oct 1, no exceptions
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Mixed Wrestling Fans Rejoice! NEW Layla Mikayla Vid NOW Ready!

Layla stops to show JVD the POWERFUL LEGS that are totally destroying him. Get this HOT new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Sensual Scissor DOMINATION as the stunning Layla Mikayla vs. John Von Dick 2, the absolute massacre, is present by CrushWrestling to close out the summer of 2019.  This one is a definite must get for fans of super sexy muscle girls (she is a fitness division competitor) who love to DESTROY with their powerful legs and ass.  She plays rough, and JVD finds that out early and often.  See the clip description below, and then head over to the Layla vs. JVD 2 Match Page and get this thriller today!

DESCRIPTION: – Sensual Scissor DOMINATION! Layla Mikayla is pissed off at her loser boyfriend, Johnny Von Dickenson, yet again. This time he has ruined her entire day by not wanting to go over to the Fitness Expo, and just sitting around and complaining, being worthless. She lets him know that this type of behavior is punished – ruthlessly! From the initial face slap, which stuns John, you’ll see that she means business – and LOTS of it! Using her world class gymnast legs and glutes, she punishes him with brutal scissors, painful chokes, and unleashes and all out ASSault on poor JVD! He is clearly in pain and begging for mercy, and she just keeps on CRUSHIN! And it’s doubtful you’ll ever see a more sexy dominating, SENSUAL CRUSH! For fans of the ultimate mixed wrestling domination, with sexy and sensual scissors… this is the ideal video for you – get this one today!

Flexing over her prey… Layla Mikayla is a sight to behold!

4 New Clips added to the CW Members Section

SUPER SEXY Glutes doing battle! Get Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 today!

Ultimate Power – Scissoring Muscle Girls!   Sizzlin’ update today here at CrushWrestling!   We’ve got 4 new videos in today’s update.  First up, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2.   Then, the sexy “Figure vs. Physique” battle of Ciara Salsa vs. Soul Jacker – 2 new vids there as well!

We’ve got another brand new video coming early next week!   Be on the lookout – it’s gonna be a hot one!  In the meantime – thank you for JOINING CrushWrestling!

Ciara Salsa vs. Soul Jacker is a thrilling contrast in body types – get this one today and be blown away!

CW Releases New Video Starring NEW WRESTLER, Jacked Jackie!

NEW WRESTLER Jacked Jackie – HUGE and Powerful – JOIN NOW for the best in muscular women wrestling!

HUGE ALERT!  New Wrestler & New Video Available now – Jacked Jackie is super muscular and ready for battle!   Our newest CW Wrestler is power-packed beyond belief, and the sample photos on the Jacked Jackie wrestler page will confirm this statement!   To see her in action, check out the description below, and then add the new video, Jacked Jackie vs. Britney Squeeze, to your shopping cart today!

Description:  NEW WRESTLER Jacked Jackie is BIG and BUILT! She’s going to be a force on the mats for the foreseeable future. Sporting enormous biceps and quads, with tremendous shape and insane strength, we figured she’d be up for the test to go up against the HUGE legs of Britney Squeeze. This is an action-packed, sexy muscular thriller! Big veteran Britney has the confidence (and of course, those world record calves & quads). But Jackie may in fact be able to outmuscle her! Jackie’s upper body is absolutely diesel… a fact that she lets Britney know about over and over, when she gets mount position and decides to flex on her. This epic battle of female muscle is one that only the female muscle specialists at CW can pull off! Scissor power so strong that you can almost feel it through the screen! Get this hot battle of female power, NOW!!!

Look at Britney’s face – suffering greatly, while Jackie is having fun dishing out severe pain! Click here to buy the new video with new wrestler Jacked Jackie!

CrushWrestling Unveils NEW Video featuring Elle & Scarlett!

Look at the powerful cuts in Elle’s legs! Crushing Scarlett flat! Get this hot video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  A muscle battle of BOOTY vs. QUADS!  Check it out fellas, we’ve got an incredible new VOD ready to go featuring the huge legs of Elle Gi, and the picture-perfect muscle butt of Scarlett Savage!   On the new Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage Match page, you’re going to find the usual sample photos and sample promo clip, and will no doubt be thrilled to get the new video of gorgeous female muscle power!   See the clip description below and get this sizzlin’ HOT thriller today!

Match Description:  The glorgious GLUTES of Scarlett Savage, vs. the mass monster quads of Elle Gi! This one is going to be a hot battle, it’s clear from the beginning! Elle Gi has put on a ton of muscle since we saw her in early 2017. It’s clear that in 2019, she’s ready to dominate. But our veteran, Scarlett Savage, is tough as hell, and she’s known for her scissor power herself. Both girls are a treat to watch, as their gorgeous rock hard bodies struggle valiantly for your viewing pleasure. Scarlett nearly breaks Elle’s ribs in a body scissor at one point… which only causes Elle to later retaliate with a headscissor that totally engulfs Scarlett’s head. Scissor power to the extreme – this is a match you’re sure to enjoy, folks!  Get it today!

Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the new Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

Elle screams in pain as her head gets CRUSHED by Scarlett’s quads – click here to get this sexy new video today!