Wonder Dee vs John Von Dick - 2

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Wrestlers: Wonder Dee
Match Type: Mixed

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BRUTAL CRUSH DOMINATION! Wonder Dee is BACK! After the merciless beating she gave John Von Dick a few months ago... this time she spots him creeping on her at the gym. This goes on a few weeks and finally, when she arrives at her apartment, she notices the door popped open just a bit... she goes to investigate and finds that JVD had followed her to her apartment from the gym! She is IRATE to say the least! She then proceeds to double down on the crush beating she gave him last time. Ruthless and merciless scissors, especially ones that engage her enormous calves and rock hard glutes. This one-of-a-kind muscle goddess delivers crush power like no other. One of the VERY few on our roster that has a level 10 Crush rating. Absolutely terrifying LEG POWER! And as the video goes on, you get to see how much she truly enjoys dishing out the pain. Poor JVD may never be the same after this. He was already a dumbfuck to begin with... but he may not have any brain cells left at all after this! Mixed wrestling fans... it's a "no brainer" to add this to your collection right now!

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  • Date Added: 2/22/2021

    Wonder Dee finds her stalker outside her apartment. Hell is about to break loose!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 2/22/2021

    Those EPIC calves show JVD no mercy! (2:06)

    High Def WMV