Tremendous Muscle Wrestling Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area!

Britney can’t stop Scarlett’s powerful ass muscles from crushing her head flat!

HOT Muscle Wrestling Clips Added – Scarlett, Britney, & Gunz featured in today’s update!

We’ve got an amazing update today with 4 clips of some of your favorite mass muscle female wrestling superstars here at CRUSH Wrestling!    The most power-packed quads and glutes and biceps on earth right here in today’s update!   In some very competitive and hot action, 3 of your favorite superstars Squeeze to Please!   First up, we’ve got 2 new clips added to the match page of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage 2.   Shot last summer, this thriller does NOT disappoint.  It’s truly a battle of quad queens who are known for their devastating leg power!

Next up, in a classic biceps vs legs battle…. We’ve got 2 new clips added to the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 3.   Fans of comparing upper body power to lower body power will no doubt enjoy this masterpiece.   JOIN the CW members area today and don’t miss any of the hot female muscle wrestling action!

OUCH! Gunz suffers between Scarlett’s mashers in her lethal reverse headscissor! Poor Gunz!!!