NEW Wrestler & Video Now Available – MIXED Crush-A-Thon by Miss Calisto!

Calisto’s GRANITE GLUTES make for extreme pain in submission holds like the grapevine! Get the hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT!   It’s a CRUSH special, folks…. a one-sided mixed wrestling domination video starring Miss Calisto… a fitness model who competes in figure with an astonishingly powerful physique!   Her only downside…. she has an extremely short temper, and frequently takes out her aggression on her wimpy boyfriend, Johnny Von Dick.  Her debut video with CrushWrestling is bound to be a favorite with fans of mixed wrestling, as she repeatedly torments and tortures poor John with her lethal legs.   See the clip description below, and head to the new match page of Miss Calisto vs John Von Dick, and get this amazing new video today!

Video Description:  Miss Calisto is MEGA-PO’d at her boyfriend Johnny Von Dick.  She’s in New Jersey for some fitness photo shoots with her favorite photographers, and unfortunately, her idiot boyfriend failed at booking a decent hotel.  He got a room for them in this S-hole hotel, and not only is it a dump, but the air-conditioning is out in their room on this hot summer day. She had to TRY and put her makeup on while sweat was pouring off her beautiful face, and that just made her completely pissed. After he mouths off and claims it’s not his fault, she decides to teach him a lesson using her gigantic rock hard powerful muscles. Her legs show him no mercy. Her rock hard glutes pulverize his face and neck, and her biceps are easily capable of ending him. She even enjoys using her bare hands to cut off his airways. She knows how to use her ultra-muscular body to inflict maximum damage on a male. You guys are gonna love this one – load up your shopping cart today and enjoy!

You can tell by the look on her faces, she puts MAX POWER into every squeeze! Total CRUSH torture from her legs and glutes!

All he can do is look up at her muscular ass, as it tightens its grip around his face and neck, increasing to insane amounts of pain and pressure! The ULTIMATE MUSCLE ASS! Get this hot video today!