Absolutely stunning NEW VIDEO – Total Muscle Domination!

One of the few strong moments for Pink Poison in this match… she gets her devastating ass wedge locked in on Booty Queen – super hot! Get this incredible new video today!

NEW WRESTLER – BOOTY QUEEN – NEW VIDEO!!!   Oh my goodness folks, you’re in for a treat this holiday!  Enjoy our newest video, featuring brand new wrestler, and possibly one of our strongest ever – the HUGE, massively muscled, mean and nasty, BOOTY QUEEN!  BQ goes up against one of our all-time greats and fan-favorites, the tremendous Pink Poison…. and this ends up in a one-sided affair before you know it.  See the description below and then GET THIS VIDEO – people will be talking about this one for ages!  We’ve got much more of both of these tremendous ladies on the way!

Match Description:   Say hello to NEW WRESTLER The “Booty Queen”! And holy shit, she’s a powerhouse like none other! Pink Poison is one of CrushWrestling’s most impressive legends and has crush power that is insane…. but even one of our all-time best was made quick work of by this enormous, massive muscle girl! Booty Queen dominates most of this match with impressive combinations of skill and raw power. Her strength is simply on another level, folks. Pink Poison scored a few submissions with those pain-inducing legs of hers… but for the most part, she was toyed with by the much larger foe. Booty Queen squeezed Poison with that magnificent booty, gigantic quads, and those lethal biceps – as Pink can attest having had to tap out many times to BQ’s throat crushing rear-naked choke! These 2 get sassy and mean – it’s clear that Pink doesn’t like being thrown around like a rag doll… and it’s also clear that BQ did not like Pink’s early aggressiveness with her quads… and makes her pay for it the rest of the match! This one, is another visual masterpiece, as both women are hot as hell with amazing glutes (Pink Poison is known for that after all!, and Booty Queen is called that for a reason!). CrushWrestling delivers again – get this one NOW!

Pink was immobilized many times under the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the much larger Booty Queen!

Massive muscle – there’s not much hope of winning against the Booty Queen! Click here for her stats on her wrestler page!