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HOT UPDATE in the members section!   4 New Clips added featuring Britney Squeeze, Lacie Iron, Scarlett Savage & Brooklyn Lee!    First up, if you’re into one-sided torture wrestling, you’ll LOVE the next 2 clips available on the Britney Squeeze vs. Brooklyn Lee page.  Britney has relentless crush power and is showing the smaller girl a brutal lesson.   Then, quad queen Scarlett Savage takes her frustrations out on sexy Lacie Iron – get the next 2 clips now available on the Scarlett Savage vs. Lacie Iron match page!   

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Textbook CRUSHING by Scarlett – those legs are dangerous! Click here for more!

4 Awesome Members Section Clips Added

The INCREDIBLE Booty Queen (one of the very few to earn a 10 on our crush rating) – click here for her amazing videos!

MEMBERS UPDATE – 4 HOT videos added featuring Scarlett Savage & BootyQueen!  – Hey gang, it’s a great time to BE A MEMBER at!    Today’s update features 4 clips of Scarlett Savage in battle against 2 really tough opponents!   First up, we have the final 2 clips of the sizzlin’ hot WPD vs. Figure girl battle,  Scarlett Savage vs. Soul Jacker!   Some tight neck scissors finish off Miss Jacker in epic fashion.   Next up, we’ve got 2 super scorching clips on the page of Booty Queen vs. Scarlett Savage – this is a battle of SUPREME power!   

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SUPER SEXY BATTLE – hot muscle girls Scarlett Savage and Soul Jacker battle in a thriller – get it today!

Big Update at CW – 6 NEW VIDEOS added to the CW Members Area!

Outstanding smushing by Britney on Ciara – those legs are POWERFUL – get this hot video now by clicking here!

6 NEW VIDS added to the CW Members Area – BIG UPDATE!!!   We’ve got some of your favorite CW stars in today’s update, in a bunch of super sexy clips.   First up, see the first 2 clips on the very recently added match page of Britney Squeeze vs. John Von Dick – an instant classic for mixed wrestling domination fans!   Then, for intense and HOT female vs. female action, you’ll love the struggle of Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2 where we’ve got 2 more vids.   Those are 2 seriously sexy bodies, folks!   And finally, 2 more cilps added on the page of Bodybuilder, Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough, the tough military veteran.  This is an update that you won’t forget any time soon – JOIN our members area today, folks!

Look at that smile on her face – Britney takes great delight in making JVD suffer between her powerful thighs!

Well muscled, Yo Fine, gets a pin on the much larger GI Jane. Who’s gonna win this one? Click here to get this amazing VIDEO today!

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Layla Mikayla clinches her glutes to CRUSH JVD without mercy – get this video with our NEW May Promo – Buy 2, get 2 FREE!!!

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The INCREDIBLE Booty Queen (one of the very few to earn a 10 on our crush rating) – click here for her amazing videos!

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ALL NEW – Check out Britney vs. Brooklyn in a One-Sided Affair!

Head to the Britney vs. Brooklyn Match Page to get this super hot one-sided muscle domination video today!

NEW VIDEO – Muscle Scissor Domination!  Britney Squeeze is back in a super sexy one-sided crush-a-thon!   See the video description below, and head over to the Britney vs. Brooklyn Match Page to get this HOT video today!

Match Description:  Big Quad Monster Britney takes on sexy dancer, Brooklyn Lee – this one is HOT – but one-sided! If you want to see a hot and fit wrestler, broken and in tears by the end of the match, this one is for you! Big Britney, known for some of the most feared scissors in all of CW history, doesn’t know how to take it easy. When she heard Brooklyn was talking shit and was planning on becoming an elite CW wrestler, Britney found her on the mats and decided to teach her a lesson. Brooklyn was eager to show her stuff, but quickly regrets challenging the much bigger Britney. Britney tortures Brooklyn with tight scissors, chokes, pins and more. Brooklyn, about 3/4 of the way through the match, cries out “you’re so strong…. what did I get myself into?!” – Britney continues to smash her flat and crush her head with those powerful quads. This is a dominant performance that you DO NOT want to miss! Get this hot one today!

Britney gets that choke locked in tight – get this HOT video today!


Absolutely stunning NEW VIDEO – Total Muscle Domination!

One of the few strong moments for Pink Poison in this match… she gets her devastating ass wedge locked in on Booty Queen – super hot! Get this incredible new video today!

NEW WRESTLER – BOOTY QUEEN – NEW VIDEO!!!   Oh my goodness folks, you’re in for a treat this holiday!  Enjoy our newest video, featuring brand new wrestler, and possibly one of our strongest ever – the HUGE, massively muscled, mean and nasty, BOOTY QUEEN!  BQ goes up against one of our all-time greats and fan-favorites, the tremendous Pink Poison…. and this ends up in a one-sided affair before you know it.  See the description below and then GET THIS VIDEO – people will be talking about this one for ages!  We’ve got much more of both of these tremendous ladies on the way!

Match Description:   Say hello to NEW WRESTLER The “Booty Queen”! And holy shit, she’s a powerhouse like none other! Pink Poison is one of CrushWrestling’s most impressive legends and has crush power that is insane…. but even one of our all-time best was made quick work of by this enormous, massive muscle girl! Booty Queen dominates most of this match with impressive combinations of skill and raw power. Her strength is simply on another level, folks. Pink Poison scored a few submissions with those pain-inducing legs of hers… but for the most part, she was toyed with by the much larger foe. Booty Queen squeezed Poison with that magnificent booty, gigantic quads, and those lethal biceps – as Pink can attest having had to tap out many times to BQ’s throat crushing rear-naked choke! These 2 get sassy and mean – it’s clear that Pink doesn’t like being thrown around like a rag doll… and it’s also clear that BQ did not like Pink’s early aggressiveness with her quads… and makes her pay for it the rest of the match! This one, is another visual masterpiece, as both women are hot as hell with amazing glutes (Pink Poison is known for that after all!, and Booty Queen is called that for a reason!). CrushWrestling delivers again – get this one NOW!

Pink was immobilized many times under the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the much larger Booty Queen!

Massive muscle – there’s not much hope of winning against the Booty Queen! Click here for her stats on her wrestler page!

Big CW Update with 5 New Videos Added to the Members Section!

BRUTAL muscular legs and ass! Sara crushing Mile High Masher – get the recently added super sexy video today!

Members area update with FIVE NEW clips added!   Today’s update is an impressive one, folks – get ready for some hot sexy thonged muscle wrestling action!   First up, 2 new vids on the recently added match page of the Mile High Masher vs. Sara Steamroller.   Then, head over to the match page of Scarlett Savage vs. Lacey Longlegs for a new video.  Then, finally, 2 more sexy vids of the ultra powerful Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage, in a heated battle!  These are videos of super sexy wrestling action – so be sure to JOIN our MEMBERS SECTION today! 

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5 Videos Added in Today’s CrushWrestling Update!

She crushes with NO MERCY, folks! Often keeping girls in the holds and toying with them, after they tap! Get the super hot Mile High Masher vs. Britney Squeeze video today!

HUGE Members Area Update – 5 NEW Clips Added!  – Hey gang, it’s a great day to be a MEMBER at CrushWrestling!   First up, the final clip has been added on the page of the epic intense battle of Mile High Masher vs. Scarlett Savage!   Then, you’ll love the 2 super hot clips added on the recently added match page of NEW WRESTLER Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage.  And finally, for the ultimate battle of huge legs, check out the 2 clips added to the page of Mile High Masher vs. Britney Squeeze!   Enjoy this amazing update and be sure to take advantage of our NEW HOLIDAY PROMOTION!   (see previous news update for details)

Mile High is a MOUNTAIN of a woman to have to move off the top of you, as Scarlett sorely found out. Get this thrilling INSTANT CLASSIC battle, today!

EPIC Re-Match now Available – Brit vs. Ciara 2!

Is Britney’s size and power too much for Ciara? Is Ciara overwhelmed? Click here to get this NEW video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2 is NOW AVAILABLE and it is a thrilla!   Just look at the muscle in this hot video and that should tell the story!  On the new Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2 Match Page, you can see the sample preview videos, the sample photos, and of course, the “Add to Cart” button that you’ll definitely want to click for this one, folks!   See the match description below!

Description:  Although it hasn’t been too long since we released Ciara Salsa vs. Britney 1 – it was such a great match that fans demanded a rematch right away! So, here you go, folks. Another classic! These two have sweat pouring from their glorious bodies as they clash on the mats with intensity. Britney’s always powerful huge legs look especially intimidating in this match, and poor Ciara definitely takes a good squishin throughout. However, the muscular little scrapper is tough as nails and once again gives Big Brit everything she can handle. Filmed approximately 9 months after their first epic battle, they both have put on some more muscle, so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out! Britney’s raw power, with those enormous muscular quads and calves, vs Ciara’s strong flexing arms, and amazing booty! One thing is guaranteed – it is sure to be yet another visual masterpiece, as no one brings the hot female muscle to the mats quite like CrushWrestling does!

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MASSIVE 6 Video Update Today at CW

Britney’s massively powerful quads crush Sara’s throat here – wow! Get this sizzlin’ hot video today!

HUGE update – 6 new videos added featuring many of your favorite CW rasslers!   First up, the first 2 clips on the recently added match page for the leggy muscle battle between Sara Steamroller and Britney Squeeze.   Then, we have 2 clips of the gorgeous Sugar Buns doing battle against Jersey Girl H-Woww – check it out on the Sugar vs. H-Woww Match Page.   Finally, for a very intriguing size mismatch, you’ll love the 2 new clips added on the page for Jordan Flex vs. Penelope Pineapple.   Remember, Penelope is the girl that became famous for effortlessly crushing a painful pineapple between her massive, indestructible thighs…. so you know that fit and sexy Jordan is in for a big challenge!

HOT BUNS! The amazing hot muscle butt of Sugar Buns doing battle against well muscled Jerzey Girl, H-Woww! JOIN TODAY!