3-Way Tag Match - Ava-Gunz-Scarlett

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Wrestlers: Ava Slaughterhouse
Guns McLee
Scarlett Savage
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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Another popular 3-Way matchup is here! Due to huge fan response and many requests, we've now got another masterpiece of 3-way action folks. This time, we had requests to match a biceps Goddess (Gunz) along with a Quad Queen (Scarlett), and then matching them up against a 3rd girl that is "in between". And that's exactly what we have with Ava Slaughterhouse.... someone who has both strong arms and powerful legs, but neither is as big as the respective bodyparts on the 2 specialists. The resulting battle is nearly 25 minutes of intriguing and sexy matchups as these 3 girls battle away to determine supremacy. Will the biceps Goddess be able to use her jiu-jitsu skills to konk out her opponents around their throats? Or will the Quad Queen specialist simply CRUSH the fuh outta both of the others? Or, will the girl in the middle possibly have enough of the "Best of Both Worlds" to destroy them both? 3 of the hottest bodies at CrushWrestling - get this masterpiece today!

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  • Date Added: 12/27/2023

    Scarlett strikes first in this awesome battle

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 12/27/2023

    Scarlett's quads will not be denied!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 4/11/2024

    Ava takes a dominant position over Gunz

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 4/11/2024

    Scarlett's quads and weight advantage may prove to make her superior here!

    High Def WMV