NEW Video and New Wrestler – Greta Gayle is Here to Do Some Damage!

Gunz is in for the fight of her life against this new massive muscle woman, Greta Gayle!

NEW WRESTLER & New Video ALERT!!! – HUGELY Muscled Greta takes on Gunz McLee in an epic battle of massively muscled women.    First up, head over to the new Greta Gayle wrestler page and check out the almost unreal statistics on the massive Russian newcomer.   You’ll see some free sample pics, and her impressive numbers which tell you, she’ll be a force to reckon with for years to come here at CrushWrestling!   Then, head over to pick up her NEW VIDEO on the Greta Gayle vs. Gunz McLee Match Page.   As you can tell by the video description below, this one is one for the ages, folks!   Get it TODAY exclusively at CrushWrestling!

Video Description:  2 of the BIGGEST and STRONGEST muscle girls on the planet square off in this epic battle, folks!  This one is unreal and you won’t believe your eyes. The massive BICEPS of Gunz McLee are back in action, this time taking on one of the most frighteningly powerful newcomers we’ve ever had here at CrushWrestling. Think power on the same level as Mile High Masher or Booty Queen. Yes, she’s THAT big and strong. Gunz McLee has the ultimate test in front of her. Are her enormous 17.5″ Gunz up for the challenge? Greta has legs and buns of absolute steel, forged in the cold Siberian winters. This Russian super Goddess is a straight up MUSCLE FREAK! Her legs make you feel PAIN just by looking at them. And those rock hard ass cheeks could CRUSH anything that gets near them. And while McLee will most likely always have the biggest Gunz in any match she’s involved with, we gotta say, Greta is in the ballpark with her! 2 gorgeous women of extreme muscle power… if you like the sound of that, then this is the right vid for you to pick up today!

Gunz using her best weapons to her advantage, those massive 17.5″ arms on the CHOKE against Greta!

Look at the sheer SIZE of Greta’s thighs as they engulf McLee’s head. OUCH! Get this thrilling new video today by clicking here!

CW Updated with 4 Sexy Vids of EPIC Female Muscle Battles!

Lacie has some powerful CRUSHERS – Yo is finding out the hard way! Get this SUPER HOT video today!

Members Area update featuring 4 POWERFUL Muscle Hotties doing battle on the famous blue mats!    First up, in the battle of sexy muscular blondes, check out Yo Fine vs Lacie Iron in one of 2019’s greatest matchups.  The muscle power on display here is CRAZY hot!   Then, over on the page for Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 1, you’ll see some of the finest glutes ever to hit the mats in ultra sexy muscle CRUSH action!  

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That YO sure is feisty – like a monkey on your back! Get this exciting, sexy-bodied thriller, today at CrushWrestling!

Get the OUTSTANDING match of Bodybuilder Anastasia Lard vs. Physique Girl, Scarlett Savage, TODAY at!

Phenomenal 6 Video Update in the Members Area!

NEW WRESTLER Holly Hawkeye can barely get her massive legs around her victims. When she does – OUCH!!!

MEMBERS AREA 6 Video Update – Huge Muscle Wrestlers Anastasia Lard, Scarlett Savage, Yo Fine & Jacked Jackie in tremendously hot female vs. female action!  

We’ve got some unreal action, today, folks!   We added 6 new videos to the members area.  First up, see 2 new ones on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 – one of the hottest “Thonged up battles” on the site – tremendous glute power!   Then, check out the first 2 clips on the page for the recently added match of Holly Hawkeye vs. Ava Slaughterhouse!   Finally, the well muscled duo of Yo Fine and Jacked Jackie do battle and it’s a western sizzler for sure!   

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SUPER SEXY Glutes doing battle! Get Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 today!

6 BIG Muscle Wrestling Vids Feat. Yo Fine Added Today!

Yo’s super muscular legs are great for all kinds of scissors – including the dreaded standing calf scissors!

HUGE 6 Vids Update feat. Yo Fine!  Sexy muscular wrestling clips starring one of your very favorite female wrestlers, the ultra-muscled,  Yo Fine, added to the members area today.  JOIN CrushWrestling now, if you want to see the new clips on the pages of Yo Fine vs. Elle Gi,  then Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage 2, and then the first 2 added on the page of the recently added video, Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze 2.  

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Yo Fine flexes as she’s proud of herself for crushing Scarlett flat here! Get this hot new video now!

4 HOT videos added to the CW members area!

One of our newest wrestlers – get Lacie vs. Scarlett today by clicking here!

4 NEW CLIPS added to the CW Members Area – JOIN NOW!

2 new clips each on the pages of Pink Poison vs. Gunz McLee, and then Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage – these are some sexy and super hot vids, folks – check it out!

Happy Holidays from CrushWrestling!

Phenomenal NEW Video Starring NEW WRESTLER Now Available at CW!

Scarlett puttin’ the SMUSH on Ava Slaughterhouse, new wrestler! Does Ava have enough to take the powerful legged veteran? Get this HOT video today!

NEW WRESTLER, NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Meet Ava Slaughterhouse – brand new CW powerful blonde wrestler!   She goes straight for one of CW’s top talents, the massive and powerful Scarlett Savage!   First, head over to the new Ava Slaughterhouse Wrestler Page, where you’ll find the stats and some sample pics of this gorgeous blonde.   Then, head over to the Ava Slaughterhouse vs. Scarlett Savage Match Page and download their NEW VIDEO today!   See the match description below and enjoy this SEXY AF newcomer!

Match Description:  Sexy Muscular Blonde Powerhouses – that seems to be CW’s specialty! And in her CW debut, we’ve got Ava Slaughterhouse against powerful veteran, Scarlett Savage in a thrilling and sexy video of supreme female power! Ava came to us bragging about how she would beat up her brothers on the farm, so we decided to throw her to the wolves right away and force her to deal with 4 year CW veteran, Scarlett Savage and her enormous muscles! Scarlett has a definite weight and size advantage over Ava. So, will the young blonde cutie be able to keep out of the Savage CRUSHERS? Obviously, Ava has the legs and glutes to dish out some punishment too… so what’s it gonna be?  We know this much – you’re in for another visual thrill as these are 2 of the hottest muscle bods to ever hit the mats! Get this thriller today and enjoy the sexiest female muscle doing battle! Nobody does it like CrushWrestling!

Ava’s head is getting CRUSHED by Scarlett’s powerful legs and ass! Get this hot video today!

Ava uses her athletic legs and glutes to CRUSH Scarlett! Can she overpower the bigger girl? Get this sizzler today – amazing video!

5 Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area!

Get the super hot Soul Jacker vs. Ciara video today! Click here!

SEXY UPDATE – 5 New Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – and boy oh boy, are they HOT!

First up, check out the final clip added on the page of Ciara Salsa vs. Soul Jacker.   Then, we’ve also added the FIRST two clips on the recently added match page of the ultra-competitive GI Jane Dough vs. Lacie Iron.   Then finally, we also added some super sexy glute action on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2.  This is a HOT update!  

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Tremendously outstanding action in the new GI Jane vs. Lacie Iron video – get it today!

5 Power Clips added at CrushWrestling – JOIN NOW!

Flexing over her prey… Layla Mikayla is a sight to behold!

5 Members Area Clips Added!  JOIN NOW!  We’ve got 5 brand new clips added, updates on several match pages.   For fans of ultimate 1-sided domination, you’ll love how Britney trashes Brooklyn Lee!    Then, for more competitive action, you won’t find better bodies on the mats than Booty Queen vs. Scarlett Savage.  And finally, for mixed wrestling fans, we’ve got the first 2 clips of the super sensual and sexy Layla Mikayla vs. John Von Dick 2.  

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Booty Queen is SO powerful! Is there any chance for Scarlett?

4 Amazing Clips of Yo Fine Added to CW!

Perfectly muscled Yo Fine tries to get a submission on big Gunz McLee! Get this hot video today – click here!

4 Members Area Clips feat. Yo Fine, Gunz McLee & more!   This is a thrilling and hot update, folks!   Any time you feature Yo Fine, you know it’s gonna be a great day!   In today’s update, we’ve got Yo in 2 incredible matchups.    First, see 2 new clips on the page for Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage.   Then, let’s see if she can handle someone even larger!   How about 2 more clips on the page of Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine!  

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Yo is getting her throat crushed by Scarlett’s powerful legs! Get this HOT video today!

CrushWrestling Unveils NEW Video featuring Elle & Scarlett!

Look at the powerful cuts in Elle’s legs! Crushing Scarlett flat! Get this hot video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  A muscle battle of BOOTY vs. QUADS!  Check it out fellas, we’ve got an incredible new VOD ready to go featuring the huge legs of Elle Gi, and the picture-perfect muscle butt of Scarlett Savage!   On the new Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage Match page, you’re going to find the usual sample photos and sample promo clip, and will no doubt be thrilled to get the new video of gorgeous female muscle power!   See the clip description below and get this sizzlin’ HOT thriller today!

Match Description:  The glorgious GLUTES of Scarlett Savage, vs. the mass monster quads of Elle Gi! This one is going to be a hot battle, it’s clear from the beginning! Elle Gi has put on a ton of muscle since we saw her in early 2017. It’s clear that in 2019, she’s ready to dominate. But our veteran, Scarlett Savage, is tough as hell, and she’s known for her scissor power herself. Both girls are a treat to watch, as their gorgeous rock hard bodies struggle valiantly for your viewing pleasure. Scarlett nearly breaks Elle’s ribs in a body scissor at one point… which only causes Elle to later retaliate with a headscissor that totally engulfs Scarlett’s head. Scissor power to the extreme – this is a match you’re sure to enjoy, folks!  Get it today!

Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the new Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

Elle screams in pain as her head gets CRUSHED by Scarlett’s quads – click here to get this sexy new video today!