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Ciara gets her powermashers around Yo and cranks up the power! Get this HOT video today on the Yo Fine vs. Ciara Salsa Match Page – and take advantage of our Holiday Promos!

NEW VIDEO with HUGE RIPPED MUSCLE!  Yo Fine, and her ENORMOUS mind-blowing muscle, is back to take on the aggressive and power-packed sass kitten, Ciara Salsa!   This is a thrilling battle, and a visual masterpiece – perhaps one of our best ever!  Check out the match description below, then head over to the Yo Fine vs. Ciara Salsa Match Page, and get this awesome video today!  Don’t forget to take advantage of our holiday promotions and save TONS towards free videos!

Match Description:  JESUS CHRIST, LOOK AT THAT MUSCLE! Yo Fine is a muscular powerhouse unlike anything we’ve seen on the mats. At her biggest and most ripped yet, she takes on well muscled physique competitor, Ciara Salsa, in an epic battle of severe crushing power! The question to be asked… will Yo’s lean-ness work as a disadvantage for her? Sure, she looks muscular as hell… but Ciara is known for her power as well, and as it’s her off-season shape now, she may have a weight advantage here, so will that work to her advantage to tire out Yo? One thing is certain… these girls squeeze with terrifying power and at some points, you may think some ribs are being broken by the shrieks of pain that you hear. The intensity is real, the bodies are HOT, and the muscles are out of control! This is definitely a video for all fans of F/F wrestling – get this one today!

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