Super Hot Battle of the Amazons – NEW Muscle Girl Battle Now Available!

Tatiana gets her powerful squishers wrapped around NEW WRESTLER Miss Kitten! Get the hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER – NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Meet Miss Kitten as she takes on fellow amazon, the massively muscular Tatiana Tank!    This one is perhaps the most exciting new wrestler debut in years, as everyone knows the huge tall amazon, Miss Kitten, has been on the way here at CrushWrestling.   And why not throw her to the wolves right off the bat?   We put her up against the MASSIVE FBB Tatiana Tank to start her CW career…… so…. how does she fare against the mass monster of muscle?    See the clip description below, and then head to the page of Tatiana Tank vs Miss Kitten today and pick up this INSTANT CLASSIC!

AMAZON vs AMAZON! NEW Wrestler, the 5’10” Miss Kitten faces off against the MASSIVE FBB Tatiana Tank in one of the most thrilling mega-muscle matches on the site! There’s never quite been a video like this on the site, folks, and that’s saying something considering some of the outright masterpieces of female muscle wrestling here at Crush. This one takes things to an all new level as returning FBB, Tatiana Tank, already known for decimating her opponents in ruthless powerful fashion, takes on her biggest challenge yet, the ALL NEW muscle amazon, the tall and super leggy Miss Kitten! Kitten clearly has an advantage in height and weight… but does she have enough size and skill to overcome the HUGE strength advantage that Tatiana seems to have over EVERYONE? I mean, Tatiana is so strong, she gets submissions just by staring at you. Will Kitten take care of Tat with her long ass legs? Or will she use up all 9 of her lives just trying to hang in there against the mass monster of muscle?  Get the Ferocious Feline vs Battle Tested Tank and add this muscle masterpiece to your collection today!

Kitten using some jiu-jitsu skills she learned from Gunz McLee as she guillotines Tatiana for a submission!

The LONG python-like legs of Miss Kitten gets a brutal squeeze on massively muscled Tatiana Tank!  Get the HOT new video today!

4 Amazing Vids Added to CW Members Area – Scarlett, Holly Hawkeye, & More!

Gorgeous Glutes IN YOUR FACE this entire match! Get the new Holly vs Scarlett “Battle of the Meat Grinders” today! Phenomenal Quad Power!

Hot Update with 4 very different body types in today’s videos!    First up, on the very recently added match page of Gunz McLee vs CeeCee the Mangler, we have the first 2 clips of this dominating matchup of the massive and mighty Gunz, and the lean but smaller muscled CeeCee.   Here in the early going, she thought she had a chance, getting some early squeezes in.   But it wasn’t long before massive Gunz takes over!   See these first 2 members area clips today. 

Then, head over to the page of the “Battle of the Glute Goddesses”….  Holly Hawkeye vs Scarlett Savage!   See the next 2 videos in this series, where the massive quads and glute power is simply on another level with these two.   Scarlett is determined to show the newcomer Holly, exactly what meaty thighs and butt muscles can do!

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CeeCee is hanging in there in the opening moments of this 1-sided massacre. Get this hot new video today – click here!

HOT New Wrestler Tatiana Tank Takes on Gunz McLee in New Video!

The BIG muscular blonde attempts to take control against Gunz in the early going. Get this SUPER HOT new match today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Huge News, folks!   We’ve got an incredible, massively muscled, super sexy NEW female bodybuilder wrestler to add to our roster today!   Her first video, she takes on CW veteran, the impressive biceps of Gunz McLee!  That’s right, new wrestler Tatiana “the Tank” goes up against experienced veteran jiu-jitsu specialist, Gunz McLee, and it makes for an absolutely thrilling video, which also happens to be another visual masterpiece due to those impressive muscles on BOTH ladies!   See the clip description below, and pick up this amazing new video today!

Description:  The CW Debut of MASSIVE Female Bodybuilder Tatiana the Tank! This huge, powerful densely muscled sexy blonde is quite literally a mountain of muscle that will be a struggle for ANYONE to deal with on the mats. So thick and mighty, she simply cannot be moved on the mats by the average wrestler. And her gigantic muscles can squash most men and women like a grape! Scissor power simply off the charts and among the best we’ve ever had on the site. And her enormous biceps can squeeze just as hard as her legs! For her first match, we put her up against long-time CW veteran and jiu-jitsu specialist, Gunz McLee. Gunz may be one of the very few girls on the roster that can survive against this mass muscle monster! In fact, Gunz’s Jiu-Jitsu skills may be too much for the muscular rookie to overcome! That’s what makes this one so exciting. Beyond the obvious visual masterpiece of muscle, this one is a very intriguing matchup of simply overwhelming power, vs skills and biceps! Obviously this goes without saying…. Add this to your cart immediately!

The big muscular European FBB has brutally painful bodyscissors with those big 26″ quads!

In between jiu-jitsu submissions, Gunz takes a moment to taunt the new bodybuilder with big 16.5″ biceps of her own!

6 NEW Clips Added in Today’s Members Area Update!

Will Gunz go out cold? Or can she withstand the power of Scarlett’s legs and ass? See the hot new clips added to this page today by being CW member!

6 New Clips Added in Today’s Members Area Update!   Hey gang, we’ve got a stunningly hot members area update today for you to enjoy!   Let’s get right down to it….  first up….  There’s the first 2 clips added on to the recently added match page of Ava Slaughterhouse vs Violet Voodoo – 2 sexy hot muscle vixens getting after it!   Secondly, there’s been 2 new clips added on the page of Biceps vs Booty matchup….. Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 2.   And finally….. the ultimate battle of CW heavyweights….. check out 2 new clips on the page of Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee!  

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4 New Clips Featuring the Massive Russian Greta Gayle!

Slaughterhouse making Greta the Russian suffer between those strong legs!

It’s GRETA Gayle Day – Members Update with 4 stunning clips of this top CW talent in super sexy action!    Yes, today’s update is special if you’re a fan of massive leg and glute muscles in hot sexy action!   Greta has one of the hottest bodies on the entire CW site…. and she loves destroying her victims with her powerful ass and legs.   Today, you’ll find the final 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee….. where Greta uses her ultra-muscle butt and mega-quads to KO Gunz in a devastating reverse headscissor!   Then, for a twist, there’s a couple clips where she is struggling against the scrappy youngster Ava.   See 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse.    

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Gunz is in for the fight of her life as Greta uses her powerful muscle ass to dominate her!

Powerful Leg Muscles on the Mats – NEW VIDEO!

Ava squeezes with all her might and gets the tap out from Violet in this HOT matchup of leg muscle magic! Order Ava vs Violet Voodoo today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!!  Sexy Leggy Ava vs Violet Voodoo now available in a tremendously hot fit ladies muscle matchup!   You’ll never believe the power and determination on display as these 2 sexy vixens get after it!   See the clip description below, then head over to the Ava Slaughterhouse vs Violet Voodoo Match Page, and get this hot thriller today!

Description:  We already know about the powerful legs and glutes of sexy youngster Ava Slaughterhouse…. as you’ve seen her in a number of mat battles thus far against some of CW’s finest talent. But now she faces a challenge from relative newcomer, and scissor specialist, dancer Violet Voodoo! Violet is able to contort and twist her body in ways that allows to her skillfully escape some of the girls better submission attempts. It takes a powerful squeeze to keep a grip on her. And that is exactly what the big booty glutes of Ava is able to dial up. This will definitely be a sexy muscular power challenge, as neither of these girls wants to add an “L” on their record. This one is interesting because it’s clear that while Violet has the advantage in leverage (height) and maneuverability, Ava is the more densely muscled and stronger. Who do you got your money on in this one? Add this to your shopping cart and find out!

Violet has her work cut out for her, trying to match up with the more muscular Ava and those meaty legs! Get this hot new video today!

Voodoo goes for the pin on Ava in this thonged-up visual masterpiece. Get it today by clicking here to head to the Ava vs Voodoo match page!

Boom Boom is Back for a HOT NEW VIDEO vs Scarlett Savage!

Anytime Scarlett gets those powerful meat-grinders around your head, you’re not gonna last long! Tap Tap Tap!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Sexy Muscle Matchup featuring Boom Boom Sanchez and Scarlett Savage!   That’s right folks – another SUPER HOT-BODIED muscle girl battle exclusively here at CrushWrestling!   See the new video description below, and then head to the Boom Boom Sanchez vs Scarlett Savage MATCH PAGE to add this one to your shopping cart – it is a thrilling and SEXY matchup!

Match Description:  Sexy BOOM BOOM is back! This time, instead of using her powerful legs to beat up on a wimpy male…. she’s testing her strength and power against CW favorite and 5 yr veteran, Scarlett Savage! This is a battle of buns and guns like no other! If you purchased the mixed wrestling video, Boom Boom vs JVD, you already know how muscular and hot and sexy Boom Boom’s body is. She definitely has an upper body advantage over Scarlett. However, Scarlett is known for her immensely powerful scissors, due to those massive quads and glutes. While Boom Booms buns may be on par with Scarlett’s, Scarlett definitely overpowers her in the quads dept. That will no doubt lead to some trouble for the newcomer, Sanchez. With yet another visually thrilling masterpiece, CW fans will once again be the winner as we watch these 2 female specimens of muscle power do battle on the traditional blue mats of CW!  Get it today!

Squealing in pain, Boom Boom suffers as Scarlett cranks up the pressure! Get this HOT new video today!

Scarlett tries to pry apart BoomBoom’s crushers, but Boom Boom is out to prove her glutes and quads are just as strong as Scarletts!

4 Hot New Clips Added at CrushWrestling – JOIN the Members Area Now!

Greta applies a DEVASTATING reverse headscissor on the glute goddess, Scarlett Savage!

Members Update!  4 New Clips Added in the CW Members Area with HOT MUSCLE ACTION!    Our next video launch has been delayed by a few days, so we decided to push forward with another members area update in the meantime.   You guys won’t be disappointed today!   Holy smokes…. 4 hot super muscular wrestlers…. in intense female wrestling action!   First up, 2 more clips have been added on the page of Yo Fine vs Holly Hawkeye – this match is definitely a visual treat, folks!  Wow – the hotness and the muscle!   Then, for an ultra-leggy battle of glutes and gams – you’re gonna love the 2 new clips of female power added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Scarlett Savage!  

Yo and Holly are locked in the ultimate battle of female muscle – 2 new clips added to this page today – JOIN NOW and don’t miss it!

Phenomenal UPDATE at CrushWrestling with 4 HOT New Clips in the Members Area!

Will Gunz go out cold? Or can she withstand the power of Scarlett’s legs and ass? See the hot new clips added to this page today by being CW member!

4 HOT VIDS added to the CW Members Area featuring some of your favorite CW crushers!    First up, see 2 new clips on the page of the recently added match page of Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee!   This one is a battle of top heavyweights, and also a great matchup of “Biceps vs Booty” or “Biceps vs Legs”.    Wonder Dee is one of the biggest and strongest girls on the roster….. but as you know, Gunz McLee is no slouch, either!  

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Gunz’ head is crushed flat by Dee’s ultra-muscular glutes and legs!

Amazing update Featuring Huge Russian Greta Gayle!

Greta cranks Ava’s neck and crushes her airways, in a perfectly executed ASS WEDGE! Get this hot size mismatch matchup today!

Power-Packed Update of Greta Gayle in the Members Area!   That’s right, today we’ve got 4 new clips, all featuring the extremely huge and powerful Russian, Greta Gayle!    First up, to see her matched up against a smaller opponent (but with stupid strong legs, too!), check out the 2 new clips we added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse.   Then, for a perfect battle of “Legs and Ass vs Biceps” you’ll love the 2 new clips added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee!   If you haven’t already done so…. it’s time to JOIN CrushWrestling and access clips of ALL of our super sexy videos of hot female muscle wrestling action!

Gunz is in for the fight of her life as Greta uses her powerful muscle ass to dominate her!