Gunz McLee vs Boom Boom Sanchez

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Wrestlers: Guns McLee
Boom Boom Sanchez
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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The BICEPS GODDESS is back, along with her 17" pythons of power! This time she takes on the super sexy blonde, Boom Boom Sanchez, and her perfectly shaped glutes and legs, which make for a powerful SQUEEZE from hell! This is a thrilling matchup, and is definitely a visual pleaser... Boom Boom's fabulously fit physique, along with the mass monster Gunz, create a contrast in bodytypes that are both super sexy... and all that MUSCLE is dangerous on the mats! Especially considering Gunz is a Jiu-Jitsu expert and easily lures the newcomers into her traps. Will the youngster, Boom Boom, be able to avoid Gunz skill and size advantage and stay out of trouble? Or will massive Gunz have her way with the smaller sexy blonde? Does Boom Boom have the glute and leg power to fight back? You've gotta see this thriller today - GET IT NOW!

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