Massive Muscle Girls in NEW VIDEO – Yo Fine vs Ana Lard in an EPIC Battle!

Ana tries hard to escape Yo’s death grip thighs… but Yo just squeezes harder!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!!  Massive Muscle Girls Ana Lard & Yo Fine in an sexy muscle battle for the ages!  If you are a fan of the biggest and most muscular girls at CrushWrestling, then today’s video is for you!   You’ll want to immediately head over to the new match page of Anastasia Lard vs Yo Fine, and see the free sample photos and preview clips of this tremendously powerful muscle battle!   Additionally, see the match description below before heading over, and realize that you’re about to see 2 of the hottest sexiest muscle bodies ever on display here at CW – get the new video today!

Match Description:  2 of the MOST muscular girls on the CW roster finally meet up to do battle on the famous blue mats. Both girls checking in now at over 160 lbs, that’s a LOT OF BEEF to be rolling around on the mats. And those legs, at this size, are downright nasty! Pain infliction at its finest! But it’s not just the legs… both girls have the biceps and upper body power to also do a lot of damage with their RNC’s, and other painful upper body holds and submissions. Visually… what more could you ever want in a wrestling video. Both girls are gorgeous, ultra-muscular, and lean and powerful! If you met either one of them on the mats, you’d stand no chance. Yo has the experience advantage, while Ana Lard has the size advantage. This one may surprise you with how it turns out in the end. As you can see by the preview… it’s a HOT ONE!  Add this one to your shopping cart today, you won’t be disappointed!

Ana tells Yo that she plans to KO her…. well… here she goes!

The muscle on display here is truly powerful, folks! Death squeezes!