Phenomenal Muscle Battles – 6 New Clips for CW MEMBERS!

The next 2 clips are now added on the amazing match page of Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage – get it today!

6 NEW CLIPS for CW Members Area Subscribers!   That’s right, in the members area today, we’ve added 6 new clips that will blow your mind with eye-popping massive muscles doing brutal crush power damage on their opponents!    This is some hot stuff, folks!   First up, see the first 2 clips on the newly created match page of Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee!   It’s a thrilling battle of powerful arms vs glutes and long legs…. and both girls are strong beyond words!   Then, for some wellness competitors squaring off in battle…. how about the next 2 clips added to the page of Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage 1!   Talk about LEG POWER!   And finally, if you like your muscle girls HUGE and brutal….. CW veteran Britney takes on the glute goddess Russian, Greta….. see 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Britney Squeeze today!

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Miss Kittens murderous ass muscles and long legs spell trouble for ole Gunny Mac!