AMAZING New Video of Britney Squeeze – FINALLY Back in MIXED Action!

Super strong muscular ASS! Britney has all the muscles to make JVD suffer!

NEW VIDEO!!!  Britney is FINALLY back in a MIXED WRESTLING scissor-thon!   Popular CW veteran has spent the last 10 years crushing out all the women we send her way, but now she’s FINALLY back for another mixed wrestling title, after so brutally destroying (and retiring) Chippy 11 years ago.  See the match description below and get this HOT VIDEO today!

Description:  It’s been 11 YEARS!!! But BIG BRITNEY is back for a brand new MIXED wrestling video, and she absolutely CRUSHES Jonathon Von Dick into oblivion! This video starts out with Mr. Von Dick returning from his video shoot with another company. He tells his newly discovered friend Britney, that he’s so good at making these wrestling videos for other companies because he can take some scissor pain and play the role well. Britney isn’t impressed with his bragging, and begins to do some bragging of her own. She tells him how she’s “retired” several of CW’s finest wrestlers, as well as “Chippy”, the male she thoroughly trashed in her first CW production. She challenges him that she can “retire” him as well. JVD reluctantly accepts the challenges…. and then OMG does he regret it or what! If you’re a fan of mixed wrestling scissor domination by one of the hottest muscle girls around, this is YOUR VIDEO!

Look at that smile on her face – Britney takes great delight in making JVD suffer between her powerful thighs!