Britney Squeeze vs John Von Dick

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Wrestlers: Britney Squeeze
Match Type: Mixed

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It's been 11 YEARS!!! But BIG BRITNEY is back for a brand new MIXED wrestling video, and she absolutely CRUSHES Jonathon Von Dick into oblivion! This video starts out with Mr. Von Dick returning from his video shoot with another company. He tells his newly discovered friend Britney, that he's so good at making these wrestling videos for other companies because he can take some scissor pain and play the role well. Britney isn't impressed with his bragging, and begins to do some bragging of her own. She tells him how she's "retired" several of CW's finest wrestlers, as well as "Chippy", the male she thoroughly trashed in her first CW production. She challenges him that she can "retire" him as well. JVD reluctantly accepts the challenges.... and then OMG does he regret it or what! If you're a fan of mixed wrestling scissor domination by one of the hottest muscle girls around, this is YOUR VIDEO!

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  • Date Added: 6/11/2019

    JVD starts talking bout how he's so good in wrestling videos. Brit decides to show him her "retiring" ability!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 6/11/2019

    Britney's enormous and powerful crushers flatten JVD with immense power!

    High Def WMV