Massive CW Update with 6 Videos added to the Members Area!

Gunz uses her long legs for powerful leverage to increase CRUSH POWER! Get the HOT new video today!

MASSIVE UPDATE!  6 Videos added to the Members Area of CrushWrestling!   Today, our members area has been updated with some phenomenal new clips.  First up, the first 2 clips on the recently added match page of Gunz McLee vs. Scarlett Savage!   Then, some LONG and amazingly intense clips on the page of Yo Fine vs. Lacie Iron.   Then, for the ultimate booty battle…. check out 2 clips on the page of Booty Queen vs. Scarlett Savage!   Thank you for JOINING CrushWrestling – enjoy this amazing update!

Booty Queen is SO powerful! Is there any chance for Scarlett?

THICK Muscle Girls Do Battle – NEW MATCH!

Holly wasn’t ready for the powerful legs and ass of big Britney Squeeze!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Densely Muscled Holly Hawkeye and Leggy Britney Squeeze are ready for battle in this SUPER SEXY new matchup here at CrushWrestling!   See the clip description below, and get this AMAZING and HOT new muscle video today on the Britney Squeeze vs. Holly Hawkeye Match Page!

Match Description:  The extremely DENSELY MUSCLED Holly Hawkeye is back, and this time, she’s facing a much bigger and formidable foe than before. This time, she faces off against the most experienced veteran on our roster, and the girl with perhaps the most lethal and punishing scissor hold… Britney Squeeze! Holly is so thickly muscled, that in the beginning, Britney tries to simply move Holly around an can’t budge her… she says “omg, you’re strong!” Can the new wrestler Holly handle what Big Brit has in store for her? Ava (Holly’s first opponent) was strong, yes, but Holly soon realizes that Britney’s legs are on a whole nutha level! Britney has retired more wrestlers than Holly has even practiced against! These 2 rock hard muscle bodies get hot and sweaty as their muscles strain for dominance. I know this much… I’d be scared to death to be caught in either of those meat grinders! Britney’s quads and calves are 2nd to none, and Holly’s enormous quads and glutes are ready to prove themselves. This is a hot one that you’ll want to add to your shopping cart right away!

Instant agony from Britney’s powerful mashers – she brings da pain!

Holly’s immense, densely muscled glutes and quads, give Britney a taste of her own medicine! Get this hot thriller today!

CW updated with 4 Sizzlin’ New Clips – MIXED and F/F Wrestling!

The BIGGEST and STRONGEST Calves are destroying JVD! Get our HOT new mixed wrestling video today!

Members Area Update – New MIXED wrestling and new F/F Clips added!   First up, check out the complete devastation and domination of John Von Dick, on the page of Britney Squeeze vs. Jon Von Dick 2.   Then, for fans of super hot-bodied muscle women wrestling, check out the final 2 clips on the page of Sara Steamroller vs. Ciara Salsa – who wins this one?  Wow!  Check it out! 

Thank you for JOINING the CW members area!

The super sexy legs of Sara Steamroller, as she’s pinned by Ciara Salsa! Click here for access to this HOT video!

6 Power Packed Videos Added to CW!

Scarlett, using he outrageously powerful glutes and quads, to crush Pink Poison flat

HUGE 6 Video Members Area Update!  JOIN CW today for access to our members section, where today we’ve added 6 amazing new clips to keep you busy!   First up, the first 2 clips have been added on the recently added match page of Greta Gayle vs. Gunz McLee!    These 2 girls are massively muscular and this is a super sexy matchup!   Then, we added the final 2 clips on one of our best selling matches ever, Yo Fine vs. Ciara Salsa!    And finally, we added the next 2 clips on the super sexy and thrilling match page for the 2020 3-Way Tag Team matchup, featuring Pink Poison, Scarlett Savage, and Booty Queen!

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All the muscle in the world won’t help Yo Fine in this tight choke hold applied by Ciara – JOIN our members area now, or purchase separately, this HOT new video today!

Incredible Female Muscle Action – Sexy Update at CrushWrestling!

Lacie definitely has the bigger muscles… but is it enough to offset the fighting skills of the US Marine? Get this sexy thriller with tons of action today!

4 Vids Added to the CW Members Area!  HOT and SEXY muscle wrestling action for you today, folks!   First up, see 2 new clips on the page for the super hot and intense matchup of GI Jane Dough vs. Lacie Iron.  Then, head over to the page for the massive muscles of Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine – one of the very hottest matchup of HUGE muscle girls on the site!   These 2 clips will leave your jaw dropped in awe of those perfectly muscled specimens!  

Thanks for joining CW!   Stay tuned – our next update may very well be a brand new video and brand new wrestler!   Now’s the time to JOIN CW to not miss a thing! 

Gunz vs. Yo is an EPIC matchup – get it today at!

Britney Squeeze is Back to CRUSH in Mixed Action!

Britney’s POWERFUL Butt and Legs spell TORTURE for Johnny Von Dick! Get this HOT new Mixed video now, and take advantage of our “Crush Corona” Promotion and get FREE VIDS!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Mixed Wrestling Domination w Britney Squeeze!   Hey fellas, you’re gonna LOVE the latest video – a true masterpiece of mixed wrestling domination!   On the new match page of Britney Squeeze vs. John Von Dick 2, you’ll see the preview clips and preview vidcaps, of one of the hottest mixed wrestling videos you’ll see all year.   Britney and her enormous legs absolutely demolish JVD – see the clip description below, and then head to the Britney vs JVD 2 page today and get this HOT ONE!

Description:  Britney is back in some more SIZZLING HOT Mixed Wrestling DOMINATION!  In this one, Britney just got back from the gym and is eager to show off her massively strong legs to her BF John.  John isn’t impressed and says they are “just for show” and they don’t have any functional strength.   Well, Britney decides to show him just how functional they are!  She wants to show him exactly the power behind her 1000 lbs leg press!  In short, she uses her enormous quads and calves to CRUSH HIM without mercy!  Britney has some of the most lethal legs in CW history, and as one of our most experienced CRUSHERS on our roster, she knows all the scissoring technique to maximize the pain for her victims!  This video is particularly good at showing the extreme size and strength of her world class calves!  She chokes John a number of ways with those enormous clubs of calf meat!  Wearing a tiny thong, her muscular glutes and huge quads have never looked better.  If you love watching BRUTAL scissoring in mixed wrestling action – this video is a MUST GET for your collection!

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  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (yes, you must complete the successful download of your purchased videos before we can send you the free ones),  FORWARD US your CCBill or PayPal email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLES of the free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – “Mile High’s last video”)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.   
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The BIGGEST and STRONGEST Calves are destroying JVD! Get our HOT new mixed wrestling video today!

EPIC Throat CRUSHING! Britney’s powerful legs DESTROY! Take advantage of our “Crush Corona Virus” Promotion and get this HOT new video today!

3 HOT & Sexy Video Clips added at CrushWrestling!

Is Britney’s size and power too much for Ciara? Is Ciara overwhelmed? Click here to get this HOT video today!

Members Area update with 3 NEW Sexy Clips added!  Booty Queen, Pink Poison, Ciara Salsa, & Britney Squeeze featured in today’s clips!   First up, we’ve added a nice power-packed clip on the page of Booty Queen vs Pink Poison, as Pink powers up a big time scissor!    Then, if you want to see some F/F domination…. check out how the much larger Britney overpowers and uses her massively muscular legs to squash Ciara, on the Ciara vs. Britney 2 page.   

Thank you for JOINING CrushWrestling!   Stay tuned for much more coming next week!

Holly Hawkeye – Ready to DESTROY!

NEW WRESTLER Holly Hawkeye can barely get her massive legs around her victims. When she does – OUCH!!!

NEW WRESTLER & New VIDEO ALERT!   Hey gang!  We’ve got sizzling hot new wrestler, Holly Hawkeye, and her debut match, Holly Hawkeye vs. Ava Slaughterhouse, ready to go!  See the clip description below, and head over to the Holly vs Ava page to get this instant classic of super hot bodied muscular female wrestlers!

Match Description:  NEW WRESTLER Holly Hawkeye and her BIG THICK POWERFUL quads are ready to do some damage! Facing fellow newcomer, Ava Slaughterhouse, this means we’ve got 2 of the most exciting hot young bodies on the mat that CW has ever seen! Ava got that sexy strong booty, while Holly brings some of the biggest quads to the mats that we’ve ever seen! Not to mention, she’s also got some big vascular biceps, meaty calves…. hell, muscle everywhere! But Ava is not intimidated by big Holly! She’s known to have a tight squeeze and high pain tolerance. Check out the sample video to see what we mean. Two thonged-up hotties in the battle of their life…. this is DEFINITELY a “must-add” to your CW collection – you’ll enjoy this one for years to come!

4 Clips Added in the CW Members Area – Booty Queen & More!

Booty Queen is SO powerful! Is there any chance for Scarlett?

Members Area Update feat. Booty Queen, Britney Squeeze, Brooklyn Lee, & Scarlett Savage!    Today’s update is a western sizzler, folks!   First up, we’ve got 2 new clips added on the page of Booty Queen vs Scarlett Savage – one of our most popular videos of 2019!   Then, the final 2 clips added to the ultimate female domination page of Britney Squeeze vs. Brooklyn Lee – a ONE SIDED MASSACRE! 

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See? We weren’t joking. This one is a thriller with 2 beyond gorgeous sexy bodies!

Phenomenal update of 5 HOT CW Vids added to the Members Area!

Outstanding smushing by Britney on Ciara – those legs are POWERFUL – get this hot video now by clicking here!

5 Clips Added to the CW Members Area – JOIN NOW!   Hey gang, we’ve got a stellar update for you tonight at CrushWrestling.   First up, see the first 2 members clips on the page of the recently added match of Jacked Jackie vs. Yo Fine!    Then, head over to the super feisty battle of Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze 2.   Finally, we’ve got a powerful mixed wrestling clip…. check out the brutally dominant Layla Mikayla vs. JVD – 1.   Make sure you have an ACTIVE CW Membership and enjoy these awesome vids today!

She flexes over him in humiliating fashion – she knows she has him overpowered and she loves it. See Layla in the CW members section – click here to JOIN NOW!