HUGE Update at CrushWrestling – 6 New LONG Clips Added w TOP Wrestlers!

Miss Kittens murderous ass muscles and long legs spell trouble for ole Gunny Mac!

HUGE Update – 6 New Clips of TOP Wrestlers Added!    You guys aren’t gonna believe how AWESOME this update is here at CrushWrestling this week!   We’ve got 5 LONG clips featuring 6 of your favorite CW wrestlers….  you won’t believe your eyes!

First up…. we added the first 2 clips to the recently added match page…. Gunz McLee vs Boom Boom Sanchez – another fantastic matchup of arms vs legs!   These 2 are going at it and their hot bods are a sight to behold!    Then, next up, we’ve got 2 more clips added of the SUPER SEXY matchup of Yo Fine vs Pink Poison – 2 of the hottest girls to ever hit the CW mats!   And finally, we’ve got some tremendous new clips on the HOT match page of 2 BIG GIRLS…..  Gunz McLee vs Miss Kitten – Biceps Queen vs Long-legged Amazon!

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Gunz has TERRIFYING size and power. Can Boom Boom withstand and survive? Find out in the HOT new muscle wrestling video today!