Phenomenal NEW Video Added – Sara Steamroller vs. Ciara Salsa Now Available!

Look at those POWERFUL QUADS! Click here to go to the new match page for Sara vs. Ciara!

NEW VIDEO – Muscle Legs vs. Muscle Butt – Who ya got?   The NEW video featuring Sara Steamroller and sexy & sassy Ciara Salsa, is one you’ve been waiting for, folks!   This spirited battle is full of excitement and energy from the get-go, and these 2 ultra-sexy muscle bods go at it on the mats in ways that will leave your jaw dropped.   By the looks of the sample photos and sample video on the Sara vs. Ciara Match Page, you can tell this is a classic.  See the match description below and get this hot one today!

Match Description:  Legs vs. Glutes – Who ya got? In this CrushWrestling thriller, you’re going to love this matchup of completely different body types. First, you’ve got tall and leggy Sara Steamroller…. with her enormous calves, powerful quads, and tight muscular figure glutes. Then, you have physique girl Ciara, short… but super feisty, with extremely strong quads and big meaty muscular glutes. These two get after it, at times admiring each others incredible strength, but at other times a fierce intensity where you can tell these girls are suffering in tight scissor holds! Their legs can do some serious damage. Sara even gets Ciara stuck in her brutally painful standing calves scissor hold, a move that digs deep into the throat of the victim. If Ciara doesn’t tap, she’ll go out cold between those diamonds! Get this HOT video today and enjoy a sexy thriller!

Ciara’s absolutely perfect muscle butt and strong quads, totally CRUSHING big Sara Steamroller here! Get this HOTTT video now!

Sara slaps Ciara’s ass as she crushes her guts flat! Get this new video today, exclusively at!