5 Clips Added to the CW Members Area – Britney, Scarlett, Greta, Holly, & More!

Two perfect muscle butts, and 4 deadly legs! Only the finest muscle girls at CrushWrestling! Get this powerful masterpiece – Britney vs Scarlett 2, today!

HUGE & HOT Update!  5 Clips Added in the Members Area featuring some of your top CW muscle wrestler hotties!    It’s a great day to be a member at CrushWrestling!   First up, we have the first 2 clips added on the page of the recently released match, Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 3.    This one is a thriller, folks!   Jiu-Jitsu skills verses raw scissor power!   Next up, we’ve got the final clip added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Holly Hawkeye.   The tall Russian Dom completely crushes the ribs of Holly flat!  Get that one today, folks!   And finally, 2 additional clips added on the page of Quad Goddesses, Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage 2.  Who’s got the most powerful squishers out there?  Find out by getting that super hot match today!

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Gunz gets it locked in, going for that submission! Get this hot new video today!

4 Clips Added in Today’s CW Members Area Update!

This incredible matchup of Britney vs Greta is simply incredible – JOIN NOW for the amazing clips!

Members Area Update – 4 Awesome Ultra-Muscular Clips Added!   You won’t believe the ultra-leg power in today’s incredible update.   We are talking absolutely insane quad and calf muscle power completely destroying their opponents, by 4 of our very best CRUSHERS!

First up, in the “battle of wellness girls”, you’ll see 2 amazing clips on the page of Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage.  Cammie is in ripped contest shape, while Scarlett is in a thicker offseason form.  Both are equally deadly with their leg power.  Check out those 2 hot clips today!

Then, next up, one of the all-time great legendary CRUSHERS, Britney Squeeze, takes on the huge Russian figure phenom, Greta Gayle, whose legs and glute muscles are simply insane!   See 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Britney Squeeze – you won’t believe your eyes!   HUGE LEG MUSCLES!

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Cammie vs Scarlett was a sensational battle of wellness girls. Get this hot video today, or join the CW members area for the clips!

Tremendous New Muscle Battle Clips Added – Join the CW Members Area Today!

Scarlett has a murderous neckscissor applied to Jacker! See the hot new gallery in the members area by joining CW today!

NEW Muscular Wrestling Clips Added!   Members Area Update featuring the massive muscle of Greta Gayle, Scarlett Savage, & Combat Cammie!   That’s right, folks – some of your favorite top CW stars are featured in today’s update.   Plus we have a rare photo gallery update as well!  

First up, speaking of the photo galleries – you’ll find those on the 2 match pages featuring Soul Jacker.    So, 1 gallery on the page of Soul Jacker vs Ciara Salsa, and 1 on the page of Soul Jacker vs Scarlett Savage – check out the hot pics today!

Then, for the video clip update – see the closing clip in the killer domination video of Greta Gayle vs Johnny Von Dick!    Pure brutal torture in this one, folks!  And finally, for some F/F action, check out 2 new clips added on the leggy muscle matchup of Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage!    Hot female muscle action!

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His head is completely DEVOURED by her hungry thighs – click here for Greta vs JVD!

New Clips of Greta, Yo, Britney and Ava Added – JOIN NOW!

Ava gets Big Brit in a tight reverse headscissor – OUCH! Get this hot video today – hot muscular glutes and quads!

JOIN NOW for New Clips of Greta Gayle, Yo Fine, Britney Squeeze, and Ava Slaughterhouse!   It’s a great update today here at CrushWrestling featuring some of your favorite CW Rasslers!   First up, check out the final clip added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Ava Slaughterhouse and see Britney’s round head almost turn into an oval thanks to the power of Ava’s squeeze to end this match!   Then, if you’re ready for some enormously powerful quads and glutes…. check out the 2 new clips added to the page of Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine…. two girls with more muscle than they know what to do with!   Well, we know this much… the power of their reverse headscissors is absolutely lethal…. and both get caught in these killa clips!

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It’s brutal watching how many reverse headscissors Yo suffered thru in this match with the huge, powerful Russian, Greta! Get this hot thriller today!

Outrageously HOT UPDATE – 5 New Clips Added!

Short and compact, tank-like Holly, crushing the ribs of the leggy Russian, Greta! See this sizzlin’ hot thonged-up matchup today!

MEGA-HOT 5 Clip Update in the Members Area – JOIN NOW!   We’ve got 5 sensational new clips added in today’s update at CrushWrestling!   First up, we’ve added the final clip to the thrilling matchup of Greta Gayle vs Scarlett Savage.  A hot conclusion to that match!    Then, we’ve got 2 more clips featuring sexy long-legged and super muscular Greta, added on the page of Greta Gayle vs Holly Hawkeye (the quad monster!).   And finally, the first 2 clips of the recently added match of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett 2, in their long-awaited re-match, was added to their match page 2.  

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Two perfect muscle butts, and 4 deadly legs! Only the finest muscle girls at CrushWrestling! Get this powerful new masterpiece today!

4 Mass Muscle Videos of Powerful Glutes and Quads Added!

Holly with the schoolgirl pin. Wait til you see what happens when Greta gets revenge later! Download this hot new video today!

MASS MUSCLE – 4 New Vids added to the Members Area – JOIN CW TODAY!

Hey gang, we’ve got a sensational update for you today featuring the SUPER SEXY butt and legs of powerful muscle model, Greta Gayle!  Her long ass legs and big meaty glutes spell devastation for most of her opponents.   See how she does in today’s updated clips!    First up, see 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Holly Hawkeye, a fellow QUAD MONSTER!   Then, for more intense action, you’re gonna love the 2 new powerful clips added to the page of Greta Gayle vs Scarlett Savage, in the ultimate battle of muscular asses!   These muscle butts can inflict pain like no other as these girls squeeze relentlessly going for every submission!

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Scarlett knows how to deliver a lethal crush! Poor Greta is suffering here!

Phenomenal NEW Clips Added at CrushWrestling – Britney, Scarlett, & Greta!

Scarlett brutally crushes Britney’s round head, tryna turn it into an oval! Get this hot video today!

BIG MUSCLE GIRLS Crushin’!   Today’s update features 3 of your favorite CW rasslers….. they are BIG, STRONG, and Crush-Capable!    First up, if you’re into mixed wrestling domination, you’ll love the next 2 clips added on the page of the tremendous video, Greta Gayle vs John Von Dick.   Unbelievable long leg scissor power to the MAX!   Then, for fans of F/F rasslin, you’ll be blown away by the quad power of both Britney and Scarlett in the next 2 clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage.

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BRUTAL headscissors by Greta in today’s update – JOIN the CW members area now!

4 Hot Clips Added to the CW Members Area – Featuring Ava Slaughterhouse

Voodoo goes for the pin on Ava in this thonged-up visual masterpiece. Get it today by clicking here to head to the Ava vs Voodoo match page!

Members Update! – Ava Slaughterhouse featured in 4 HOT new clips added in the Cw members area!   First up, check out the 2 new clips on the page of Ava vs Violet Voodoo, one of the more recently added matchups.   These 2 have gorgeous fit bodies and they love testing their power on the mats!   Then, head over to the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse for the final 2 thrilling clips concluding that match page.   Phenomenal strength!

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Greta crushes Ava’s head in a brutal Ass Wedge scissor. Will she tap? Get this video today by clicking here!

5 Phenomenal New Clips Added to CrushWrestling – ALL Featuring Greta Gayle!

NO MERCY – these 2 muscle girls unleash their full leg muscle power on this dude – get this HOT new video today!

HUGE Greta Gayle Update!   Members Area updated with 5 new clips featuring the tall muscle goddess, Greta Gayle, in ripped muscle shape, absolutely CRUSHING and destroying in 3 of her recent videos!  

First up, we’ve added the first 2 clips on the VERY recently released new video, Greta Gayle & Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick.   This 2-on-1 brutal mixed wrestling domination video is absolutely terrifying – these 2 Crush with NO MERCY!   Then, for some ultimate sexy crush power between 2 massive muscle powerhouses, see the final clip added on the page of Wonder Dee vs Greta Gayle – 2 similarly built, mass muscle powerhouses!   And finally, check out Greta against much shorter, but stocky and powerfully built bodybuilder, Yo Fine, in Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine – 2 new clips added there!

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It’s Greta’s turn for measurements. Can she compare to the massive “Wonder Dee”? This starts out as muscle measurements and calf comparisons, and ends up feisty on the mats!

4 Clips Added – Britney, Scarlett, & Greta Gayle Featured!

Scarlett brutally crushes Britney’s round head, tryna turn it into an oval!

Members Area Update with Greta, Britney, & Scarlett!  Check out the new clips added in the CW Members area and sign up today to not miss a single thing!

First up, for fans of brutal mixed wrestling domination, you’re gonna love the new clips added on the page of Greta Gayle vs John Von Dick!   Greta absolutely TORTURES JVD with brutal frontal headscissors in both of the humiliating clips.  JVD is helpless as she cranks up the pressure!

Then, for fans of sexy F/F battles, we’ve got the massive quads of Britney Squeeze vs the muscle glutes of Scarlett Savage.  See 2 new clips on the Britney vs Scarlett match page!

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His head is completely DEVOURED by her hungry thighs – click here for Greta vs JVD!