HOT UPDATE! 4 New Clips Added at CrushWrestling!

Tatiana gets her powerful squishers wrapped around NEW WRESTLER Miss Kitten! Get the hot new video today!

HOT UPDATE – Yo Fine, Greta Gayle, Tatiana Tank & Miss Kitten all make appearances in today’s super sexy update at Crushwrestling!   This is one that you don’t want to miss, folks!   First up, on the very recently added match page of the clash of 2 massive amazons…..  we’ve got the first 2 clips of Tatiana Tank vs Miss Kitten!   Miss Kitten, compared to almost ANYONE else, would be considered massive, muscular, super strong, and at a huge advantage due to her size and muscles.   However, against the massive European powerhouse, Tatiana, Miss Kitten uses most of her 9 lives in a quest for survival against one of the mightiest women to ever hit the blue mats! 

Next up, we’ve added 2 more clips on the page of the incredible Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine match up.  This one is known as a “reverse headscissor special”, as poor Yo suffers tremendously many times in this match in the powerful reverse scissor grip of Glute Goddess Greta.  

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It’s brutal watching how many reverse headscissors Yo suffered thru in this match with the huge, powerful Russian, Greta! Get this hot thriller today!