4 Phenomenal Clips of TOP MUSCLE WRESTLERS Added in Today’s CW Update!

Ana tries hard to escape Yo’s death grip thighs… but Yo just squeezes harder!

STELLAR UPDATE to the CW Members Area today – with 4 clips of the BIGGEST FEMALE power wrestlers on our roster!   You’re gonna absolutely love the incredible muscle talent on display today folks!   First up, see Tatiana continue her muscle domination on the mats with 2 new clips added to the page of Tatiana the Tank vs Miss Kitten.   Unreal power with these two monsters!   And then, for ripped bodybuilders….. see 2 new clips on the page of Yo Fine vs Anastasia Lard – totally ripped muscle girls on the mats!


Kitten using some jiu-jitsu skills she learned from Gunz McLee as she guillotines Tatiana for a submission!

CW adds 3 New Clips Featuring Mass Muscle Amazon Wrestling!

Scarlett gets completely engulfed by Tatiana’s huge mashers! Get the hot video today from CrushWrestling!

Tatiana Tank & Quad Monster with NEW CLIPS in the CW Members Area!   We’ve got a great update with 3 new clips added to the CW members area.   Plus a new video coming in our next update!  

In today’s update see the final clip with a devastating headscissor KO, as Tatiana Tank completely crushes out Scarlett Savage – one of the most visually thrilling matches of all time with both of those girls in powerful, ripped, contest shape!   See the KO on the page of Tatiana vs Scarlett now!

Next up, we’ve added the next 2 exciting clips on the page of huge bodybuilder Quad Monster, as she faces off against long-legged Lana Lizard!  See the 2 new clips now on the Quad Monster vs Lana Lizard Match Page!   

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Quad Monster gets in trouble in the early going against long-legged Lana Lizard!

4 New Clips Added to the CW Member Area!

Can Kitten do anything to stop the onslaught of these massive Tatiana Muscles?

EXPLOSIVE POWER in New Clips in the CW Members Area!  We’ve got a tremendous update of 4 of our most muscular wrestlers doing some hot and sexy and muscle wrestling on the famous blue mats of CrushWrestling!    The quality of ladies is simply off the charts.  Gigantic, powerful muscle, and gorgeous women, hotter than you can imagine!  

First up, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of the AMAZON BATTLE of Tatiana Tank vs Miss Kitten – gigantic bodybuilder muscle vs long powerful legs of the tall Amazon, Kitten.  You’ve gotta see it, folks!

Next, 2 more of the most muscular girls on the CW roster, and a video that was requested for over 5 yrs…..  The awesome Ana Lard vs Yo Fine, in an epic battle of bodybuilder/physique level muscle – oh, and did we mention how gorgeous both ladies are?   WOW!

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Ana Lard gets the RNC applied to Yo’s defenseless throat. OUCH! Get this hot video today!

Tremendous NEW CLIPS Added to CrushWrestlings Members Area!

Scarlett gets completely engulfed by Tatiana’s huge mashers! Get the hot video today from CrushWrestling!

Members Area Update featuring Yo Fine, Tatiana Tank, & more!  That’s right, we’ve got a 4 clip update ahead of our next video release, and this one has some memorable clips to say the least!  Featuring 4 of your favorite muscle wrestlers, this update has HUGE muscle, RIPPED muscle, LONG legs, and skilled scissors!   Oh, and have we mentioned GLORIOUS GLUTES?  All 4 of these muscle girls will blow you away with their powerful sleek muscle bodies.  

First up, we’ve got the next 2 clips on the recently added match of Yo Fine vs Lana Lizard.   In the first clip, Yo shows extreme power and dominance due to her ultra-impressive musculature.  But then, Lana strikes back with a DOMINANT run of several submissions.  You gotta see this HOT action!

And next, we’ve got 2 new clips of the SENSATIONAL ultra-ripped contest shape muscle power clips of Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage!   Both girls in contest shape – lean as FUUUUH, and sexy as hell!   You definitely don’t want to miss these clips! 

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Yo Fine putting a tight crushing squeeze on Lana Lizard. New Clips added on this page in today’s update – JOIN NOW!

4 New Clips added to CW – BIG GIRLS on the Mats! Greta, Tatiana, Miss Kitten & More!

Back in that all-too-familiar position! Yo tries her best, but can’t take the full power of these mashers! Get this amazing muscle match today!

4 Clips of HUGE MUSCLE GIRLS Added in Today’s Update!   This is an EPIC update for the fans of the big girls!   3 of the 4 in this update are among our biggest girls ever in terms of height, weight, and muscle.   And the 4th, she may be short…. but she is MUSCULAR AS FUCK!   That would be the incredible Yo Fine.   The other 3 are amazons Miss Kitten, Tatiana Tank, and Greta Gayle.   All huge and massive!

See the final 2 clips of the amazing battle between short vs tall on the Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine match page.   Then, for the tall muscular amazons, check out the 3rd and 4th clips of the match between Tatiana Tank and Miss Kitten.   Awesome action on the famous blue CW mats!  

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The LONG python-like legs of Miss Kitten gets a brutal squeeze on massively muscled Tatiana Tank!

4 HOT New Clips Added to CW Featuring MASSIVELY Muscled Rasslers!

Pink Poison’s legs and glutes are like granite, just completely CRUSHING Yo’s face & head in her lethal ASS WEDGE! Get this sensationally hot new video today!

HUGE MUSCLE POWER WRESTLING!  New clips in the members area starring Tatiana, Yo Fine, and more!   This is a visually thrilling update like no other.    Check it out!

First up, we’ve got 2 more new clips added on the page of the super hot and intense matchup of the massive bodybuilder, Tatiana Tank, vs the Wellness competitor, Scarlett Savage, with her massive quads and ass muscles (perfect for CRUSHING!).   See them on the page for Tatiana vs Scarlett and be thrilled!

Next up, one of the all time greats at CW, especially with her lethally painful ass wedge hold… Pink Poison, is locked in a fierce muscle battle with Yo Fine, the shorter, but more muscular powerhouse.  On the page of Yo Fine vs Pink Poison, see 2 new clips, including one with Pink’s said ass wedge submission!

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To say that the Tatiana vs Scarlett match is a “visual thriller” is quite the understatement!

Hey Fellas! Hot 4 Video Update Today in the CW Members Area!

The Tatiana vs Gunz battle is one for the ages! Get this hot video today! Or join the CW members area for the best value!

Members Area Update w 4 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area!   Check out some of the hottest action featuring Tatiana Tank, Gunz, Scarlett & More!

That’s right….. we have a hot one for you today, especially if you like girls that can CRUSH!   And with HUGE muscle!   First up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the sensational monster muscle match up of Tatiana the Tank vs Gunz McLee!   These two girls are EXPLODING with power, and you won’t believe the hot action here!   Get these 2 new clips downloaded asap!

Next up, for fans of sexy glutes…. we’ve added 2 more clips on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Lana Lizard!   You’ll love this hot action too!   Leggy Lana vs Muscle Butt Scarlett….. enjoy!  

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Holy SHIT! Lana is nearly cut in half by Scarlett’s HUGE Meat Grinders! Get this amazing hot video today!

HOT UPDATE! 4 New Clips Added at CrushWrestling!

Tatiana gets her powerful squishers wrapped around NEW WRESTLER Miss Kitten! Get the hot new video today!

HOT UPDATE – Yo Fine, Greta Gayle, Tatiana Tank & Miss Kitten all make appearances in today’s super sexy update at Crushwrestling!   This is one that you don’t want to miss, folks!   First up, on the very recently added match page of the clash of 2 massive amazons…..  we’ve got the first 2 clips of Tatiana Tank vs Miss Kitten!   Miss Kitten, compared to almost ANYONE else, would be considered massive, muscular, super strong, and at a huge advantage due to her size and muscles.   However, against the massive European powerhouse, Tatiana, Miss Kitten uses most of her 9 lives in a quest for survival against one of the mightiest women to ever hit the blue mats! 

Next up, we’ve added 2 more clips on the page of the incredible Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine match up.  This one is known as a “reverse headscissor special”, as poor Yo suffers tremendously many times in this match in the powerful reverse scissor grip of Glute Goddess Greta.  

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It’s brutal watching how many reverse headscissors Yo suffered thru in this match with the huge, powerful Russian, Greta! Get this hot thriller today!

Incredible Muscle Tussles! 4 New Epic Members Area Videos Added

Yo’s legs are like steel, as well as her abs, as she smushes and compresses poor Pink’s head!

CRAZY HOT Muscle Tussle Power!  We’ve got 4 new clips in the members area update today that will no doubt blow your mind as one of our hottest updates in a while!   First up, in the ultimate “RIPPED/LEAN Muscle Power” Battle, we’ve got Wellness Competitor Scarlett Savage, with her super cut quads, calves and glutes, going up the Euro-sensation massive FBB, Tatiana Tank!   This one is a savage struggle.  Head to the page of Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage to see the 2 new clips today!

Then, for some sexy blondes doing battle on the mats, check out the battle between all-time scissor legend, Pink Poison, and the perfectly put together Yo Fine.  The 2 new clips featured on the Yo Fine vs Pink Poison match page show how much effort and power these 2 are putting into this match, especially evident in the “double reverse” segment when they see who can squeeze harder and who has the highest pain tolerance to outlast the other!

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Tatiana going for an Americana on Scarlett – she’s gonna rip that arm right off! Get the hot new video today!

3 New Clips Added Featuring Yo, Ava, Scarlett, & Tatiana!

Massive Tatiana may be too much for Scarlett to handle! Get this incredible sexy ripped muscle match today!

Members Update featuring MASSIVE MUSCLES of Tatiana Tank, Yo Fine, and more!   That’s right, folks, we’ve got a pretty hot update here to kick off the week.   You’ll definitely want to join CrushWrestling to take a look at these hot and sexy clips!   First up, for fans of SUPREMELY RIPPED female muscle, we have the “contest shape showdown” of a bodybuilder vs a wellness girl, when you take a look at the matchup of Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage!   Both girls are contest ready and ripped to the bone, with huge slabs of female muscle beef on their frames!  

Next up, we’ve got the final clip added on the page of Yo Fine vs Ava Slaughterhouse, in a battle of fit sexy muscle blondes!   Yo doesn’t hold back with a lethal bodyscissor to finish off the youngster, Ava.   She nearly cuts Ava in HALF!   Be sure to JOIN CrushWrestling NOW and don’t miss any of this amazing new stuff!

Yo trying to flatten Ava’s abs into submission! Buy this mega-hot blonde muscle clip today!