Incredible Muscle Tussles! 4 New Epic Members Area Videos Added

Yo’s legs are like steel, as well as her abs, as she smushes and compresses poor Pink’s head!

CRAZY HOT Muscle Tussle Power!  We’ve got 4 new clips in the members area update today that will no doubt blow your mind as one of our hottest updates in a while!   First up, in the ultimate “RIPPED/LEAN Muscle Power” Battle, we’ve got Wellness Competitor Scarlett Savage, with her super cut quads, calves and glutes, going up the Euro-sensation massive FBB, Tatiana Tank!   This one is a savage struggle.  Head to the page of Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage to see the 2 new clips today!

Then, for some sexy blondes doing battle on the mats, check out the battle between all-time scissor legend, Pink Poison, and the perfectly put together Yo Fine.  The 2 new clips featured on the Yo Fine vs Pink Poison match page show how much effort and power these 2 are putting into this match, especially evident in the “double reverse” segment when they see who can squeeze harder and who has the highest pain tolerance to outlast the other!

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Tatiana going for an Americana on Scarlett – she’s gonna rip that arm right off! Get the hot new video today!