7 Super Sexy Clips added to CrushWrestling!

Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

BIG Members Area Update!   Today, we added a record 7 videos in today’s members area update!   You’re gonna love it folks!   4 of these videos star the ultra-muscular Yo Fine.   

First up, there’s the first 2 clips added to the recently added match page of Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage 2.   Both girls look crazy good!   Then, we’ve got 2 more added on the page of Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze (Yo’s first match!).   And finally, Scarlett is featured again in 2 new clips on the page of Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage.    Enjoy this amazing update folks, and stay tuned for more later this week!

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Click here for the phenomenal matchup of newcomer Yo Fine vs. veteran Britney Squeeze!