3 New Clips Added Featuring Yo, Ava, Scarlett, & Tatiana!

Massive Tatiana may be too much for Scarlett to handle! Get this incredible sexy ripped muscle match today!

Members Update featuring MASSIVE MUSCLES of Tatiana Tank, Yo Fine, and more!   That’s right, folks, we’ve got a pretty hot update here to kick off the week.   You’ll definitely want to join CrushWrestling to take a look at these hot and sexy clips!   First up, for fans of SUPREMELY RIPPED female muscle, we have the “contest shape showdown” of a bodybuilder vs a wellness girl, when you take a look at the matchup of Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage!   Both girls are contest ready and ripped to the bone, with huge slabs of female muscle beef on their frames!  

Next up, we’ve got the final clip added on the page of Yo Fine vs Ava Slaughterhouse, in a battle of fit sexy muscle blondes!   Yo doesn’t hold back with a lethal bodyscissor to finish off the youngster, Ava.   She nearly cuts Ava in HALF!   Be sure to JOIN CrushWrestling NOW and don’t miss any of this amazing new stuff!

Yo trying to flatten Ava’s abs into submission! Buy this mega-hot blonde muscle clip today!