CrushWrestling Unveils NEW Video featuring Elle & Scarlett!

Look at the powerful cuts in Elle’s legs! Crushing Scarlett flat! Get this hot video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  A muscle battle of BOOTY vs. QUADS!  Check it out fellas, we’ve got an incredible new VOD ready to go featuring the huge legs of Elle Gi, and the picture-perfect muscle butt of Scarlett Savage!   On the new Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage Match page, you’re going to find the usual sample photos and sample promo clip, and will no doubt be thrilled to get the new video of gorgeous female muscle power!   See the clip description below and get this sizzlin’ HOT thriller today!

Match Description:  The glorgious GLUTES of Scarlett Savage, vs. the mass monster quads of Elle Gi! This one is going to be a hot battle, it’s clear from the beginning! Elle Gi has put on a ton of muscle since we saw her in early 2017. It’s clear that in 2019, she’s ready to dominate. But our veteran, Scarlett Savage, is tough as hell, and she’s known for her scissor power herself. Both girls are a treat to watch, as their gorgeous rock hard bodies struggle valiantly for your viewing pleasure. Scarlett nearly breaks Elle’s ribs in a body scissor at one point… which only causes Elle to later retaliate with a headscissor that totally engulfs Scarlett’s head. Scissor power to the extreme – this is a match you’re sure to enjoy, folks!  Get it today!

Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the new Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

Elle screams in pain as her head gets CRUSHED by Scarlett’s quads – click here to get this sexy new video today!