SUPER HOT New Video and NEW Holiday Promotion Announced!

BRUTAL muscular legs and ass! Sara crushing Mile High Masher – get the brand new super sexy video today!

NEW VIDEO and NEW Holiday Promotion Announced!  Mile High Masher is back with a vengeance and she is ready to face off to one of our newest, and leanest muscular wrestler superstars, Sara Steamroller.  Head over to the new MATCH PAGE for Mile High Masher vs. Sara Steamroller, and see the description beneath the Promo info below:

HOLIDAY PROMO!!! – Buy any 3 videos ($19.99 or higher) and get 2 videos of your choice, for FREE!  Or, you can purchase a 3 or 6 month members area subscription, and receive 1 or 2 videos (respectively) of your choice for free!   We are running this special thru the entire HOLIDAY SEASON (Nov 22 – Dec 31) – so don’t miss out!   Here are the rules:

  1. – Make your purchase(s) like normal, at CrushWrestling, as mentioned above
  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (yes, you must complete the successful download of your purchased videos before we can send you the free ones), then FORWARD US your CCBill email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLE of the 2 free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – “Mile High’s last video”)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.
  3. – Give us up to 48 hours to process your request.   
  4. – You can repeat this as many times as you’d like from now until Dec 31, 2018…. so take advantage while it lasts!

DESCRIPTION:   BIG MUSCLE BATTLE! The enormously powerful and strong Mile High Masher is back to face the super sexy, lean and ultra-muscular figure competitor, Sara Steamroller. This is a crazy hot matchup and features 2 of the more outspoken and vibrant personalities on the CW roster. Both of these girls have such strong calves, that BOTH are able to get the super-painful (but hard to achieve) standing calf scissors applied to their opponent. Sara is lean and mean, so those razor cut calves cut deep into MHM’s throat. The Masher, on the other hand, uses her big weight advantage and literally mashes the body of Sara into the mats for numerous submissions. Can the long, lean, meaty legs of Sara do enough damage to finish off MHM? Or will it be yet another dominating win for MHM? We know this much… this is jaw-dropping sexiness and shocking female muscle power all the way – get this HOT VIDEO today!

Mile High mashes Sara Steamroller with her powerful quads – get this sizzlin’ hot new video today!