Awesome NEW CrushWrestling Video Added – Yo vs Scarlett 3 Now Available!

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NEW VIDEO ALERT – $11.99 SPECIAL!!! – The tie-breaker between Yo & Scarlett is now available.  The bad blood between these 2 finally gets settled, and in convincing fashion no less!   With TWO KNOCKOUTS in this video (by headscissor and figure 4), one of these two girls puts a definitive answer on who’s the superior wrestler.   See the clip description below and head over to the Yo Fine vs Scarlett Savage 3 Match Page and get this amazing new video today!

Description:  In a very exciting “rubber match” (baseball fans will understand that), the trilogy of Yo vs Scarlett is completed in this amazing video of competitive female muscle power with contrasting body types. As we all know by now…. Scarlett is known for her huge “meat grinder” legs… those powerful meaty quads that have caused many a tap out and many a victory. Yo Fine is known for being one of the most muscular wrestlers ever on our roster… although at a short 5’3″, she packs a ton of muscle on her frame and adds some quickness and skill as well, making her one of the most feared wrestlers on the CW roster. Well, this time, Yo is at her MOST RIPPED condition by far. It sure is amazing to look at… BUT… does all that muscle slow her down? Will she be too weak from over-dieting to show off those awesome muscles that she could be overpowered by the less muscular Ms Savage? Those are the questions that will be answered over the next 12 minutes. One thing you’ll find impressive is….. the winner in this one actually K O’s the loser TWICE in this match – SUPER HOT!  GET IT TODAY!

The MEAT GRINDERS doing what they do best…. CRUSHING Yo to a pulp! Can Scarlett pull off the win in the rubber match against Yo Fine? Order this hot one today!