NEW VIDEO – Ultra Muscular Yo Fine vs. Elle Gi Now Available!

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NEW VIDEO Now Available!  Yo Fine’s HUGE MUSCLES vs. Elle Gi, another CW Powerhouse!   Hey folks – this one is sensational, and the muscles on display here will blow you away!  Check out the video description below, and head to the Yo Fine vs. Elle Gi match page to get this instant classic today!

Description:  The ABSolutely stunning Yo Fine is back to face perhaps her toughest opponent yet… the ultra-impressive Elle Gi, who has gotta a LOT bigger and meaner since we last had her join us on the mats. Preparing for her own physique competition, Elle has made massive gains in her already huge legs, plus her immense shoulders and arms. Fan favorite Yo, may have her hands full here, folks! At one point, Yo’s legs are convulsing with power as she gets a painful submission from Elle in a tight reverse headscissor. Elle uses her big meaty biceps to go after Yo’s throat and nearly chokes her unconscious several times, with Yo tapping right before the point of blanking out. Yo’s ultra-lean legs make for very painful scissor holds. There’s no fat on those suckers at all. Lean and mean! And Yo is as big and beefy as muscular beefcake women can get. All the while, being absolutely jaw-dropping gorgeous. This is a thrilling match that will keep you entertained from beginning to end! Get this hot thriller today!

Yo’s super muscular legs are great for all kinds of scissors – including the dreaded standing calf scissors!

Does one girl end up begging for the torture to stop by the end of this one? Buy this amazing new video today!

Elle’s mighty legs showing Yo NO MERCY – look at her facial expression – she’s going ALL OUT on the scissor power here!