Layla Mikayla Joins the CW Roster and SMASHES JVD!

Layla locks JVD in a brutal reverse headscissor crush – he won’t last long! Get this hot new video today!

NEW WRESTLER – Mixed Wrestling RETURNS to CrushWrestling!   The stunningly hot and ultimate muscular scissor fantasy girl, Layla Mikayla, is newly added on CrushWrestling and she brings a tremendous mix of excitement, power, and energy to CrushWrestling!   In her debut video with us, Layla Mikayla vs. John Von Dick 1, you’ll see why there’s so much hype over this girl.  See the description below and head to the new match page to pick up this thriller now!  You don’t want to mess with her, fellas!

Video Description:  Layla Mikayla has no patience for obnoxious rude men. And in this case, she finds it quite rude that John Von Dick, who is sharing a hotel room with her, won”t stop snoring! She needs her beauty sleep and she is not at all happy that for 3 nights in a row, she”s been kept awake by his ridiculous case of sleep apnea. She decides that if he can”t control his breathing, SHE WILL! And she teaches him this the hard way! This is a brutal scissor domination video in the greatest tradition. JVD is left a whimpering mess after Layla”s thighs, glutes, calves, and biceps are done with him. Her fit, muscular physique is just perfect for dishing out punishment, and poor JVD takes a brutal crushing to learn his lesson! Fans of mixed wrestling and scissors MUST add this one to their collection today!

She flexes over him in humiliating fashion – she knows she has him overpowered and she loves it. Get this hot new video today!

CW Updates with New Vids of MHM, Gunz McLee, & Yo Fine!

Gorgeous Glutes DOING BATTLE – Get the epic Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze match today!

HUGE 6 video update today in the CW members area!  First up, we’ve got 2 amazing 1-sided domination new clips on the page of Mile High Masher vs. Ciara Salsa!   Then, for some mega-excitement, see the final 2 concluding clips on the page of Britney Squeeze vs. Ciara Salsa.   Then finally, for the ultimate RIPPED muscle battle – see the 2 new videos on the page of Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine

All of these matches are thrilling in their own ways – be sure to pick up the full videos today by putting them in your shopping cart!   Thank you for your support of!

TOTAL DOMINATION – Mile High Masher crushes the shit outta Ciara Salsa – get this HOT video today!

Perfectly muscled Yo Fine tries to get a submission on big Gunz McLee!

4 Tremendous Videos Added to the CW Members Area!

STUNNING POWER! 4 New Clips of Mile High Masher, Yo Fine, and Much More! Today in the CrushWrestling members area, we’ve added new clips featuring some of your favorite wrestlers of all time! First up, for fans of total destruction and domination – the Mile High Masher is back to teach ultra-sexy Sara Steamroller a lesson! Check out the 2 new clips added on the page of MHM vs. Sara Steamroller today! Then, for fans of a much closer battle, you’ll love the super hot bodies of Yo and Scarlett as they face off in their first matchup ever. On the Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage page, see 2 additional clips just added. Thank you for JOINING CrushWrestling’s members area today! Thousands of videos available and more on the way every week!

Mile High mashes Sara Steamroller with her powerful quads – get this sizzlin’ hot new video today!
The gorgeous muscular hot bods of Scarlett and Yo gettin’ after it! Get this HOT video today – click here!

UNREAL New Muscle Battle Added – feat. Massive Anastasia Lard!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Massive FBB Anastasia Lard is back and takes on super sexy muscular veteran, Scarlett Savage in a sexy rematch of their intial video that took place about 5 months ago. See the clip description below, and then head to the Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page and get this amazing super hot muscle video today!

The BIG Re-Match you’ve been waiting for! It’s been about 5 months since CrushWrestling shocked the world with the announcement of NEW WRESTLER Anastasia Lard! And she made quite the impact in her debut against Miss Scarlett Savage. The massive bodybuilder flexed her massive muscles and used her weight advantage to give the experienced veteran, Savage, all she could handle. However… now it’s 5 months later… and BOTH girls got more muscular and evolved their wrestling style. Let’s just say this… one of the 2 was hell-bent on getting revenge and making sure the other girl paid a price! You’re going to love this epic enormous muscle battle. The legs and glutes here are 2nd to NONE! CrushWrestling obviously specializes in the ultimate visual masterpieces – the hottest muscle girls in the world in hot and powerful scissor action! So, put this in your shopping cart today and enjoy 2 of the finest muscle bods on the planet!

Anastasia has Scarlett pinned with her massive weight. Will it be enough to keep her down??? Get Anastasia vs. Scarlett Savage 2 today!

4 EPIC Muscle Wrestling Videos Added – Yo Fine & More!

4 HOT New Clips in Members Area added today! First up, for fans of the ultimate muscle women, check out Yo Fine as she uses her rock hard muscle body against big powerful Britney. 2 new clips added on the Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze match page! Then, for a sexy matchup of 2 hardbodied girls that really don’t like each other…. see the 2 new videos on the page of Lacey Longlegs vs. Scarlett Savage! Plus, get ready for another NEW CrushWrestling mega-video coming early next week! It’s a great time to be a MEMBER at CrushWrestling, where you can take advantage of seeing clips and galleries of ALL of our incredible sexy matchups of the BEST muscle women in the world!

Head over to the Scarlett vs. Lacey Match Page and pick up this video!

BIG UPDATE – 6 New Members Vids Added!

6 NEW Members Area Vids Added feat. Anastasia Lard, Mile High Masher, & more! Hey gang – this is an update you do NOT want to miss! First up, the final 2 clips added to the super competitive battle of Mile High Masher vs. Britney Squeeze! Then, 2 brand new clips added to our recently added match of our newest wrestler Lacie Iron, in Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage! Then finally, outstanding muscle featuring Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage and her perfectly fine booty! Be sure to JOIN CRUSHWRESTLING‘s members area today to not miss any of this hot action, and receive access to the clips and galleries of ALL of our matches dating back to 2007!

Look at that BRUTAL squeeze that Mile High is making Britney suffer through! Join our members section now for this and much more HOT muscle wrestling!

Ultimate Muscle Battle Added – NEW VIDEO!

NEW VIDEO – Gunz McLee is BACK!!! Her 18″ Biceps are ready to do some damage on the mats! And in this one, she’s matched up against the gorgeous powerhouse of ripped female muscle, Yo Fine! Has Gunz put on enough size in the last few years to be ready for someone as powerful as Yo? Or will Yo be overwhelmed by Gunz McLee’s big size advantage, especially that massive upper body, built for rear-naked chokes! We know this much… this is the visual thriller of a lifetime. You’ll want to add Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine to your collection today! See the clip description below for more info, and enjoy this visual masterpiece!

HOLY SMOKES, FOLKS! The MASSIVE 18″ biceps of Gunz McLee are back and she is ready to do some damage! If you are a fan of the ULTIMATE female muscle wrestlers, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Not only is it the return of the HUGE and POWERFUL Gunz McLee, but she also squares off against super sexy muscular powerhouse, Yo Fine! Obviously, these 2 matching up makes for one hell of a visual masterpiece! From the get go, these 2 ladies are in awe of each others’ power. Yo can’t believe the size of Gunz’ biceps, chest, back, and delts. And she suffers in some brutal chokes with those huge biceps digging into her neck. But Gunz is terrified of getting caught between Yo’s powerful quads and those ultra-muscular glutes. It’s clear that both girls respect each others power and try to find ways to play defense and avoid each others’ strengths. There are lots of submissions… the scissor power, choking strength, and muscular power is too much for anyone to overcome! Who ends up winning this epic battle? Add this one to your cart RIGHT NOW – you won’t regret it – It’s a super hot video!

Yo Fine’s ultra-muscular glutes in action against HUGE biceps Goddess Gunz McLee. Get the new video, Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine, today at CrushWrestling!

4 Vids Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – JOIN NOW!

Members area updated with 4 SUPER HOT clips starring 4 of your favorite rasslers! First, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Sugar Buns vs. Scarlett Savage 2 – both girls are in unreal shape and using tremendous muscular power to crush their opponent! Then, we’ve also added 2 more on the page of Scarlett Savage vs. The Soul Jacker! Sexy battle of Figure vs. Physique competitor! The contrast of body styles is HOT!

Thanks for JOINING CrushWrestling and showing your support!

Scarlett Savage getting worked by Soul Jacker! Get this HOT video today!

CrushWrestling Updated with 2 New Britney Squeeze Vids!

Britney’s POWERFUL Legs Doing some Damage!

Today’s CrushWrestling update features the first 2 clips from the recently released F/F muscle domination video of Britney Squeeze vs. Brooklyn Lee. If one-sided scissor-fests are your thing…. check these clips out!

Today’s update is small because we are on the road shooting fresh new vids – and they are all awesome, by the way! Stay tuned for amazing new videos to come! Join our members area now!

Head to the Britney vs. Brooklyn Match Page to get this super hot one-sided muscle domination video today!

NEW WRESTLER – NEW VIDEO – Introducing Lacie Iron!

NEW WRESTLER Lacie Iron in NEW VIDEO against fan favorite and well muscled beauty, Scarlett Savage! Ladies and Gents… we are super thrilled about this new video, and new wrestler Lacie Iron. She may look good, but she is tough as nails, strong as fuck, and has no problem gettin’ nasty on the mats! Head to the Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage Match Page now and get this thriller! See the clip description below!

NEW WRESTLER Lacie Iron – the new gorgeous blonde takes on powerful Scarlett Savage in an awesome, tense, powerful battle! The muscle girls have it all… biceps, quads, calves, glutes, delts, traps, and more…. and they love to talk a big game. Cocky newcomer Lacie is determined to put Scarlett in her place. There’s some shocking punishment dished out in this match, and even the short preview clip will reveal the epic struggle for supremacy. Will Scarlett make Lacie regret getting on the CW mats? Or will Lacie show the youngster who’s boss and dominate with her superior size and weight? Either way, this muscle battle of gorgeous combatants will be extremely entertaining for you CrushWrestling fans – get this HOT video NOW!

With Muscles like that, there’s no doubt that Lacie Iron is going to be a FORCE on the CW Mats for a long time to come!