4 Clips of HOT Muscle Wrestling Action Added in Today’s CW Update!

Gunz’ head is crushed flat by Dee’s ultra-muscular glutes and legs! Youv’e never seen crushing muscle like this before! Get this hot video now!

Members Area Update w 4 Sizzlin’ Hot Muscle Wrestling clips added!   We’ve got 4 of your favorite CW superstars back in action in today’s update.   Check it out!   First up, for the newly added match page of Yo Fine vs Boom Boom Sanchez, we’ve added the first 2 members area clips on that page.   Then, for mass muscle monsters doing battle, check out the biceps vs the legs and glutes battle of Gunz McLee vs Wonder Dee!    Dee is so supremely ripped and massive, her legs and glutes are simply deadly with their crush power!   And the enormous biceps of Gunz McLee – watch them choke poor Wonder to the brink! 

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Yo uses her superior muscle strength to TOY with her prey. Here, she’s about to taunt and slap Boom Boom right on her fine lil ass! Get this hot one today!

HUGE Members Area Update! 6 New Clips Added!

NO MERCY – these 2 muscle girls unleash their full leg muscle power on this dude – get this HOT video today!

HUGE UPDATE – 6 New Clips added in the CW Members Area!  We’ve got a super duper ultra-incredible sexy update here at CrushWrestling today!   Check out the diversity of clips in today’s lineup.  First up….  fans of MIXED wrestling domination, will TOTALLY enjoy the incredible 2 clips added on the page of Greta Gayle & Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick.   This 2-on-1 massacre is brutal to say the least.  He’s completely defenseless against ruthless scissor power!   These girls let him have it good!

Next up, get 4 girls for one low price….  that’s right, the 2022 Tag Team Match featuring Yo Fine, Ava Slaughterhouse, Scarlett Savage, and Violet Voodoo page, has the first 2 clips added.  Intense QUAD driven action for your viewing pleasure!

And finally, the finally for some MASS MUSCLE – check out the huge biceps of Gunz McLee and the huge EVERYTHING of Tatiana Tank.   The next 2 clips have been added on their page, Tatiana Tank vs Gunz McLee, and your eyes won’t believe the massive muscle power on display there!

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Scarlett puts the SQUEEZE on poor Yo Fine! Ouch! Get this hot tag team match today!

4 Amazing Vids Added to CW Members Area – Scarlett, Holly Hawkeye, & More!

Gorgeous Glutes IN YOUR FACE this entire match! Get the new Holly vs Scarlett “Battle of the Meat Grinders” today! Phenomenal Quad Power!

Hot Update with 4 very different body types in today’s videos!    First up, on the very recently added match page of Gunz McLee vs CeeCee the Mangler, we have the first 2 clips of this dominating matchup of the massive and mighty Gunz, and the lean but smaller muscled CeeCee.   Here in the early going, she thought she had a chance, getting some early squeezes in.   But it wasn’t long before massive Gunz takes over!   See these first 2 members area clips today. 

Then, head over to the page of the “Battle of the Glute Goddesses”….  Holly Hawkeye vs Scarlett Savage!   See the next 2 videos in this series, where the massive quads and glute power is simply on another level with these two.   Scarlett is determined to show the newcomer Holly, exactly what meaty thighs and butt muscles can do!

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CeeCee is hanging in there in the opening moments of this 1-sided massacre. Get this hot new video today – click here!

NEW CLIPS ADDED – Gunz McLee featured in All 3 New Clips Today!

Scarlett has the death grip on Gunz! Get this hot video today!

GUNZ McLee in ALL New Clips Added in Today’s Update!   Fans of the biceps Goddess will no doubt enjoy today’s big muscle update, featuring 3 of our most popular female rasslers.   First up, we added the final and devastating clip on the match page of Scarlett Savage vs Gunz McLee 2 – a thrilling conclusion resulting in a power KO!   You’ve gotta see it, folks!    Then, for the ultimate muscle battle…. check out the next 2 clips we added on the page of massive WONDER DEE vs Gunz McLee – absolutely huge muscle amazons doing battle on the blue!  

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NEW Crush Video Released! Biceps vs Bunz – Gunz McLee vs Ava Slaughterhouse!

At times it looked like the bigger Gunz would dominate. But scrappy Slaughterhouse had something to say about that! She’s got the quads and glutes for CRUSHIN!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Gunz McLee vs Ava Now Available – Gunz vs Bunz!   We’ve got a thrilling new match in the match pages – you’ll want to add this to your shopping cart now!    There’s nothing hotter than when we get girls of vastly different body types going after one another on the blue mats.   This time, it’s Glutes Goddess Ava taking on Biceps Monster Gunz McLee!   See the clip description below and get this amazing new video today!

Description:  Tremendous new matchup of Buns vs Biceps, Gunz vs Glutes! Veteran wrestlers Gunz and Ava have been looking forward to this battle for a long time, and this match doesn’t disappoint! First, as you know, Gunz and her huge biceps are known for her devastating rear-naked-choke and other jiu-jitsu skills, great for choking out and submitting her opponents. Ava, on the other hand has become quite the scissor queen, and is famous for using that rock hard bubbly muscle ass to generate tons of squeeze power in all of her brutal scissor holds. This is one of those matchups of such widely contrasting body types that it is intriguing for fans of ALL types of female muscle. With these hardbodied muscle babes clashing on the mats, you will be entertained beyond your dreams! Get this hot one today!

Gunz has a hard time breathing every time Slaughterhouse gets those powerful mashers around her!

4 Sensational Clips Added to the CW Members Area feat. Gunz McLee!

Wonder Dee compressing McLee’s head between her enormous and strong mashers!

Members Update featuring the stunning Gunz McLee, WONDER DEE, & Holly Hawkeye!   Stunning female muscle doing battle on the CW blue mats!    This is update that you’re not gonna forget any time soon!   Leg power to the extreme!   First up, the big girls do battle…… Gunz McLee vs Wonder Dee – 2 new clips added featuring two of the biggest, strongest bitches on the planet!   Then, for the ultimate battle of biceps vs buns…. check out Gunz McLee vs Holly Hawkeye!  2 new clips added there, too!   New video coming next week!

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Massive Gunz McLee flexing her big Gunz on the Quadess Holly Hawkeye – get this HOT thrilling match of contrasting body-types today!

4 Vids Added to the CW Members Area featuring Gunz, BoomBoom, & Scarlett!

With veiny, power-packed biceps, BoomBoom is here and ready to do some damage! Get her HOT VIDEOS today!

Members Area Update with 4 fantastic clips featuring powerful female wrestlers such as Gunz McLee, Scarlett Savage, and Boom Boom Sanchez!   First up…. for fans of MIXED Wrestling Domination, and super sexy glutes…. check out the super vids we just added on the page of Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick!    Then, for fans of F/F muscle battles…. we’ve got a Biceps vs Quads thriller…. see 2 more vids on the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 2.    Ultra-power on display!

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Scarlett has the death grip on Gunz! Get this hot video today!

4 New Clips Featuring the Massive Russian Greta Gayle!

Slaughterhouse making Greta the Russian suffer between those strong legs!

It’s GRETA Gayle Day – Members Update with 4 stunning clips of this top CW talent in super sexy action!    Yes, today’s update is special if you’re a fan of massive leg and glute muscles in hot sexy action!   Greta has one of the hottest bodies on the entire CW site…. and she loves destroying her victims with her powerful ass and legs.   Today, you’ll find the final 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee….. where Greta uses her ultra-muscle butt and mega-quads to KO Gunz in a devastating reverse headscissor!   Then, for a twist, there’s a couple clips where she is struggling against the scrappy youngster Ava.   See 2 new clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse.    

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Gunz is in for the fight of her life as Greta uses her powerful muscle ass to dominate her!

5 HOT New Clips Added to the CW Members Section!

Massive Gunz McLee flexing her big Gunz on the Quadess Holly Hawkeye – get this HOT thrilling match of contrasting body-types today!

It’s GUNZ McLEE Day!  5 New clips added to the members area featuring the stunning and ultra-powerful Gunz McLee in today’s update!   And it’s some HOT and SEXY action to say the least!  

First up, we’ve got 2 new clips added on the page of Gunz McLee vs Holly Hawkeye – a battle of biceps vs quads/glutes.    Then, for a similar matchup of biceps vs booty and quads, check out the final 3 clips added on the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage!

Gunz struggles to breath under the crushing power of Scarlett’s quads!

4 New Clips Added to the Members Area of CrushWrestling!

Violet using her long legs to turn Yo Fine into a pancake! Get this hot new video today!

Members Area Update – 4 New Clips Added featuring some TOP female muscle!   First up….. we’ve got 2 more clips featuring muscle girls Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage – a SEXY battle of “Booty vs Biceps”.    Then…. for a clash of body types…. check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Yo Fine vs Violet Voodoo – an awesome battle of bodybuilder vs dancer muscle!

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Gunz uses her long legs for powerful leverage to increase CRUSH POWER! Get the HOT video today!