4 New Clips Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – Scarlett, Gunz, & More!

OUCH! Gunz suffers between Scarlett’s mashers in her lethal reverse headscissor! Poor Gunz!!!

Members Area update with 4 INCREDIBLE Muscle Savage clips!   That’s right…. Savage, as in Scarlett Savage!    We’ve got 4 new clips featuring the legs and glutes of this wellness division powerhouse.   First up, see the final 2 clips on the page of her rematch with mighty Britney, on the page entitled Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage 2.   Then, for the “booty vs biceps” battle rubber match, we’ve got 2 new clips added to the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 3.   Scarlett facing 2 very different body types in muscle wrestlers.  

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Britney’s crushers bring tremendous pain to anyone caught between!

Muscular Ass Battles & Big Biceps Power – One Hell of An Update!

Greta uses her ASS MUSCLES to crush Britney so hard, it’s like a zit about to POP!

4 CRAZY HOT clips added to the members section of CrushWrestling!    2 of them featuring the “Muscle Ass” Battle of Britney Squeeze vs Greta Gayle…. and in these 2 clips, those asses are predominately featured in some brutal reverse headscissor CRUSHING!    Then, we’ve got the Glutes vs Bieps on the page of Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee, where 2 clips were added there as well, where the Biceps Goddess Gunz battles the long legs and muscle glutes of Kitten.   

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Miss Kitten’s perfectly shaped ass muscles putting the squeeze on Gunz! Get this hot matchup today!

The peach fuzz on Greta’s roided up muscle ass glistens in the light, as she MERCILESSLY crushes Britney! Get this extremely hot video now!

6 Amazing Videos Added to the CW Members Area!

All he can do is look up at her muscular ass, as it tightens its grip around his face and neck, increasing to insane amounts of pain and pressure! The ULTIMATE MUSCLE ASS! Get this hot video today!

6 EPIC Clips Added to the Members Area featuring MUSCLE Wrestlers that you’ll never forget!    Yes, this is a members area update that is bound to please, as it has a little something for everyone!   Big girls, little girls… long legs, short legs, ripped muscle, F/F-mixed, off-season looks, etc….  Check it out!    First up, we’ve got the first 2 clips added on the recently added match page of Miss Calisto vs John Von Dick (JVD).  Fans of mixed wrestling muscle domination have GOT to see these!

Next up, we’ve got some sizzlin’ F/F action.   2 Clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Lana Lizard.   Britney and her world class legendary “mashers”, and those unreal calves, takes on the long tall dancer legs of Lana Lizard!   Sexy action on this page, folks!

And then finally, 2 more clips added on the page of the “retirement match”…. where the massive Gunz McLee and her instantly recognizable HUGE BICEPS take on the lean little physique girl, Cee Cee the Mangler…… who eventually gets crushed so bad in this match that she retires and never comes back!  Check it out on the page Gunz McLee vs CeeCee the Mangler.

Britney’s quads are DEADLY! Poor Lana finding out the hard way!

New Video – the EPIC 3 Way Matchup of Ava, Gunz, & Scarlett Finally Here!

The huge quads of Scarlett doing DAMAGE on the muscular Gunz McLee – OUCH!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  An All new 3-way Battle between Gunz McLee, Ava Slaughterhouse, and Quad Queen Scarlett Savage!    We got this video out just in time for the Black Friday shopping rampage – get your Female Wrestling Fix with this incredible battle between 3 of your favorite CW superstars!  See the match description below and enjoy these beautiful bods doing battle for you on the mats – add it to your shopping cart today!!

Match Description:  Another popular 3-Way matchup is here! Due to huge fan response and many requests, we’ve now got another masterpiece of 3-way action folks. This time, we had requests to match a biceps Goddess (Gunz) along with a Quad Queen (Scarlett), and then matching them up against a 3rd girl that is “in between”. And that’s exactly what we have with Ava Slaughterhouse…. someone who has both strong arms and powerful legs, but neither is as big as the respective bodyparts on the 2 specialists. The resulting battle is nearly 25 minutes of intriguing and sexy matchups as these 3 girls battle away to determine supremacy. Will the biceps Goddess be able to use her jiu-jitsu skills to konk out her opponents around their throats? Or will the Quad Queen specialist simply CRUSH the fuh outta both of the others? Or, will the girl in the middle possibly have enough of the “Best of Both Worlds” to destroy them both?  3 of the hottest bodies at CrushWrestling – get this masterpiece of Ava, Gunz, & Scarlett today!

Scarlett getting a dose of her own medicine, as Ava pours on the power in a devastating squeeze!

The muscular biceps of Gunz tries like hell to fight off Scarlett’s huge powermashers!

NEW VIDEO – Massive Muscles of Gunz McLee vs Sexy Boom Boom Sanchez!

Gunz may have the biggest biceps on the site, but her legs aren’t too bad either! Look at the squeeze she puts on BoomBoom here. Get the hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   Massive Biceps of Gunz McLee vs Boom Boom Sanchez – sexy blonde!    It’s a fit girl wrestling masterpiece…. the ULTIMATE Biceps Goddess (over 17″ in this video) Gunz McLee vs the stunning sexy blonde,  figure athlete Boom Boom Sanchez, with her sexy glutes and powerful legs.   See the clip description below, and head over to the Gunz McLee vs BoomBoom Sanchez match page and get this HOT ONE today!!!

Match Description:  The BICEPS GODDESS is back, along with her 17″ pythons of power! This time she takes on the super sexy blonde, Boom Boom Sanchez, and her perfectly shaped glutes and legs, which make for a powerful SQUEEZE from hell! This is a thrilling matchup, and is definitely a visual pleaser… Boom Boom’s fabulously fit physique, along with the mass monster Gunz, create a contrast in bodytypes that are both super sexy… and all that MUSCLE is dangerous on the mats! Especially considering Gunz is a Jiu-Jitsu expert and easily lures the newcomers into her traps. Will the youngster, Boom Boom, be able to avoid Gunz skill and size advantage and stay out of trouble? Or will massive Gunz have her way with the smaller sexy blonde? Does Boom Boom have the glute and leg power to fight back?  You’ve gotta see this thriller today – GET IT NOW!

Gunz has TERRIFYING size and power. Can Boom Boom withstand and survive? Find out in the HOT new muscle wrestling video today!

Gunz not only has the huge biceps advantage, but also the jiu-jitsu skill advantage. Will Boom Boom survive? Find out by ordering this HOT new video today!

Members Area Update with 4 New Clips of Quads, Glutes, & Biceps!

Cammie’s super muscle ass and quads doing damage on Yo fine, demanding a tap out. Get this hot new video today!

Crazy Muscle Power – Quads, Glutes, and Biceps!   Today’s update at CrushWrestling has some of the TOP muscle talent on the mats!    If you want to see some incredible ripped lean muscle power on the mats, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Combat Cammie vs Yo Fine!   Then, for some “Biceps vs Booty” battle content, you’ll love the 2 new clips posted on the page of Gunz McLee vs Ava Slaughterhouse.   2 incredible sexy matchups that you gotta see to believe!  

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Gunz pours on the pressure! Get this hot video today!

Awesome New Video – Amazon vs Biceps! Tremendous Battle now Available!

Gunz taunting Kitten after a mid-match KO! But that only fuels Kitten’s fire! Does she have enough to come back against the experienced veteran? Get this hot video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  New Wrestler Miss Kitten takes on the established powerhouse, and skilled jiu-jitsu biceps queen, Gunz McLee in a phenomenal NEW muscle battle that you’ve got to see to believe!   See the clip description below and head over to the brand new match page, Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee for one of the sexiest battles on the blue mat you can ever imagine! 

Description:  HUGE Amazon Miss Kitten takes on the Biceps Goddess herself, Gunz McLee, in this incredible matchup of sexy skills! Wearing a tiny thong to show off her mind-blowing glutes and leg muscles, the enormous long-legged amazon, Miss Kitten, has her work cut out for her as a newbie taking on one of the most experienced and skilled wrestlers, in jiu-jitsu specialist Gunz McLee. McLee is known for her devastating RNC and body triangles, and has numerous other ways to destroy an opponent. However, the huge Kitten has sheer strength and size as her advantage. And she has some simply massive biceps herself! And let’s not kid ourselves… with those long legs… her leverage and power with her scissor holds, is quite devastating. Her power cannot be denied! But will it be enough to offset the experience and skill advantage that makes Gunz so dangerous?  Get this amazing new video today and enjoy a super sexy and powerful battle!

Miss Kitten’s perfectly shaped ass muscles putting the squeeze on Gunz! Get this hot matchup today!

Highly skilled jiu-jitsu champ, Gunz McLee, gets a triangle choke locked in on newbie Kitten! Ouch!

Hey Fellas! Hot 4 Video Update Today in the CW Members Area!

The Tatiana vs Gunz battle is one for the ages! Get this hot video today! Or join the CW members area for the best value!

Members Area Update w 4 New Clips Added to the CW Members Area!   Check out some of the hottest action featuring Tatiana Tank, Gunz, Scarlett & More!

That’s right….. we have a hot one for you today, especially if you like girls that can CRUSH!   And with HUGE muscle!   First up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of the sensational monster muscle match up of Tatiana the Tank vs Gunz McLee!   These two girls are EXPLODING with power, and you won’t believe the hot action here!   Get these 2 new clips downloaded asap!

Next up, for fans of sexy glutes…. we’ve added 2 more clips on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Lana Lizard!   You’ll love this hot action too!   Leggy Lana vs Muscle Butt Scarlett….. enjoy!  

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Holy SHIT! Lana is nearly cut in half by Scarlett’s HUGE Meat Grinders! Get this amazing hot video today!

4 New Clips Added in the CW Members Area – Join CrushWrestling Today!

Gunz proves to be WAY too much for fit little CeeCee. Get this hot match today!

4 Members Area Clips Added!   Gunz McLee, CeeCee the Mangler, Greta Gayle, & Boom Boom Sanchez featured in today’s update!   It’s a great day to be a member at CrushWrestling, folks.   We’ve got some of the hottest and sexiest female muscle wrestlers in the world, going at it on the blue mats, and in apartment style Mixed action!    First up, for a contrast in size and style, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Biceps monster Gunz McLee vs CeeCee the Mangler.   Unfortunately, CeeCee got CRUSHED INTO RETIREMENT in this match, but the little muscle machine puts up a valiant effort against one of CW’s all-time legendary crushers!    Next up, for some SUPER HOT mixed wrestling domination, poor JVD gets absolutely demolished by the ultra-powerful muscles of Boom Boom Sanchez and her mentor, the huge Russian Greta Gayle.   See 2 new powerful and PAINFUL clips on the page of Greta & Boom Boom vs JVD

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HOLY CRAP! Look at those quad muscles! JVD is gettin’ his face flattened! Get the HOT mixed video, Greta & Boom Boom vs JVD today!

4 Hot New Clips Added to the CW Members Area!

Gunz’ head is crushed flat by Dee’s ultra-muscular glutes and legs! Youv’e never seen crushing muscle like this before! Get this hot video now!

SUPER HOT Members Area Update!   Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee & the first 2 clips of the brand new match of Ana vs Lana added today!   That’s right folks…. for some MASSIVE MUSCLE, you’ll want to head over to the page of Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee (an ULTIMATE Biceps vs RIPPED LEGS Battle) and see the final 2 clips added from this all-time legendary CW match!  It is perhaps the best Biceps vs Legs battle in history!  

Then, for the first 2 clips of the recently added match between the Bodybuilder and Dancer/Figure competitor, Anastasia Lard and Lana Lizard, head over to their match page and see the hot action getting under way.   It’s an exciting time to be a member at Crushwrestling!

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Ana Lard’s glutes and crushing quads, squish Lana flat! Get this hot video today!