Muscular Ass Battles & Big Biceps Power – One Hell of An Update!

Greta uses her ASS MUSCLES to crush Britney so hard, it’s like a zit about to POP!

4 CRAZY HOT clips added to the members section of CrushWrestling!    2 of them featuring the “Muscle Ass” Battle of Britney Squeeze vs Greta Gayle…. and in these 2 clips, those asses are predominately featured in some brutal reverse headscissor CRUSHING!    Then, we’ve got the Glutes vs Bieps on the page of Miss Kitten vs Gunz McLee, where 2 clips were added there as well, where the Biceps Goddess Gunz battles the long legs and muscle glutes of Kitten.   

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Miss Kitten’s perfectly shaped ass muscles putting the squeeze on Gunz! Get this hot matchup today!

The peach fuzz on Greta’s roided up muscle ass glistens in the light, as she MERCILESSLY crushes Britney! Get this extremely hot video now!