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NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Mixed DOMINATION featuring HUGE Greta Gayle, the ultra-muscular Russian with an attitude!   Hey fellas….. a woman that is THIS big and ultra-muscular….. trust me, you do NOT want to piss her off.   But….. that is exactly what idiot John Von Dick did, and now it’s time to PAY for it.   When she caught another women messaging him, she loses her mind, and proceeds to completely F him up, using some of the sexiest legs and glute muscles you’ll ever see.   Check out the sample preview clip on the new Greta Gayle vs JVD Match Page, and then pick up this hot thriller today!    See the video description below! 

Description:  Modern day Russian women REALLY don’t like being cheated on. And big Greta Gayle is no exception. This muscular powerhouse finds that her boyfriend, Johnny Von Dick, has been getting messages from a girl named Shakeera, and she is NOT pleased about it! She decides to “f him up” and give him some punishment that he will never forget. Unfortunately for JVD, her muscles have continued to get bigger and stronger over the last year, and he has no idea how violent she can get when pissed off. She puts those muscles to good use and absolutely CRUSHES the F outta him! You can tell she takes great delight in proving her superiority, not only over JVD, but compared to waif-like Shakeera as well. When she’s not CRUSHING and destroying his body, she humiliates him with forced muscle worship and flexing. JVD has no chance against this muscular specimen. All you can do is watch with your jaw dropped, as these enormous quads and glutes, biceps, and more, simply pulverize the puny JVD. Get this ULTRA-SEXY mega-thrilling MIXED battle today!

His head is completely DEVOURED by her hungry thighs

Those POWERFUL legs and butt muscles are about to DESTROY and CRUSH HIM senseless! Order this hot new mixed wrestling video today!