Phenomenal NEW VIDEO Added at CrushWrestling – Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Now Available!

HOT Muscle Glutes CRUSHING – these girls are going at it in intense fashion! Who’s gonna win? Get this amazing new thriller today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Ripped Muscle Girl Scarlett vs AMAZON Miss Kitten at nearly 6′ tall!   An epic klash of the century!    This is a super hot matchup folks… and it’s almost a half hour of amazing action, including 2 KO’s by girls who are CRUSHING WITHOUT MERCY!!!     See the clip description below, and head over to the Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage Match Page and get this amazing new thrilla today!

Match Description:  An absolutely THRILLING matchup! Rock hard contest shape wellness competitor Scarlett matches up against the Sky High tall Amazon with legs for a mile…. Miss Kitten, in the ultimate battle of contrasting styles and strengths. To say this is yet another CW “visual thriller” would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! Both girls are BEYOND sexy, with amazon Kitten having absolutely massive muscles, even on her tall 5’11” frame. Meanwhile, Scarlett looks vascular, paper thin skinned, with super powerful legs and glute muscles popping from every which angle… looking like a MONSTER. Her terrifying scissor power in rock hard shape is a sight to behold, folks. This LONG match, nearly a half hour long, is SURE to please. Oh and did we mention Kanock Outages? Yeah… there’s that too. These girls LOVE to squeeze and show no mercy!   Get this hot match up today!

Scarlett’s scissors are ALWAYS brutal, but they are even worse when she is contest shape lean like this!

How is Scarlett EVER gonna get out from under this AMAZON MONSTER Miss Kitten? Wow, a true size advantage!